President Snow's grin grew wider every second. Bets for this year's Hunger Games were already breaking records and the tributes hadn't even gone on the chariot rides yet. All the tributes were already turning heads whether it was the deadly duo of District 1, the drop dead gorgeous tributes from District 4 or the absolutely lovable little ones from 8.

Genius. He thought to himself. Absolutely genius. The President knew what the audience wanted and he couldn't wait until the next Quarter Quell to give it to them. Drama. Gore. Romance. Suspense. Forget the Gamemakers or rules; this was the 59th Annual Hunger Games – President Snow's twisted little fantasy come to life.

May the odds be ever in your favour.

District 1

Male – Sunset Ferads 18 (The Koala of Doom)

Female – Serenity Moon 18 (Sakurayuuki19)

District 2

Male –

Female – Karina Vega 17 (MidnightRaven323)

District 3

Male –

Female –

District 4

Male –

Female – Aleyce Ellison 18 (Jalooloo)

District 5

Male –

Female –

District 6

Male – Gavyn Darrow 14 (Kitkat1425)

Female –

District 7

Male –

Female – Ivy Rhianna Mirasis 18 (violetsinthesky)

District 8

Male – Roller "Double R" Radke 14 (TheEverlastingDreamer)

Female – Cotton "Cottontail" Lumin 15 (Run Rana Run)

District 9

Male – Kreios Benitz 17 (The Koala of Doom)

Female –

District 10

Male –

Female – Andromeda Evans 15 (The Apprentice of Pisces)

District 11

Male – Larkspur "Lark" Agatha 17 (Aspect1)

Female –

District 12

Male –

Female – Orchid Whishart 12 (XxxPaperHeartzxxX)

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