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For the past couple of days activity topside just…died. No Krang, no black ninjas, and no Bradford and that other colored dude. Zip. Zilch. Nothing.

It was late afternoon now and father and I were meditating. I feel so at peace right now. No worries. No fears. Just peace. It feels so nice.

"Guys, guys! Get in your spots!" Mikey yells breaking father and I out of our meditation session in the dojo.

I glare in the direction Mikey's voice came from as father and I stand up. Leo, Don, and Raph start complaining.

"Alright, Mikey!" Leo yells.

"But this is the last time!" Raph yells.

"Don't clip me this time." Don says.

"Ugh, I ate to much cheese…" Leo says.

Father and I enter the room to see Leo, Don, and Raph laying down side by side in front of a make shift skate ramp with Mikey on top of it with his skateboard. But what I really noticed was all the garbage! I just cleaned this place yesterday!

"And now the kid goes for the world record! He will attempt to jump three mutant turtles!" Mikey yells and prepares to drop.

"I can't believe he talked us into this!" I heard Raph whisper.

Mikey rides down the ramp and yells, "Booyakasha!"

Father and I walk closer and we stop. I glare at the boys with my hands on my hip.

"What is going on in here!" Father yells.

Leo, Don, and Raph quickly stand up and yell, "Sensei!"

"Ashleigh…" They whisper and then stare at me with fear. Yeah, you guys are in for an earful from me! They know all the hard work I put into keeping this place clean and they do this!

They scream when they see Mikey heading straight for them and Mikey collides into them. It's a turtle pile!

Father walks over to them and says, "How many times I have I told you not to skateboard in the lair."

"None, Sensei." Mikey says.

"I shouldn't have to tell you!" Father yells in anger.

The boys get up and Leo says, "Your right, Sensei. We defiantly should have known better." All the boys glare at Mikey at that comment, "And we deserve to be punished." Leo finishes and they all bow their heads in shame. Leo lifts his head and opens on eye and says, "Eh, some."

Father strokes his beard and leans in close to Leo, "And what do you think would be a fitting punishment?" He asks.

Leo looks at his brothers for help, but they act like they are busy.

Leo rubs his neck and says, "Well, w-we should…clean up our mess?" He smiles.

"I approve of that part!" I said and cross my arms.

Father than crosses his arms and narrows his eyes at Leo.

"And then...think about what we did." Leo suggests and then smiles nervously.

"Yeah, we were wrong. No worries." Mikey says.

"Yeah." Don agrees.

"Sounds about right. Don't want to do too much." Raph says.

The boys smile nervously and I just shake my head.

"You guys realize that kind of 'punishment' is for children right. Are you children or teenagers?" I said and raise an eyebrow in question.

The boys glare at me as if saying 'Your-not-helping!'.

"What about being grounded for a week?" Splinter suggests.

Leo laughs nervously and says, "O-oh, I-I'm not sure that's…"

"I'm cool with the thinking." Mikey says.

"That's not necessary." Don says.

"Maybe next time!" Raph suggests and they all smile nervously.

"Your grounded for a week!" Father says sternly and then walks away.

The boys slump in disappointment and sigh. The ramp falls behind them and they all stand straight with their eyes wide. I just giggle.

Mikey points a finger at me, "Stop it! You didn't even help us! In fact, you made it worse!"

"Yeah!" Leo, Don, and Raph say glaring at me.

"I wasn't trying to help." I said quoting Mikey and I smirk, "I only help when you boys follow my own rules." I pointed to the floor that was littered with cans, pizza boxes, and who knows what else! The boys eyes widen in realization and they sigh understanding now.

I walk away towards my room and clap my hands twice, "Now, chop chop! I want this floor spotless by the time I finish with my nap!" I yell over my shoulder and grin.

The boys sigh once again and I giggle. These guys need to learn to help out around here and now is a great start!

It's been days since the boys were grounded and speaking of them they are bored out of their minds right now. Leo is sitting with his head in his hand, Mikey was laying down and reading a magazine, Don was no where in sight, Raph was pacing back and forth sighing in frustration, and I was working out. I was doing a hand stand, but doing push ups at the same time. It's a great work out for your arms!

"110." I whisper as I did another push up.

"Gah, this bites! I can't believe were stuck down here for a whole week!" Raph says in annoyance.

"111." I whisper and do another push up.

"Guys, guys!" Don yells running into the room, "You wanna see what I made?"

"This is how bored I am." Raph says to Leo, Mikey, and I as he motions to Don. "Yes, Donnie. I do!"

"Okay, okay, okay! Remember the other day I was scrounging in that military junk yard?" Don asks with a grin on his face.

"No…" Leo, Raph, and Mikey say.

"Yes." I said, "112."

The boys stare at with eye brows raised.

I raise my own at them, "What? Unlike you three I actually listen to what Don says. Whether it be geek or non-geek talk." I said and shake my head, "113."

