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:::I know I should be writing more chapters to 'Broken Dust' and 'Grandma' But I had a surge of different inspiration. Please be patient, as I am also trying to write some more chapters to the other two. Thanks :) (AN: It is still in Helga's point of view.) (@)~~~}~~~333333333333333333333 "Helga, you already know how I feel about you. I...only like you as a friend." Arnold responded. There it was. My worst hope being spurred from his mouth. Rejection. I chocked on his response and cleared my throat. "I, um, already knew Arnold. I expected it." Oh, and how I had expected it. Just how much I denied it accually happening was the thing that kept me from losing all hope in life. (Arnold's point of view) *Clink*.....*Click*....*Clinkety...* I heard. While we were sitting there on the bed, right after Helga had confessed that she loved me, I kept hearing someone throwing something. First, it was just a rock. Then a tiny pebble, and then a handful of rocks. "Helga, wait here. Hold on." I walked over to the window, opened it and looked out. Below, I saw a black looking pencil on the ground holding rocks in his hands. It looks up, and I noticed it was Curly, and the black was just his hair. "What are you doing here Curly?" I asked aggresively. He is really annoying. Probably wants to go and free all of the animals at the zoo. "The gangs getting together to go and play baseball. Wanna come?" Wow amazing. He doesn't want to go to the zoo and- "and after that, were going to go and free all of the animals at the zoo!!! HahahahehahahahaheheehahahaAA!" Well...so much for miracles. He kept screaming and cackling maniaclasly, and I just shut the window, and starting putting everything back in my backpack. Helga just wiped her tears and sniffed a few times and left the one-question interview on her bed. "Arnold, your not going to tell anyone about...about this, are you?" She asked. She was so untrustful of me. "Of course I won't tell. Why would I?" She looked away at this response. "Duh, foot-ball head. To ruin my fully fledged reputation that I worked for." "I would never do that." And that was the truth. I wouldn't ever do that to her. "Com'on..." We both walked out of the room, and Helga shut the door behind her. Unfortunatly, hardly anything got done with all the crying and confessing we did. We were a few blocks from Gereld's Field, and we hadn't said anything. Suddenly, like someone had shot a bullet through my heart, something grabbed both me and Helga into a corner alley. The unknown figure was dressed in a long, black overcoat. It eyes were the only thing we could see, as the rest of it's face was covered. "So, you both know the world is going to end, and oh it's coming to a magnificent end. BUT...I have the answer to life! You kids follow me, and I will show you excactly what it is that will give you this." His voice was very husky. I gave him a doubtful look, and Helga looked like she wasn't about to trust him even if he had proved his life worth to her. "Why should we follow you?" Helga spoke up, her voice amazingly bold. "As I said..." He flipped a coin, and looked at it in his hand. "Your dabblin with life and death, here, kids. Life..." He flipped the coin again, and it landed on heads. "Or death." He flipped it yet again, and it landed on tails. What kind of whack job was this guy? Helga was gulping, and I was just, well, thinking. What if this guy was lying to us? Worse yet, what if he was accually telling the truth? "Where is this place?" If he was to be trusted, he would atleast tell us how to get there ourselves. "Over in the park, under the largest tree.There is a metal, round door under the leaves. You both should be smart enough to find it." He winked at us both and walked off down the alley. Helga then turned to me, and asked, "Ok, was that guy a nut job, or what?" I nodded, and we both knew what we had to do. Instead of heading toward the street, we turned back around and headed toward the park. (@)~~~}~~~333333333333333333333 Lol, another cliffhanger. Sorry this was short. Anyways, so, what will the find in this 'secret place' that will supposedly save them when the 'big' day comes? Who knows? :) I sure don't, so don't ask me. Oh, and um, don't forget to review, pweez! Thankees :D