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Kim Possible: 666

Original Story By Twisted-Wun & LJ58

Edited and Reposted (With Permission) by LJ58


Six hours after she had left Kim at the door, Shego finally returned to find her sitting on the porch. The redhad had stood up when she spotted her walking toward her, but waited at the step as Shego slowly came toward her.

"Are you….okay," Kim asked her quietly.

"Are you," Shego asked, now dressed in a wispy, green sundress with matching heels, and a few bags in her hands.

"I…. I was worried…."

"I was, too," Shego admitted. "Then I realized I had not only got down the block, I got down the road. Into downtown, and all the way to Upperton."

"And you came back."

"Yes," Shego nodded, understanding what she was asking. "Because I do love you, Kimmie," she said. "And….I'm tired of running. Tired of fighting. I sure don't want to risk going back there! Whatever else happens, I….I want…. I'd like to be with you. Not because I have to be, but because….."

Kim flung herself into her arms.

"Me, too."

"What about monkey-boy?"

"We'll cope," Kim murmured, hugging the older woman.

"It's funny. I feel…..freer than I have in years," Shego told her as she held her in turn. "I just feel happier. We should celebrate."

"Hmmmm. Define celebrate," Kim smiled, hugging her back.

"I bought you a dress. I want to take you out. I want to celebrate. Dance. Everything," she beamed.

"Okay," Kim readily agreed. Then sighed. "But what about the cultists still stalking us…..?"

"Screw 'em. Those loopy bastards come after us tonight, and they're gonna meet their own god firsthand if they ruin our night."

"Shego," she growled.

"Oh, all right. I won't kill anyone. But they might wish they were dead," she said.

"By the way, Betty called."

"Let me guess. Someone sighted me away from you?"

"No. She was telling me Drakken pulled out of the coma. He's going to live."

She sighed. "I should visit him. If only to tell him I'm officially quitting. And…..to try to get him to straighten up before it's too late for him, too."

"You really think you were there? That you saw him….?"

"I know I was, Kim," Shego said somberly now. "I know it as much as I know you loved me. I know that we were in hell, and I don't want to go back. Ever. Besides, even Dr. D doesn't deserve that place. He's a goofy moron at the best of times, but even he doesn't deserve…..that."

"We'll go see him tomorrow," Kim assured her.

"Good. Then tonight, we have fun," she smiled, and reached down to pick up her bags. "Wait till you see the dress I got you."

"Let me guess. It's green."

Shego pouted. "I'm not that bad. Besides, it's more…lime than green."

Kim couldn't help but laugh.


Betty Director's fingers drummed on her desk as she stared at the two women both dressed in torn, but once pricy finery standing in front of her.

Kim had the sense to look a bit chagrined. Even a little anxious.

Shego, as usual, looked far too indifferent for her to get a read on the woman's state of mind.

"I just heard from the police chief. Would you like to know the final tally?"

"I think we can guess," Shego drawled.

"Let's just be accurate, shall we," Dr. Director cut in. "Five hundred thousand in property damage. That's not counting any potential lawsuits. Fifteen people in ICU…."

"To be fair, they started it," Kim added.

"And they deserved all they got," Shego added. "Even I didn't realize how loopy some of those cultists bugging Kimmie were until both sides came after us at once."

Kim grimaced.

One moment they had been happy. Dancing blissfully, completely unaware of anything but their own company. Until a group of cultists surged in from the rear of the club, demanding the 'harlots of hell' die for the good of the world. Even as the crowd screamed, and fled, another group rushed them, declaring the 'princess of hell' was fated to rise, and she had to fulfill her duty to the Dark One by birthing the devil's son.

They were trapped between both sides in the crowded club with nowhere to go.

Almost forty cultists had surrounded them in total. Frankly, they were lucky only fifteen ended up in ICU.

"Another ten are in still critical condition," Betty Director went on.

"Oh," Kim mentally reevaluated her body count. Of course, to be fair, she had been trying to pull her punches until that nut with the silver sword tried to decapitate her. "My bad," she murmured, knowing the fifteen were Shego's. Her new-found lover had taken it poorly when someone declared they were fated to impregnate their dark master's vassal.

She already knew more than a few of those guys wouldn't be impregnating anyone any more.

"Now, I know you two have to stay close, but causing riots in a woman's club is not my idea of laying low, Possible," she growled.

"Uh, actually, about that….."

"We really need to talk, Betty," Shego told her.

Betty blinked.

"Did you just use my name?"

Shego only smiled.