"Thank you, Ashleigh. But anyway! Well, I found an incredibly advanced AI microchip made from g-g-get this! Self-assembled chain-linked copolymers!" Don says in excitement.

"That's my favorite kind of copolymer!" Mikey says smiling.

"Mine too!" Don says grinning, "And I used it to make this." He says and pulls out some sort of circular device, "The most advanced music player in the world!"

I glance up at it but continue my work out, "114."

The boys crowd around Don and stare at it, "Woah…"

"So, who wants to try it?" Don asks.

"I do! Pass me the T-Pod!" Mikey yells.

I look up and shake my head, "Very bad idea." I whispered, "115."

"T-the T-Pod?" Don asks in confusion.

"Turtle. Pod. T-Pod." Mikey chuckles, "I am so good at naming stuff."

"Your really gonna plug an advanced piece of military technology directly into Mikey's head? What if it melts his brain?" Raph asks.

"It won't and even if it did who'd know the difference." Don says. Hm, good point Donatello.

"11-" I was cut off when I heard Mikey scream, "Ah!"

My eyes widen and I jump in surprise, "AHH! WOAH!" I yell as I fall to the ground.

"What?! What's wrong?" Don asks.

"It's Pooka! Make it stop! Make it stop!" Mikey yells dramatically.

I rub my head, "Ow…" I get up and walk over to the hysteric Michelangelo.

I glare at him and smack the back of his head VERY hard.

"OW!" Mikey yells.

I raise my fist up in a threatening manner, "That's for making me lose my focus and interrupting my work out!" I yell.

Don comes over and then pushes a button on the T-Pod,

"Thanks." Mikey says and then starts to dance.

I roll my eyes and walk over to the boys who were watching Mikey.

"That's it. I've gotta get out of here." Raph suddenly says and walks away.

"Where are you going?" Leo asks and follows, "Were grounded."

"I don't care. I gotta do something or I'm gonna go nuts!" Raph says and flips his skateboard into his hand, "Let's find a skate spot."

"Skate spot?! I'm totally in!" Mikey yells. I sigh and shake my head. I walk over to the stairs and grab my black roller blades.

As I put them on Leo asks, "But what's Splinter gonna say?"

"I don't know what's going on because they snuck out while I was asleep!" Raph says mimicking father's voice. Hm, not bad Raphie.

"Uh, real mature." Leo says and crosses his arms. "But I'm your leader and as your leader I say nobody is going."

Mikey, Don, and I go to stand next to Raph.

"Well, as your followers were going anyway." Raph says.

"Well, as your leader I'm going with you. To lead you, away from…bad…stuff…." Leo says poorly.

I smirk and wrap my arms around Don's and Raph's shoulders, "Oh, come Leo! It will be fine!" I said reassuringly.

"Ah!" Mikey suddenly yells and falls to the ground. My eyes widen and I just stare at Mikey.

"What's wrong?" Leo asks and kneels down.

"It's back to Pooka! We have to get some more tunes on this!" Mikey says and narrows his eyes frowning.

I just shake my head and we head top side.

Finally, we were on the roofs! The boys and I were searching for a good skate spot. Leo was up front, Mikey was in back, and Raph, Don and I were in the middle.

We were running and jumping from roof to roof, well the boys were with their skateboards on their shells, I was rolling on the roofs and jumping. Mikey was doing the same except he was skateboarding.

I leaned back a little and rolled in next to Mikey.

"Come one, Mike! That the best you got?" I asked smirking after he did a couple of basic tricks.

Mikey laughs and points at me, "Oh, it is so on, dudette!"

Mikey jumps from the roof and starts to do various different tricks. He was doing kick flips, spins, and grinding the roofs.

He finishes and says, "Beat that!"

I narrow my eyes and grin, "Gladly." I said.

I start to move my legs and pick up some serious speed. I jump off the rooftop and do several spins and twirls. I do another jump and do a hand stand on tall vent and touch a hand to my feet. I then back flip off of it and land onto a roof that went downhill. I gain speed and at the end there was this structure that was almost like a ramp. I fly off of it and spin several times as I go over the moon in the night sky. I land beside Don and Raph who were still running. I grin and start to roll backwards.

"How was that, Mikey?!" I ask.

Mikey just stares at me with wide eyes and his mouth hanging open.

"That was fantastic, Ashleigh!" Don compliments and smiles.

I turn to him and say, "Thanks, Don!" I smile.

"Hey, Donnie! Thanks for all the new songs!" Mikey yells.

"Wait, what new songs?" Don asks.

"Keep it down you guys." Leo says.

Don pulls back and jumps towards Mikey.

"Very impressive." Raph says grinning.

"Why thank yo-" I started.

"For a girl anyways." Raph says cutting me off.

I glare at him and I swear there was fire in my eyes.

"Um, excuse me?! What's that suppose to mean? You being sexist or what!" I yell at him and look away. This is very upsetting!

