Title: A Sleepless Night

Author: The Bookworm's Magician

Beta: Esther-Channah

Rating: K

Character/s: Tucker

Pairing/s: None

Spoilers: King Tuck

Summary: /The only reason Tucker isn't sleeping is because there's this awesome new video game that he has to beat. That's absolutely, positively the only reason. And if he keeps lying to himself, it might even become true./ Third in the Chronicles of the Mind-Warped.

Disclaimer: I don't own this, I never have and I never will.

AN: I felt really bad for Tucker after that episode. He never gets enough love or attention.

A Sleepless Night

Later, after everything is done and no one remembers about it but them, Tucker is ashamed. Oh, he hides it well enough, joking and laughing, but he can't stop thinking about what he did, about what he would've done if Danny hadn't stopped him. Danny and Sam probably thought that it was the staff that had affected him, along with Hotep-Ra, but Tucker knows better.

The staff and the mummy had been affecting him, yes, but most of the attitude and the decisions had been his own. He'd just been so tired of being ignored, and he'd been so high on the feeling of everyone listening to him, for once. And that had completely taken over his common sense. The power had taken him over, and he had gone with the flow, issuing ridiculous commands and forcing people to do really stupid things. He'd made Sam wear a dress, for goodness' sake!

But that wasn't the worst part. He had hurt his friends. He had almost helped a crazed mummy take over the world. He had tried to have Danny killed.

That night, he lies in bed and stares at the ceiling all night, staying awake to avoid the nightmares he knows are coming.

The next day, he goes to school, like a normal person, like he's not best friends with a half-ghost and a goth, like he's not the splitting image of a centuries-dead pharaoh. And when Danny and Sam aren't looking, he stares at them, trying to memorize their faces; trying to remind himself that they're here, they're still alive, they aren't dead, and most important of all, he didn't kill them.

After school, he goes home and tries to drown his worries and fears in technology, so has no chance to think about what could have been.