Why hello there! This is the first chapter of my new Doctor Who story, titled "Tearing Apart the Universes"! Based off a tag from a photo set I saw on tumblr, this story is an AU starting at Doomsday: Rose tells the Doctor that she is – was, as it is 3 years later in her world - pregnant with his child (yes, implying they had sex. I will go over that in a chapter), and he realizes that he just sent away his love, and his child. DAMN that was a big run on. Sorry bout that. Okay, anyways! Here we go! Enjoy, and remember: I do not own Doctor Who!

The Doctor stood in his TARDIS, his hologram projecting on Bad Wolf Bay. Of course it was Bad Wolf Bay. Those words followed them everywhere, even after Bad Wolf was gone. It was rather funny, to be honest.

"How long have we got?" Rose asked the Doctor, tears forming in her eyes.

"Bout two minutes," he said solemnly.

Rose laughed softly. "I can't think of what to say!" It was so Rose of her, and it made him smile.

"Ya still got Mr. Mickey, then?" He said, nodding to the group of people. There was another body, hidden slightly by Jackie.

"There's…five of us now. Mum, Dad, Mickey, Me…and the baby," Rose said, biting her lip.

The baby? Rose and Mickey…oh gross! No. Wait. That one time…it was right before she left. We…she…couldn't…

"You're not…" he looked at her, worried. He wanted to mention that she was on the list of the dead back home, but here she was, living a life. Day to day, regular life. He could never have that.

Rose shook her head, and the Doctor let out a sigh of relief. "No. Not anymore."

"Anymore? You…Rose…"

She nodded, tears falling from her face. "I wasn't gonna tell you, Doctor. I really wasn't. I was gonna say it's Mum's… because I know. You can't be attached. The universe needs you. Nothin' else should come first. You can't have a normal life. But, some part of me…felt it was wrong. You had to know."

"Rose Tyler. You're telling me…I'm a father?" A solitary tear rolled down his cheek, looking the young girl in the eyes. A small – very small – smile appeared on his face, but when he realized that he wouldn't be there…

"I'm sorry, Doctor. I named 'im Jack. He's…He's got your eyes," Rose placed a hand to her face, trying to fight back tears. "Will I ever see you again? Can he ever meet you?"

The Doctor was silent. He knew that it would be horrible, tearing the universes apart, but he had to be with her. The universes might – no, they would – collapse, but it was a risk he was willing to take. "I don't think so."

"But…I love you."

"Quite right, too. And…if it may be my last chance to say it…Rose Tyler…I—"

The connection broke. He was alone. Alone with his thoughts. Rose Tyler had a child. His child. A part-human, part-Time Lord Child. What if he had two hearts? And could regenerate? He wouldn't technically be the last of the Time Lords! He had to get to them. Even if it meant tearing apart the universes.

"Rose Tyler…I'm coming back for you!"

Ta da! There you have it, folks. The beginning of my new story! Please let me know if you like it and want me to continue with it by leaving a review! Next chapter may be in Rose's perspective, involving some stories to Jack (named after Jack Harkness, who Rose believes is dead and wants to remember him). As I mentioned in the above AN, Rose and the Doctor had sex. The Doctor made a small nudge to it in this chapter, and he will probably 'explain' it in a later chapter. Please review guys!