"What? N-no I-" Raph started.

"Pft, mutant or not. Men are all the same!" I said and roll ahead.

There was a pause.

"Hey, wait a minute! When have you ever met another guy besides us and Splinter" Raph asks and runs next to me with a scowl on his face.

I smirk, "That's for me to know and for you to never find out." I said.

Yeah, let's just say that one night when I was 14 I might have snuck out and went to this party I heard about online. I just wanted to go up to learn more about my own kind, yeah know? No, harm done! But let's just say at said party there were more guys than girls and one happened to be a complete di-, er, jerk! He may have said something along the lines like "A girl could never beat a guy when it comes to fighting" and so on and so on. Yeah, I may have exploded on the guy, but come on! We girls have to stand up for ourselves.

Raph growls a little and pouts while I roll ahead again next to Leo. Raph jumps over to where Don and Mikey were. I really didn't pay attention to what they were saying.

"Whatever it is! It's AWESOME!" Mikey yells VERY loudly.

"Mikey! Quiet your shell!" I whisper loudly and glare at him. He's gonna blow our cover!

"Guys! Were ninjas remember! We move swiftly, and here's the important part, silently!" Leo whispers.

I was still rolling behind Leo when he suddenly falls.

"Leo!" I yell and reach out to grab his hand. I succeed but, well let's just say he's VERY heavy, and he pulls me down with him!

Leo and I both scream as we fall into a greenhouse-like building. We fell so fast that we both didn't have time to get our footing!

"Woah!" I yell as I just miss a beehive.

"Leo watch-" I start as I finally stopped.

"Beehive!" Leo yells and knocks into it and then into me. He makes us both fall off the roof and we fall down a VERY long fire escape.

"Ow, Ow!" I yell as I clench my eyes in pain as we both fall together all the way down into an alley. Knocking over boxes, trash, and making a car alarm go off.

"That wasn't very silent you guys!" Raph yells.

I sigh and mutter, "Yeah, Raph. Thanks for the concern."

I get up and stretch my back. I crack it and cringe in pain. That. Sucked!

Leo started to slowly get up. I walk over to him and slap him in the back of the head.

"Ow!" He yells and grabs the back of his head with his hands. He glares at me, "What was that for!?" He asks.

I glare right back and say, "That was for causing this whole mess and taking me down with you!" I yell and then smack him again.

"OW!" He yells louder this time and steps back from me cringing.

"And that one was for not being silent and swift like a ninja!" I yell and place my hands on my hip.

I could her the boys on the roof chuckling.

I glare up at them and yell, "Don't make me come up there next and teach you three a lesson!" I threaten.

The boys eyes widen and they shrink back away from the edge.

"Yeah, that's what I thought." I said and begin to make my way back up onto the roof with Leo not too far behind.

Sigh, men…

After a little more running around we stopped when we saw this large area in front of a building with several rails we could grind. Sweet!

"Check that out!" Raph says smiling.

"Let's grind it!" Mikey says.

"This looks like a great spot!" I said smiling. I suddenly hear a strange noise and look to my left to see this guy in some kind of a metal suit. I point over in the man's direction and say, "What in the shell is that?"

"Yeah, who the heck is that guy?" Don asks.

"I don't know, but he needs a beat down." Raph says with a snarl.

"Oh, yeah he does." I agree crossing my arms.

"Hold on, guys. We don't know that he's gonna do anything wrong. H-He could be on his way to…church!" Leo says.

Raph and I just stare at him in disbelief.

"Wearing powered battle armor?" Raph says.

"Yeah, completely normal." I said sarcastically.

"What kind of church is that?" Raph asks.

"A really awesome one." Mikey chimes in.

Leo rolls his eyes and smacks his forehead, "Look it's my call."

I sigh and roll my eyes.

"I decide who gets a beat down." Leo says.

I watch the man as he starts torching at a door's lock and I'm pretty sure it wasn't his home and he got locked out.

I glare at the man and Leo says, "That guy needs a beat down!"

Raph jumps off the roof first and we all follow.

We jump behind the guy as he tries to pull the door up.

I shake my head in false pity and cross my arms, "Wow…"

"It's just kind of sad." Don says.

"Yeah, I don't know if we should pound him or buy him an ice cream cone." Mikey says.

Leo unsheathes his katanas and says in a weird voice, "Halt, villain!"

"Halt, villain?" Raph questions in disbelief.

"Are you serious? Really? He's joking right?" I laugh dryly.

"When did we start talking like that?" Raph asks while holding his belt.

"Ah, apparently now." I said.

"We're heroes. T-That's how heroes talk." Leo explains.

"Maybe in Space Heroes they do Leo, but not in the real world." I explain.

"You will feel the furry of my powered battle…" The man begins extending his arm at us but then stops, "Holy cow! You guys are turtles!"

"And one human!" I point out. Why do they always forget me!

"That's right! We're the turtles of justice!" Leo says while posing.

