I peek my head outside of the door just after the ground begins it's occasional trembling. No one is around except for the dog and the a single construction worker. I smile and inch out from beneath the clock tower. The sky is overcast, only occasionally will the sun peek out from behind the clouds. The dog runs up to me, growling as usual. I give it a small smile, patting it's head before yanking my hand away from it's teeth.

My feet carry me to the bottom of the tower the workers have been constructing for the past few days. I peer upwards at the man sitting on top. He seems completely unaware of the death looming over him. I blink up at him, examining his blank stare. It appears that his emotion is lost and that nothing will make him move. I shrug it off, and continue on my way.

The feeling of the ground is different today. Not the usual tough feeling of stone and brick. It feels, sad. Yes, what a curious way to describe the ground, but there's no other way to describe it. It feels as though it has given up, just like the other doomed residents of this town. A small sigh escapes my mouth. If they only knew they've been going through the same actions for days on end.

As my thoughts carry me away, my feet do the same, and I soon find myself before the Great Fairy's cave. I hesitate before I enter, silently questioning the reason why I dragged myself here. The ground trembles, and I decide to enter.

My eyes are met with a beautiful sight. Pristine, white columns surround a shining pool of water. Sparkles drift up into the air, quickly fading into nothing. I shift uneasily. Although it's beautiful, I know I'm not supposed to be here.

I clear my throat,"Great Fairy?" I step closer to the water. No response. "Great Fairy?" I'm once again met with silence. I take a deep breath in, and release it in a heavy sigh,"Great Fairy, I know you're not listening, whether because you fled Clock Town or you simply don't like me, but please hear me out. The boy has left, and this town is in great danger. It no longer has anyone to save it. To protect it. To hide it from the monster from above. Although I was originally here to gain back my stolen mask, I've grown to know the people of this town. I feel a great desire to defend it like most would their own child. Great Fairy, please help me, I don't wish to see this town disappear in flames," I say. No response. I collapse to my knees, tears forming in my eyes. "Great Fairy please," I plead, allowing the tears to roll down my cheeks. "Please," I whisper, my voice shaking. I sob, keeping my eyes away from the water. Anger flares up inside of me, but is quickly washed away by another wave of distress. Moments roll by, the trembling ground beneath me shaking tears off of my face.

"I apologize, but there's nothing I can do," She replies from in front of me. I glance up, and she's staring at me, her eyes sparkling with the same tears of mine. I grit my teeth, and stand, swiping any moisture from my face away.

"Thank you," I reply, turning to the exit, and leaving without another word.


Hmm, something simple I thought up. It's short. Not very, HappyMaskSalesman-y, but he was the character I had in mind for this. Inspiration has me in it's grip at the moment, gahh so many ideas are flooding my mind...

-Twilit Lady of Majesty