This is a joint effort between myself and Tabs...she prefers to remain anonymous. Maybe it's because of what she wants to do to Starsky? It's not me who keeps hurting him, that's for sure...

Thanks also to my wonderful muse Brook.

Prologue to the story only...

Here we go again...

"I'm telling you we'll never get as good a match to the profile."

"What are you talking about? It's way off the profile!"

"Only the demographics and the social background. The physical attributes are probably the best we have come across since we've been trawling. In fact I'd say they are one hundred per cent. Enough to make the boss cream his pants."

"It's too risky, leaves us wide open. I say we drop it and move on to a safer take."

"But this one will get us top dollars. We just have to work harder at covering our bases and put a bit more prep into the take – work smart, keep our heads, think it all through and leave no trails. It could take us weeks to find another even close to this and we'd never get one of this quality no matter how hard we looked. "

"Still ….. I get a bad feeling about this one. The rest so far have been easier, a lot easier. No one even knows they've gone. Nobodies and Nothings of the world. You know as well as I do this one is far from like the rest. In the week we've been watching him have you seen that blond even leave his side once? He's freaking tied to his hip."

"Yes but every single one of those Nobodies didn't have the characteristics of this one. Look at him for Christ Sake ! It's almost as though he is a walking, breathing , living profile of the specified product. He's the buyer's fantasy come to life. And he has the deciding factor….don't even need these binoculars to see that. I tell you they are radiating enough from this distance."

She laughed a little now, enjoying the exaggeration of her voyeuristic appraisal.

The other one threw her a wry look.

"Yeah sure you can….from this distance, I don't think so. But you're right. In those photos you developed last night they were pretty damn obvious. Very vivid, the perfect colour."

"See – I am right. Always right. Girl we have ourselves a catch. Every physical box is ticked and most importantly you know that he aces the deciding feature…."

"Yeah, yeah….you've made your point. " But only if his eyes are blue"….. What is it with that guy that he needs to have that damn factor? Can't he just make them wear a pair of coloured contacts for Christ Sake? We've shown him so many potentials and always he rejects them on that single basis only."

"You heard the feedback we got about the first lot of photos we sent him. There was absolutely no doubt he wanted him."

"Sure he did...but he doesn't have to run the gauntlet like we'll have to so that we can bring him in. I don't even know how we'll get a clear opportunity to take him with his partner around him ninety per cent of the time. And they're cops for God's Sake!"

The risks are ours and we can handle them. So the risks are a little higher than normal - ok a lot higher - but think of the price he'll get us...we'll sting the buyer for more given the risk factor involved and the quality of the merchandise. Are we agreed then? We have a two-day window before the buyer starts getting restless – we haven't scored in over three weeks. Let's not let this one get away."

A moment passed where the other woman chewed on her heavily painted lower lip, her long red nails tapping thoughtfully on the steering wheel. Hesitancy left her face and was replaced by light malice. It's touch tipped her mouth and glinted in her sharp eyes as she turned in her car seat and laid the binoculars down.

"Agreed. Come on then Girl. We've got work to do and money to make. There's one very sexy, blue-eyed man out there just waiting for us to find him a new home."