Raph and I look at each other with our mouths open.

I point at Leo and say, "Did he really just say that?"

Raph places his hand on his head and says, "Wow. I mean. Just. Wow."

The man charges us and we charge right back, taking out our weapons.

Just as we were about to attack Mikey suddenly shouts, "Wait!"

We all freeze as Mikey hums a tune and places the T-Pod in his belt. He takes out his nun chucks and says, "Okay."

"Ah!" Mikey yells and jumps over the man while hitting him in the back of the head with a nun chuck.

Don attacks next breaking some wires.

Raph and I go next. Raph jumps in the air and cut wires on his shoulders, while I roll below between the man's legs and cut the wires on his legs.

Raph and I stand beside Mikey and Don as Leo rolls towards the man and cut some of the plating off his back.

The man stumbles back and his elbow hits the glass on a door causing the buildings alarm to go off.

I gasp, "Oh, boy."

The man stumbles some more knocking over a trash can.

I look around and spot a large dumpster. I grin and see Raph looking at me. I nod towards the dumpster and he grins back. Leo looks over to us and Raph lifts the lid as we both gesture to it with our hands.

Leo smiles and nods.

The boys run towards the man and pick him up while I wait by the dumpster. The man protests and when the boys threw him he yells, "Your not the first to throw me in the trash but I swear that you will be the las-" I cut him off by slamming the cover shut with a satisfied grin.

We see flashing red and blue lights and hear sirens.

"Oh, how lovely! Let's bail!" I yell and jump on the fire escape towards the roof.

"Oh, snap! It's the po po!" Mikey yells laughing and he and the boys follow my lead.

We escape and roll through the streets grinning and laughing the whole way. The boys did some tricks and were hollering. We stopped once we came to a manhole cover that we knew was close to home. Leo opens the lid and we all jump down.

Unfortunately, we had no choice but to go through the water tunnel leading to our home so father wouldn't hear us. I'm not the best swimmer so I had to grip onto Raph's shell the whole way.

When we finally made it I sigh and say, "Finally." I let go of Raph and swim towards the ledge and pull myself up. I quickly go to my room and change out of my wet clothes. When I come back Mikey was talking.

"And Splinter's still asleep." Mikey says smiling, "This is epic!"

"It's not epic!" Leo whispers loudly and glares, "It was a really bad idea!"

"No it wasn't!" Raph protests and flips onto some pillows by the conch. He relaxes and places his arms behind his head, "We got out there and stomped a sleaze ball! So, what's the problem?" Raph asks and closes his eyes.

"He's got a point, Leo." I agree and walk over to Raph. Raph opens one eye as I lay down beside him and cuddle next to him. As I close my eyes and snuggle my face into his neck I feel Raph lay his arm around my shoulders. I feel so warm and protected when I'm around him. He makes me feel like nothing can hurt me when I'm this close to him. If only we were more…I sigh and snuggle deeper into him and I was surprised when Raph nuzzled his face into my hair. I blush a little and slowly feel myself drifting off to sleep knowing that I was safe in my crush's arms.

I'm gonna die I swear! My whole body feels like jello and I feel like I'm about to collapse. So, tired…I lean over and place my hands on my knees trying to catch my breath.

Father starts yelling at Leo, something about making his knees higher. I wasn't sure honestly. I feel so delusional! Father has been making me do back flips for the past hour now and I swear I'm about to cry. Oh, the pain! Note to self: get plenty of sleep before training!

I sigh as I do another and watch as Raph rolls on by me. Now, he must be so dizzy by now. How can he see where he's going?

"Hajime!" Father yells and jumps over to us. We line up and kneel before father.

"Hm, is there something you want to tell me?" Father asks. My eyes widen when he asked that. Oh, no! I totally forgot about our little adventure last night! No wonder I'm so tired. How could I possibly forget that?

"Something we want to tell you?" Mikey says and chuckles, "Huh, nope!"

"You all seem tired." Father says.

Leo waves his arm, "Were not!"

"Wide awake!" Don says and smiles.

"Fresh as daisies!" Raph says smiling. I glance at Raph and raise an eyebrow. Really? That's something Mikey would say...

"Yup! Just peachy…" I said and slouch a little. I don't care if we get in trouble at this rate. I'm tired and I need my beauty sleep!

Mikey suddenly yawns and collapses on the floor.

"So, you would not object to a little Randori?" Father asks and whips out a wooden katana.

My eyes widen and I slouch even more. Oh, please god no!

Just as father was about to attack I dash behind Mikey and crouch down. I hear all the boys get hit and once Mikey does I bolt towards the door. Come on! Only a few more steps! I reach my hand out to grab the door when father pops out of no where in front of me.

I step back and smile sheepishly, "Uh, hi?"

Father narrows his eyes at me as the boys groan in pain behind me.

I look down and slide my foot across the floor, "Anyway I could not get hit and just go do something else as punishment?" I ask and give father the puppy eyes, "Please!"

