I told Paige that I can't write romance (which is actually why my stories lack it so much). So she said "oh, yeah, practice by writing me a drabble!" So I asked for prompts. And she said "uh, post-canon, they're in a relationship and, uh, a romantic morning, idk!" So this is what came out. and yes it is only two hundred words, it's a DRABBLE.

for the sake of living

Morning comes with rainfall.

The world is quiet and the harsh pitter-patter of raindrops hitting the solid surfaces of the buildings, the windows, and the concrete floor is loud. Everything is shades of gray—monochrome and almost disbelieving. Sasuke stands by the window, watching the haze behind the rain.

He's in nothing but the nin-pants he wore the day before, hair a mess, shadowing his eyes more than all the quiet demons inside his mind.

The sun is supposed to be rising, right about now.

Sasuke lets go of the curtains, letting them fall back into place, allowing the room to return to its pitch black darkness. He turns away from the window and crawls back into bed.

"Good morning," she whispers, shifting closer until her chest was touching his and her warm legs entangled with his cold ones. He couldn't see her eyes, but Sasuke could picture them clouded with sleep, the dimmest green they could ever turn, lips a soft crooked smile, still half frowning a neutral line.

He tilted his head downwards, his hair knotting with hers. Sasuke felt her lips against his and his smirk was soft and tired, his voice but a sleepy whisper as he said, "Good morning."