Only If His Eyes Are Blue

Chapter Five

This chapter contains explicit descriptions and imagery of heterosexual intercourse - non consensual. If the subject matter offends please do not proceed with reading any further.

Two thoughts assailed him when he first started to swim towards coherence and the surface of consciousness. At least he tried to make them thoughts – tried desperately to shape them into something that made him tangible. The way he felt now he could not be entirely sure he was even capable of formulating thought such was the detached relationship his body was having with his brain.

The first thing that came to him was that he no memory of tying one on last night.

"What the shit did I drink? How much did Hutch and I drink? What did Hutch and I do at Huggy's? Were we even at Huggy's? What was last night? Why were hitting it so hard in the middle of the week?"

He was wrecked – his head was pounding, nausea was threatening and his limbs felt leaden and dead to him – all function was located in his throbbing head where confused images and blurred disjointed snippets swirled about trying to form a single coherent memory.

The second awareness, because it was purely a physical stimulus and not a mental process was that it was not just his head that was throbbing. He had awoken with the most God Almighty hard on. He couldn't see it or touch it but its presence was a pulsating force field between his legs, brushing against his lower abdominals and springing up for attention – any attention.

Not surprisingly he heard the low animal groan and knew it had come from his own tortured throat.

His cock was alive and screaming at him to move his hands down quickly and help it out – to ease some of its steel- like rigidity.

A hangover and a morning hard on of epic proportions. Usually his body from the waist down was unforgiving of what his body from the waist up had gotten into the night before. He was not one for blotting out a rattled brain with a quick round with his own hand or a warm body beside him. As a rule a smashing hangover took precedence over morning horniness so he was nonplussed about the blood supply currently trapped in his groin.

But his hands refused to obey him and as much as he willed to move them down to ease his aching shaft and to massage his tight balls - they stayed stubbornly fixed.

Sensory input slowly increased and the surface to reality became closer.


Was he dreaming?

No the headache was too real and his aching balls were too sensitive for this to be a dream. And if this was a dream than his subconscious libido was on fire. Maybe he would be better to douse his lower half with a fire extinguisher than to use his closed palm to pull himself off.

But then how come he wasn't taking care of himself? Why wasn't he riding this morning wood with his own hands and bringing himself to a point of climax where he could end this excruciatingly exquisite pain?

And why did he smell like that?


Ah yes! Thank Christ! Finally some relief as his turgid cock was encased in warm hands and his balls cupped teasingly.

Although the hands brought a measure of comfort and further accelerated his libinal pleasure he felt strangely disjointed from their ministrations. He couldn't seem to make them perform they way his cock loved them to perform. They were working far too slowly on his rock hard erection. He needed relief, not an acceleration of his already achingly sweet sexual high.

What the hell were his hands doing?

Piercing light stabbed at his slowly awakening eyes. He forced them open and commanded them to scan the room while the strong almost overpowering waft of sickly sweet perfume filled his nostrils.

The perfume was a new smell, one he could not associate with any female he had bedded with recently.

And then it came to him...the hands holding his swollen member were not his own.

Hard long nails scraping along his inner thighs were not his – and my God they felt so real.

The bed that cushioned his electrified body had a different texture and feel to it than his own so he was obviously not at home.

And the cloying perfume was wafting off a nearby body, whose heat and movements he could now feel and see. A smartly dressed woman with sleek dark hair was sitting beside him, leaning over him, laying her hands all over his body.

This was no dream.

But this was also not his reality. He had just awoken in someone else's world.

Fuck where am I?

"So you're waking up now? Good…so good to see your lovely blue eyes Dave. I've been waiting for you to open and them and to join me. I'm here all by myself having a party with your sexy body and you're missing out on it. You like that? Huh? You like how that feels? How I'm touching you? Where my hand is? Of course you like it – or at least your cock does. Don't worry I'm not going to do very much to you …I just wanted to see if your most important part works ok and - oh yes it seems to be in fine working condition."

"What ya' doin'? How'd I get here? Where are we? Why….why can't I move my hands? What have you done to me?"

"So many questions from one very sleepy sexy man. Ssshh. Hush now and lie still and be quiet. There is a lot of heavy substance still running around in your veins so take it easy. You're still coming to and a bit confused. It will take a little while for you to get your head together…but oh it seems as though another part of you is doing just fine."

The sultry laugh that he remembered from yesterday? No a week ago... when was it? That laugh, that voice. The woman, the woman with the dark hair, the one who liked his car.

Flamenco – Flamenco like passion... "She's at least ten years older than us"... Flirting... In her prime... Hutch – thought so – "the woman is in her prime Starsky."

"Suzanne? Your name? That's it isn't it? How did I get here with you?"