Father stares down at me and his eyes soften.

He sighs and says, "Fine. Go clean up the kitchen. It is absolutely filthy!"

I smile and salute to him, "Yes, sir!"

As I go towards the door I hear father say, "I hope you've learned turtles that truth isn't the only thing that hurts!"

"Why does she get off the hook?" Don asks.

"How does she do that?" Mikey asks.

"She has her ways." Leo says.

"Girls…" Raph says and mumbles the rest.

I just giggle and roll my eyes. Sorry, boys! Girls just rule!

I was with Leo and Raph in the living room. Leo was watching Space Heroes as usual and Raph was reading a magazine. I was laying on my stomach on the conch with my arms resting on Raph's lap with my head in them. I was watching the show too. Ever since that kiss Raph and I's relationship has been…better. I don't feel so embarrassed in front of him anymore and we have more physical contact with each other. Which is good. Maybe this is a step forward in the right direction. I just hope that if Raph does have feelings for me that he will make the first official move because I defiantly don't have the guts to do it!

"We may have started this rebellion by accident, but by the rings of Nebulon we are going to finish it on purpose!" Leo says in excitement as he quotes what Captain Ryan says.

"Wow…" I mumble. He has seen this WAY to many times.

"Seen this enough times there, chief?" Raph asks sarcastically.

"Oh, I think he has." I said and nuzzle by face deeper into my arms. I feel Raph start to rub my back and damn did it feel good. Now I'm really gonna fall asleep.

"Would you, sh! This is the best part!" Leo says with his eyes glued to the television screen.

"Aw!" Leo suddenly says in disappointment. I lazily look up to see the news now on. I raise an eyebrow at what I see on the screen. No way! It's that guy from the other night and it look like he upgraded his battle armor.

The guys and I crowd around the television screen and we watch as one of the employees announce the man's name. Several times might I add.

"I think his name is Baxter Stockman." Raph says sarcastically crossing his arms.

I cross my own and say, "No, really?" Raph smirks at me and we stare at the screen again.

"How did he upgrade his armor so fast?" Leo asks.

The screen freezes that what I think it is!

"He has the T-Pod?!" Don asks Mikey as he cowers.

I stomp over to him like an angry bull and yell, "MICHELANGELO!"

I glare at him and hover over him making him cower some more.

"Oh, um…" He chuckles. "I might have dropped that during the fight." Mikey admits and rubs the back of his head with his hand.

"You dropped it during the fight! Nice going, Mikey!" Don yells in anger.

"It's your fault!" Mikey yells.

"How is it my fault?!" Don asks.

"You know I can't be trusted with nice things!" Mikey states. Don just glares at him harder and frowns.

I slap Mikey in the back of the head.

"Ow!" Mikey yells and rubs where I hit him.

"That was for being a shell for brains!" I yell and cross my arms.

"So, the AI chip is upgrading his armor the same way it upgraded the T-Pod?" Leo says.

"And if it keeps going there's no telling how powerful he'll get!" Don says.

"This has gone way too far. We have to tell Splinter about this." Leo says.

"What? That we turned some nut job into a super villain? Do you know what he will do to us for that?!" Raph asks and frowns. "I mean he pounded us into the ground just for being sleepy!" Raph says and punches his fist into his other hand to make a point.

I lean in towards Raph and say, "Not all of us!" I grin.

Raph glares at me and slouches, "Your not helping…"

I just smile and shrug my shoulders.

"Look we beat Stockman once and we can beat him again. We track him down, grab the T-Pod and get back here before Splinter knows anything." Don explains.

"If my opinion counts for anything…" Mikey starts as he lays on a bean bag and skims through a magazine, "Donnie's right."

"Hey, thanks Mikey. But it doesn't" Don says and glares at him.

His words had no effect on Mikey and he says, "Didn't think so."

The boys and I were now running on the rooftops heading towards Stockman's lair. Don was able to figure out where his location was, but whatever you do don't ask me how he did it. I don't speak geek…

We flip over by the skylights and look down to see Stockman. As we sneak in we could hear Stockman talking to himself.

"No, I am the Suitenator!" Stockman yells and then shakes his head, "Aw, that's terrible! Captain Punch You Hard…Gah, why is this so difficult!" He whines and places his head in the robotic hands.

Wow, this guy is just sad…

"I kind of like the Suitenator." Mikey says and we all quickly shush him, but it was too late.

I slap my face and sigh. What am I going to do with him…

"You guys again!" Stockman says.

The boys and I surround him, weapons drawn.

"Alright, Stockman. Nobody wants to hurt you." Leo states.

"We don't?" Raph asks, "Did I miss a meeting?"

I couldn't help but giggle at that quietly to myself. Raph has a great sense of humor though he may not realize it at times.

"We just want the T-Pod." Leo says.

I raise an eyebrow at Leo and say, "Uh, you realize he has no idea what that is right?"

