Chapter 2

I stood outside of the large building known as Wolfram and Hart. I whistled, it was large
and a bit intimidating like any law firm. Yet, it didn't scream inter dimensional demon law firm and people walked past unaware of what it truly was. I looked down at the light brown curls and vibrant blue eyes of my 4 year old son, Liam whose small hand clutched into mine. I probably looked like a young mother who brought her child with her to see her divorce lawyer. Well that's if young mothers wore leather jackets and combat boots.

"Mommy why are we here?"Liam asked looking up at me patiently with his bright blue eyes.
"Mommy needs to speak with Grandpa Angel about something,"
"Why?" he asked turning his head so he resembled a confused puppy.
"Cause Mommy needs Grandpa Angel's help because she did something she shouldn't have,"

I didn't know how to answer that, how could I answer that? How could I tell my son the world was in danger because of something I had done? I couldn't and I wouldn't. God, what if something happened to Liam? I wouldn't be able to deal, it would be all my fault.

"Mommy you're crying,"

I moved my hand to my face feeling the wet tracks that had appeared. Quickly I wiped away the tears then knelt in front of Liam, and pulled him into a tight hug. He squirmed a bit under the grip I had him in. Letting him go I placed both hands on either side of his head.

"I love you, okay bud," I told him looking straight into his icy blue eyes. he nodded. "Good never forget that,"
"I won't Mommy I promise,"
"That's my boy," I stood up and ruffled his hair. "Let's go Liam," I held out my hand which he took.