Chapter 1
The Beginning

30 years ago...
Running into an alleyway, the woman clutching onto the small bundle in her arms. The men who were chasing her gaining quickly and all she could think about was going faster. She took a sharp turn left and ended up coming out into the streets of Los Angeles. Pausing for a moment, she looked behind her hoping she had lost the men in the alley, but no such luck. The sounds of footsteps were fast approaching. With the men on her heels, she frantically looked for a place to hide, finding one a set of stairs that led to a basement apartment she ran into it.

She hid herself deep within the shadows of the corner. Clutching her bundle closer she held her breath as the men ran by not seeing her hidden in the dark. A sigh of relief escaped her lips as the last of the men ran by and were far away.

It wasn't until then in the shadows of the stairway did she looked down at the bundle she was carrying. Her bundle was in fact a baby, her baby girl was asleep unaffected by everything that had happened. The mother smiled down at the slumbering child. She kissed the sleeping baby before setting her down in front of the door next to the steps. Next, she pulled a pen and a piece of paper out of her pocket and quickly wrote on it and placed it next to the small child. The woman then rung the doorbell and quickly ran up the stairs, but stopped halfway up and looked at the child she left.

"Be safe my child, and let the cosmos be your guide," She said then ran up the rest of the stairs and into the bright lights and crowds of the city.

The child sensing something wrong woke up and began to cry. Then the door opened, revealing a disheveled Angel who had just woken up hearing the sound of the doorbell. He looked down at the baby that had been left on his doorstep, he then looked up the stairway trying to catch a glimpse of the person who left the baby. Seeing no one he gently picked up the crying child. On the floor next to where the child laid he saw a piece of paper, he picked it up. The paper read:

To Whom This May Concern,
I'm entrusting my daughter in your care because there are people who wish to harm her. You may name her whatever you wish. Please keep my daughter safe and succeed where I have failed.

The paper wasn't signed. Looking around once more, Angel brought the crying child inside. It would surprise you to know that this vampire decided to keep the baby and raise her as his own. He named her Shea Anne Kathrine.