Stockman glares at Leo and says, "Give up my source of power? Why, so you can laugh at me again? Throw me in a dumpster!?"

I hear Raph growl and grin at Stockman. Man, that is so hot! My eyes widen. Did I just think that? Ah, hell with it! It totally is!

"Sounds good to me." Raph says and then charges Stockman letting out a battle cry.

Stockman punches Raph REALLY hard across the room and into a wall.

I gasp and yell, "Raph!"

Mikey and Don charge at the same time, but Stockman extends his arms crushing them into the wall.

"Don! Mikey!" I yell eyes wide.

Leo attacks Stockman next and slices off his arms and they…grow back? What the hell? The cut off hand actually latches onto Leo's head and he begins to freak out, running around the room.

I glare at Stockman and let out a growl of my own. I charge from the front and before he could grab me I slide under between his legs. I turn and jump, kicking him in the back causing him to stumble. I smirk and turn to run to my right, but Stockman was too fast and he kicks me in the side causing me to fly through the air several feet until I come skidding to a halt.

"Ow…" I mumble. I could really feel the floor burn on my shoulders.

I sit up to see Mikey with his chain wrapped around Stockman preventing him from moving his arms.

I smile and stand up, "Way to go, Mike!"

My eyes widen as the situation quickly changes. Stockman turns his torso and spins in a circle multiple times. Mikey screaming the whole time as he's flung around like a doll. He starts to spin Mikey like a nun chuck and that's when I got really mad. While Stockman was distracted I jump up from behind and hook my legs around his neck. I tighten my legs and then slam my fists into his face. Not really a ninja move, but hey I 'aint complaining.

"Ah!" Stockman cries out in pain and swings Mikey right into Raph. Leo cuts the chains and Don tries to attack Stockman, but he crushes his bo staff. I jump off of him before he can grab me and land beside Don. The boys and I gather together. We charge him and let's just say…He kicks our shells…

"Oh, ho yeah!" Stockman laughs as he destroys a wall. I try to wiggle my way out of his grip, but before I could he throws us into a dumpster. Oh, pay back is such a-

"Foolish turtles! Did you really think you could defeat me?!" Stockman laughs. Why do the bad guys always forget me!?

"Well, yeah." Mikey says.

"All my life people have laughed at me. The other kids in school, my co-workers, the woman who fixes the copy machine. How was I suppose to know you don't pour toiler in the top?! But when they behold the power of this suit they won't be laughing anymore! They'll tremble and trem-Ah!" Stockman suddenly screams and the suit starts upgrading again! Oh, no…

"What's happening?" Leo asks.

"Stockman and the T-Pod…they're…merging…" Don explains.

I stare at Stockman and say nervously, "I don't like the sound of that…"

"They're becoming one single entity." Don finishes eyes wide.

"The Stockman Pod." Mikey says as we all stare at him in fear.

Stockman turns and glares at us.

I touch Leo and Raph's shoulders and say, "Now would be a good time to RUN!"

The boys didn't have to think twice and we bail the dumpster, running as fast as we could through the streets.

"The Stockman Pod's right on top of us!" Mikey yells as we run.

"Stop calling him that it's a stupid name!" Raph yells.

"Oh, you know how Mikey is Raph!" I yell as Stockman gets closer.

"Split up! He can't follow us all!" Leo orders.

"No way! He's gonna follow me!" Mikey yells.

"Why would he follow you?" Leo asks.

"They always follow me!" Mikey insists.

I groan and yell, "Mikey would you just suck it up! I'll go with you! Happy now!?"

Leo yells to Mikey, "Stop being paranoid and just do it!"

That was our cue and we all split up, well except for Mikey and I. I kept my word.

Turns out Mikey was right.

"Ah! I told you he was gonna follow me!" Mikey yells.

"Shut your shell and just keep running!" I yell as we run around a corner. I go ahead of Mikey and see this giant wall.

I look back at Mikey and yell, "Hurry, Mike! This way!"

I jump over the wall with Mikey not far behind, but it never slowed Stockman down and he just plows through it.

"Oh, come on!" I yell in frustration and continue to run.

As we run a guy on a moped drives by with some pizzas tied to the back.

"Pizza? Alright!" Mikey says and steals the pizzas of the moped.

I stop beside Mikey and yell, "Mikey? What are you doing?!"

"I got you now!" Stockman says as he gets closer. I glance nervously from Mikey to the ever so close Stockman.

"Oh, yeah? Well, I got…" Mikey starts and throws the pizzas at Stockman, "Hot cheese!"

The pizza lands directly in front of Stockman's face giving us time to escape.

Once we go down the manhole I grab Mikey and give him a side hug.

"Nice job, bud." I said smiling, "That was some quick thinking." He did very well today.

"Thanks!" Mikey says smiling back.

Mikey swings his arm around my shoulder too and we walk down the sewer tunnel in search of the rest of our crew.