"Why did you use my name?"

"Truce," Shego asked, holding her hands up.

Betty's good eye narrowed, then she eyed Kim.

"Talk, Kimberly. And this had better be good. Or you two will end up in bordering cells!"

"As if you could hold us," Shego snorted.

"Shego. New leaf. Remember?"

"Okay. Okay. But I'm not going to jail. You still need me."

"And vice versa," Kim smiled at her, and Betty gaped, trying very hard not to believe what her own eye was telling her just then.

"Talk," Betty Director demanded, and wished she had never gotten out of bed as the women made her gape at them all the more.


"What a night," Shego sighed as they walked into the house just before dawn.

"Where have you been," Ron asked as they closed the door behind them. "What happened to you," he demanded as he eyed their torn, ragged dresses.

He looked upset, and obviously more than a little anxious.

"Long story, Ronald," Shego yawned, then glanced toward Kim. "You want to tell this one? Right now, all I want is a bath, and a bed. Maybe just a bed," she added after another yawn.

"Tired as I am," Kim said, heading for the kitchen. "I have to know. Monique?"

"She's free," Ron told her with a nod, then noticed, "And Shego? What happened to….?"

Shego grinned, her fingers brushing her bare throat where Ron's eyes were fixed, then turned and followed Kim.

"What the heck, I have to hear this, too."

"The short version," he told them as Shego went to make them coffee. "Is that Monk Enku was able to break the enchantment on Monique," he admitted. "She's staying with…..friends in a Buddhist shrine where they will watch her until they are certain she's completely free of the spell."

"Then she's all right," Kim smiled.


"Ron," Kim frowned.

"Right now, she's very….childlike. Her memories are….well, muted. Subdued. She's very fragile just now. Enku believes she will recover, with time. But he needs to keep a close eye on her to ensure that she doesn't succumb to the spell again, or worse, because it was a very powerful enchantment."

"So, she's still not really herself yet," Kim murmured somberly.

"She's on her way back, Kim. That is more than she had."

"I know. I know. I just…. I still feel guilty this ever happened."

"It could have been worse," Shego told her. "Much worse."

"So, what happened with you two," Ron asked.

The two eyed one another, smiling, and then told him.

"That's…..remarkable," Ron admitted after they finished, and Shego served them coffee that was steaming and ready by then.

"I think we both surprised ourselves," Kim admitted.

"Not as much as we surprised those freaks at the club," Shego sniggered.

"True. True," Kim grinned.

"So, Dr. Director is going to help you?"

"She's going to try. I do have a lot of…..issues to resolve," Shego admitted.

"We both do," Kim admitted.

"But I think it helps that no one else knows I can leave now if I wanted. Which I don't," she added as she eyed Kim.

Who only smiled.

"There is possibly more than you realize going on here," Ron told them.

"What do you mean," Ron asked.

"Shego, think. Your honest declaration of love apparently freed you, and gave you both a new start. A new chance. If you falter, though, if you…..relapse, remember what I said about the power of the spell according to Monk Enku. If you slip up again, things might end up even worse for you. Both of you," he added with a grim look at Kim.

"That won't be a problem," Kim said firmly, eyeing Shego over her cup before she took a sip.

"No, it won't," Shego murmured, staring firmly at Kim. "I love Kim. I do."


Drew Lipski sat up in the bed, his belly still aching.

Bad enough someone had tried to sacrifice him, they had cut some peculiar marking into his chest like a bad prison tat. Whatever the drugs were they gave him, they had him dreaming literally hellish images that had him praying for death to end them.

Then he woke up, found he was going to live, and he even had visitors. The most unlikely of all visitors.

Kim Possible, and Shego. Together.

They babbled about love, and second chances. They wanted him to relent, and earn a new life. They actually thought he had been back in that alternate dimension they had blundered into where the weird woman somehow altered his DNA so he turned into a dog.

Or something resembling a dog.

Still, Shego actually thought they were down there!

Honestly, the woman had to still be suffering some kind of mind control from that place. Because there was no way in this, or any dimension that Dr. Drakken was going down there.

For one, he didn't believe in gods or devils.

He believed in science.

And just as soon as he was able, he was going to get back to work, get Shego back on track, and resume his work to finally take over the world.

He could envision nothing else.

He didn't notice the woman in a nurse's uniform that was standing nearby, her eyes faintly red as she smiled at him with a smug, knowing expression.

"Soon. Very soon," she murmured just before the nurse's eyes returned to their normal brown.