I'm not sure what this story rate for but I hope you enjoy read it regardless the rate xD

"Yayyy. It's weekend. All the homework are done and now some beauty sleep." Midori jump to her bed. Prepare to sleep. She glanced at her wall clock. It's only 9 pm but she feel tired. Maybe because the club activities or…

Her eyes begin to shut.

Suddenly, her cell phone ring. Force her eyes to open. "Huff.." she grumble. Without looking at the screen she answer it.

"Hello. It's me Hisoka. Umm.. Do you want to have a sleepover tonight at my place?"

Midori thought for a second. Hisoka sound like she need company and of course she(Midori) agree.

"Great! My driver will pick you up in half hour. See you then."

"Midori" Hisoka hug her and bring her to her bedroom. "Glad that you can make it." "Where's your parent?" Midori glanced downstairs. No one was there. Usually when her parent at home they will greet her. "As usual they went to Tokyo for business." Hisoka reply as she enter her bedroom.

"That why you call me because you feel lonely. Right?" "Yup and coincidentally tomorrow is Sunday so I thought I can buys you some treat."

"Really. Thank Hii-chan."

Midori change to her pajamas take Hisoka comb, sit on Hisoka's bed and direct her to sit on the floor and begin to brush her(Hisoka) hair before making braid.

"Hey, Midori whose your first kiss?"

Midori stop comb Hisoka hair and she begin to blush. Hisoka turn around and take a peek at Midori red tomato face.

"The look on your face right now tell me you had your first kiss recently. Who? Who?" Excitedly Hisoka sit on her bed and shaking Midori shoulder.

"Alright, alright I tell you." Midori take a deep breath and begin her story.

"It happen one week ago. I forgot my chemistry lab report book. I dashed to the classroom. At that time I thought there were suppose no one in the class or the hall but I was wrong. I heard someone playing a guitar. I search for the sound and I saw Harry at the corner of the classroom. I almost mistake him as a ghost because it was raining outside and the corner of the classroom is pitch black because the big tree outside of the class blocking the Sun. I asked him what is he doing here and he didn't say anything but he hold up my chemistry book. I came to him and asked him to hand me the book but.."

Midori stop, she realize her face has become redder. "Continue please," Hisoka adjusting her sit as her leg begin to feel numb.

"Instead of hand me my book he grab my waist and he ki..kis..kiss me." Midori cover her face with a pillow. She could fell her face become hot.

"What happen after that. Did you run away due of shock?"

Midori nod her head.

"Why did you didn't tell me anything about this earlier?" Hisoka expression change from excited to sad.

"I'm sorry. I want to forget about the kiss and I don't want Haruhi to find out about this. She like Harry," Midori turn her eyes away from Hisoka. She feel guilty to keep it as a secret. Best friend has no secret right.

"It's okay. Better we got to sleep now," Hisoka move under the bed cover. " Huhh. You not angry with me." Midori raise her head.

"Nope. Now let's sleep already. Tomorrow I want treat you remember? Switch off the lamp before that."

Midori sigh. Not sigh of anger but sigh of relieve. She switch off the lamp and sleep beside Hisoka.