We soon find the others and we all make our way home. When we got there the lights were off and the boys were being VERY unstealthy.

"Sh, guys quiet! We don't want to wake him up." Leo whispers.

"I'm not making noise." Mikey whispers.

"Sh!" Leo says.

"Don't talk." Don whispers.

"Be quiet!" Raph whispers.

"Will all of you shut your big pie holes!" I whisper loudly. I'm really losing my patience…

"Sh!" The boys say.

We all freeze once the lights suddenly turn on. I look ahead to see none other than father staring at us. Oh, boy…

"Ah, Sensei!" Leo says.

"And where have you been?" Father asks calmly while stroking his beard.

"No where?" Raph says. I roll my eyes at his response and glare at him.

Raph just shrugs his shoulders and gives me a look that says 'What?".

"How did you get so hurt?" Father asks.

Leo gasps and hides his broken katanas behind his back, "Oh, that! W-well, w-we were um…" Leo starts and then looks at us for some help.

"Hit…" Raph chimes in.

"By a…" Don adds.

"Really fast and strong…" I add trying to think of what to say.

"Bus!" Mikey finishes and smiles.

I sigh and slap my hand to my forehead. Oh, my god. Can this night get any worse?

Father looks at us and raises an eyebrow not buying our story one bit.

Mikey smiles more and some teeth fall out.

"Hit by a bus?!" Don asks.

"Was that all you could think of? Really!" I whisper loudly and place my hands on my hip while glaring at him.

"Well, what was I suppose to say?" Mikey asks. The boys and I just glare at him and Leo slaps his forehead with his hand.

"Meteor? Cow? Flying building?!" Mikey asks and frowns.

Don and Mikey glare at each other.

"Enough!" Father suddenly yells and slams his staff on the floor.

My eyes widen in surprise and the boys and I stand straight. I stare down at the floor and sigh.

"Tell me what happened." Father says.

I look up at father to see him looking at the boys until his eyes land on me. I stare back and nod. Well, this is going good so far. Better reaction out of him then I expected!

We went into the dojo to explain out story and Mikey was finishing it. We were kneeling in front of father as he listened.

"And then I threw hot cheese in his face and Ashleigh and I ran away!" Mikey finishes.

"Very resourceful, Michelangelo." Father compliments, "But I'm still highly disappointed in you all! The first rule of being a ninja is do no harm. Unless you need to do harm then do lots of harm." Father says sternly.

I bowed my head ashamed. We should have just told father in the beginning…

"Your right, Sensei. I guess we did make a mess of things." Leo says.

"So? What do you think would be a fitting punishment?" Father asks.

I look up at him and then glance at Leo. Please don't say anything stupid!

"We need to clean up our mess." Leo says firmly.

I smile and say, "I approve of that punishment!"

Father and the boys look at me and smile.

"Yes. You must stop this…Stockman Pod." Father says.

"But Sensei that guy has already kicked our shells! A-and now he's even more powerful!" Don explains, "How are we suppose to stop him?"

"I know! I'll hit him really hard!" Raph says and punches his fist into his hand.

"Yeah…right…" I mumble. Perfect plan, Raph.

"Brute force is not the answer. You will need to rely on your ninja training." Father explains.

"Excuse me, Sensei! But ninjas never had to go up against guys in armor." Mikey says.

I sigh and shake my head at Mikey's lack of a brain.

"Ah, Mikey." I said. Mikey looks at me with an eyebrow raised in question.

I motion my head towards the painting behind father. The boys, father and I glare at him. Father actually snarls at him a little bit.

Mikey eyes widen in realization, "Oh…I mean ninjas always have to go up against ninjas in armor." He says and rubs his head in embarrassment.

"Nice save." Raph says.

"Hm." I hum in agreement and shake my head at Mikey.

"Sensei, what was their secret?" Leo asks.

"They understood that you do not fight the armor. You fight the man inside." Father explains.

The boys and I look at each other in thought.

"Why are we all looking at each other?" Mikey asks.

I sigh and place my head in my hands, "Mikey…." I whine and close my eyes.

I suddenly feel someone rubbing my back, but I was too lazy to find out who.

I hear a small chuckle and I knew it was Raph. I smile and enjoy the feeling of his warm hand on my back.

Michelangelo will never change…

Leo led us to a rooftop as we waited for a very special signal from Mikey. It's been about 10 minutes now and I was starting to get a little worried. Where are you, Mikey…

"Are you sure this is gonna work?" Don asks Leo.

"Like Sensei said. Don't fight the armor, fight the guy inside. And one thing we know about bad guys…they LOVE chasing Mikey!" Leo says grinning.

"Who wouldn't enjoy chasing Mikey?" I ask grinning.

Raph chuckles, "I know I would." He wraps his arm around my shoulders and I lean in a little bit smiling.

My eyes widen once I hear crashing coming from behind us. I feel Raph squeeze my shoulder with his hand as we hear the noise coming closer.