"Looks like I've got my hands full with you doesn't it Dave? And I mean that in the best possible way. Just look at that….oh yeah. I had a feeling that I'd like what was under those skintight jeans you were wearing. You look great in them Dave, molding your lovely ass and bunched up cock, but even better with them off."

Silky soft hands squeezed the base of his shaft and a long nail ran up the length of him and down the other side. Another hand trailed seductively over his bare hip and snuck under his body to cup and squeeze hard at his naked buttock.

Running late. She was running late and her car was …..on the side of the road. Stopped to help her. Sick kids…phone Hutch, tell him I'll be late.

Pain...Sharp stinging pain. Top of arm. Now just a dull ache like a muscular pain in the outer part of his arm. His tried to turn, twisting his head to look down at the arm almost expecting to still see the syringe protruding from his flesh. But there was nothing there.

"Let go of me Bitch!" The striking of his hand across her painted lips.

His vision was clear now and he saw it. Her pouty mouth was even more full and fleshy with the bottom lip swollen and slightly bruised – the small cut, devoid of blood now – left by his own hand.

And then it all came back to him in one rush - memory dowsed him in its full wave and quickly receded. It left behind a wash of clear perspective of the present, the nightmarish situation he now found himself to be in.

He had been set up and been played for a fool.

She had paraded as a society woman, this female trickster, this vamp sitting beside him now. She had laid the perfect trap for him and he had walked right on into it.

Sucker punched big time. He cursed his inherent weakness for a "Dame in Distress" scenario.

Naked. Completely naked. Restrained. His hands could not answer his burning need to ease his pounding erection because they were not free. He was tied to the bed, his wrists and ankles firmly bound, his body still metabolising the drug she had pumped into him. He was lying totally exposed before this woman who looked down upon him with almost voracious satisfaction, licking at her swollen lower lip - salivating over her fallen prey.

How could he have allowed this to happen to him? Why hadn't he suspected her reappearance on the street this morning? Waiting for him. She had been waiting for him the whole time.

Are you completely braindead Starsky? He kicked himself mentally in his already sore head and then grimaced at his next most immediate thought.

Hutch will be so damned pissed off with me!

"You fuckin', lyin' bitch. Get ya' hands offa me. Don' wanncha touchin' me with ya filthy hands. Go way – leave me. Lemme get up….untie me…untie me ya' bitch. Gotta getta outta here…. ….what have ya' done to me? Who are you?"

"Well let's put it this way Dave, you won't be getting to work this morning and I certainly won't be visiting any damn children's hospital. And on top of that, the only 'star' that I will be rubbing shoulders with today won't be a sport's star, but ….one very sexy, angry cop. The only star I need today. My lucky star. Because you Dave, you're going to make me a little richer than I was yesterday. And, by you making me a little bit richer Dave - well, that in my book makes you a star."

"Why the hell would ya' want me? Do ya' even know who I am? I think you've got the wrong man lady. What interest could ya' have with me? Unless... is someone paying you to take me out - one of our old cases? Christ which case?"

"Oh now you're selling yourself short Dave. You have no idea of your true value – what you're worth. And of course I know who you are. I know all about you. 'Detective Starsky' – from the city police. Undercover cop with your undercover handsome partner. You and your blond friend, Hutchinson – or what is it that you call him... 'Hutch'? Hutch, I like that name. Has a solid reliable ring to it doesn't it? And I'm sure he'd reliable. Good friends, you told me so this morning didn't you? "

She couldn't help but notice how his already tight body tensed even more at the mention of his partner's name and she smiled with curiosity at the sudden flagging of his hard erection as his dark blue eyes darkened and his face twisted up at her. With perverse satisfaction she was distracted by his fisting hands, yanking violently at their ties and rattling the headboard. She wouldn't have guessed at the latent aggression hidden behind his friendly socialeable exterior and considered it smart that she had ensured she had paid extra attention when securing him.

"What do you mean you know Hutch? If you've touched him….have you fuckin' got Hutch somewhere here too? Have you? What've you done with him? Tell me now lady!"

"Oh relax for God's Sake. Look what you've done to yourself. You've gone all limp on me. I like you so much better when you're rock solid. You were so very hard and I was so close to getting you to come too...Remarkable really considering that you're bombed out on drugs and you can still get it up so powerfully for me. I obviously haven't lost my touch have I?"

"Filthy slut, get ya hands offa me. Where is Hutch? Is he here too? Have you hurt him? Is this some sort of way of getting at me?"