"I don't like the sound of that." I said and inch a little closer towards Raph.

"Guys!" Mikey yells and appears on the roof, "Stockman Pod's got missiles!" He runs.

I gasp when I see at least a dozen missiles heading our way. The boys quickly disperse and Raph pulls me out of the way. I suddenly hear Mikey's screaming and the missiles exploding.

I gasp and break out of Raph's hold, "Mikey!"

I sigh and relax once I see Mikey hanging from a telephone wire with his nun chuck. Stockman appears out of no where laughing like a fool. I'm getting real tired of this guy!

We continue with the plan and Leo, Raph, and Don wrap chains around him.

"Now whose trembling in terro-AH!" Mikey yells as Stockman breaks free.

I run over to Mikey, "Mikey! No side comments! You're only making him angrier!" I yell at him glaring and grab his shoulders to back him away from Stockman a little, but before I could Stockman garbs both of us by the head and throws us right into a building. Mikey and I scream as we slam into the building and then there was nothing.

"Ash…Wake u-…Ashleigh…WAKE UP!" I heard someone yelling. I open my eyes to see Mikey above me. I look at him in confusion as he helps me sit up.

"D-did I black out?" I ask as I rub my head.

"Yeah, you did for a second there. You okay?" Mikey asks concerned.

I look over my body. Wow! No injuries for once! Yay!

I look up at Mikey and smirk, "Yeah. Now lets get out there and help your bros!" I said.

Mikey grins back and we jump out of the building.

"Come on!" I yell and we quickly go over to the next building over. We see a greenhouse and I quickly pick the lock with my jutte.

I open the door and motion my head towards the secret weapon, "Get it, Mikey." I said.

Mikey looks at my like I have two heads, "Why do I have to get it?!"

I glare at him, "Who was the one who made Stockman stronger?" I ask.

"I did…" Mikey says.

"Who was the one who didn't tell anyone?" I ask.

"I did." Mikey says.

"And who was the one who made a side remark about the guy which made both of us to be thrown into a building!" I finish yelling.

Mikey put his hands up in surrender, "Okay, okay! I'll get it!" He says and sulks as he enters the greenhouse.

"Good." I said with my hands on my hip smiling.

Mikey comes out with it and I say, "Let's roll!"

Mikey nods and we run back to the boys and Stockman.

"Bees!" We hear Leo say as we arrive.

"Go go, Mikey! That's the signal!" I said to Mikey.

Mikey slides down a telephone line with the beehive in one hand and yells, "Bees!"

He lets out a battle cry and slams the beehive right through Stockman's face glass. That's gotta suck…

The armor raises as Stockman has a panic attack and I could finally see the T-Pod. I jump down beside Mikey.

"The T-Pod!" Leo yells.

The boys and I line up and we each take turns hitting the area the T-Pod was being held. I was the last to hit him and I kick him square in the chest making him fall off the building.

We go to the edge and look down.

"Whoops, did I do that?" I said sarcastically.

The boys chuckle at me and we jump down to where Stockman landed. Leo stands on top of Stockman and stabs the T-Pod with his katana and removes it. A bright red light emits from Stockman and the battle armor shuts down. Stockman begins to climb out and the boys and I stand around him.

"S-so, we'll call it a tie?" Stockman says smiling nervously.

I glare at him and crack my knuckles. He looks at my with wide eyes and cowers back a little.

"Wanna call it a tie, Raph?" Leo asks smiling.

Raph stretches is arms out grinning and says, "Not yet."

I smirk and the boys and I grab Stockman.

"No, no!" Stockman yells in protest as we shove him into a dumpster.

"Now it's a tie!" Raph says still grinning and slams the cover shut.

The boys chuckle slapping their hands together and Mikey even started to dance. I bring Don and Raph into a hug.

I giggle and say, "Well done, guys! Now lets go home. I could use a little R&R."

"We all could I think." Leo says.

"But I need it more since I'm a girl!" I said smirking, "So, who wants to give me a massage?" I ask.

"Mikey will!" Raph says.

"No, I'm sure Don would love to!" Mikey says.

"No way! Leo loves that kind of stuff!" Don says.

"No I don't!" Leo yells.

As the boys continue to argue I just smile at them and shake my head. What a night this has been and I have a feeling there will be a lot more to come like this.

When we arrived home we went to the dojo and kneeled in front of father to let him know how the battle went.

"You all showed wisdom and great skill in defeating the Stockman Pod. I am proud of you all." Father says and smiles.

I smile as well and feel my chest warm with happiness. This is something ever child loves to hear.

"Does this mean were not grounded anymore?" Leo asks.

Father strokes his beard and thinks for a moment.

"Yes..." He says smiling.

The boys and I smile at him waiting for him to continue.

"But first!" Father says and takes out his wooden katana, "Randori!"

The boys and I yell and we quickly run away. No way am I getting hit by that thing! No way!