"Oh you've got it all wrong Detective…Mr. Undercover Cop. You see, you're not the only one who can play at being undercover. You and your flashy red car and your tight jeans and leather jacket. Yes – I wouldn't have picked you as a cop when I first laid eyes on you outside that restaurant last week. But then you didn't pick me as being undercover either did you Dave – or should I call you Starsky? See, I'm every bit if not better then you at playing the undercover game. Those poor little sick children just waiting, waiting for some fun…you idiot! This has nothing to do with your partner Dave so you needn't worry about his pretty blond head being touched. But …. then I guess he will be going through some harrowing times soon. When he realizes that you've been taken again. And so soon…so soon after those horrible evil men with the black robes took you and tried to sacrifice your beautiful body. Poor Hutch….he may not be getting hurt directly by us, but let me assure you, he will be hurting and hurting a lot when he realizes that he has let it happen to you again. We took you right out of his very secure and safe picture - just snatched you away from him! So easy. In the end it was so very easy. Marty said it wouldn't be….but it all comes down to female persuasion doesn't it Dave?"

"Marcus…you're talking about Marcus. How do you know about him? Who are you? What's your real name? Are you one of them? One of the cult?"

"Lay off the Detective routine will you. You're not playing cop with me, and I'm not the one who has to answer the questions so shut your mouth. I have a limited window of opportunity here Honey. My…. colleague - has gone to run a errand for us both and I simply thought that in her absence I might have the chance to give you a little trial run. Our clients are very particular – and the client who is paying me big money for you will need to know that you are a fit and healthy specimen. Some of the druggies and dropouts we get are useless when it comes down to performing for their new owners. While you were starting to wake up I was having so much fun with your hot body that I thought that at any moment you were going to cream all over my nice designer suit. Perhaps we can finish it now before she gets back. I consider myself holding temporary owner's rights, which entitles me to - certain privileges. Now where were we before you started getting all standoffish?"

"I told you to get your hands offa me. You might have managed to get me aroused when I was out of it, but now I'm awake – Honey – I'm not in the mood for your games or you. I'm not performin' for you like some fuckin' toy boy so take your hands and use them to untie me. I'm a police officer and you have committed – are committing a major felony – just let me go, give me my clothes and we can talk about this. Now – now Suzanne. It's only a matter of time before my partner tracks me down. Remember I called him before you hit me with that freakin' needle. He's met you too – he'll trace you down."

"That drug has really played havoc with your detecting skills – Detective. Headache bad? Bet it is. It's a mean little number isn't it? Don't worry I'll be giving you some more in a moment so that bad headache will be gone in no time and so too will all of your confused thoughts. Sure you called your partner. I wanted you to – so that he didn't send that black and white looking for you that is always parked outside your apartment. We know all about how he has you under twenty four-hour protection Dave. But you didn't tell your partner anything that will help him find you. You never mentioned Suzanne did you? You never said my name as I asked you not to. And yes he will be looking for you…even by now he will be looking for you…but we've done our homework on you Dave. We're a good undercover team, my colleagues and I. Right now your precious Torino is parked somewhere waiting to be found and it will lead your partner on a trail that is in the totally opposite direction to where you'll be going. Poor Detective Hutchinson and his other cop buddies will be busy hunting for you in all the wrong places – the Simon Marcus places. So no – I'm sorry to tell you Dave, but there will be no one bursting in here to disturb us, except perhaps my colleague Fiona."

Her half laugh was forced as she mentioned her friend's name and she turned to the door as she said it, as though she almost expected the woman to materialise and break up her private party.

"It's just us Dave. Just us. No one else to come and save you from all the excitement that lies ahead of you. There is so much in store for you…. and you know what Dave? The time you'll spend here with me is so short really but believe me when I tell you, it is the very best of the time that you will have for a long long while. You would be smart to just lie back and enjoy it while you can Honey. Like I said…. I only have a little time left with you by myself…and I am so tired after all the worry of getting you this morning. So you have to let me have some reward and I aim to claim it."

She moved her slim lithe body from its sitting position of the side of the bed to stretch out fully beside him. The bed was large and there was ample room for the two of them, but she pressed her fully clothed body up against his naked form. A silken stocking foot arched high above his shin, descended elegantly coming to land on his lower bare leg. Her slim arched foot ran down the sharp plane of his lower leg, rubbing back and forth over his dark hairs. The hands that had been so crudely centered around his groin area now found their way up to his neck and face, petting and stroking – tracing his thick eyebrows and lips, pushing fingers into his firmly closed mouth.

"Open your mouth for me up. My fingers want to play inside your wet warm mouth. Just how I want your fingers to play inside my wet warm pussy...but not just yet. Soon though. Let me in. I want to imagine those are your fingers inside me. So warm and wet."

He obstinately held his mouth closed but when she moved her other hand quickly to squeeze hard at his balls and he opened his mouth to yelp out a stifled groan she quickly plunged them into the open space.

"Don't try and bite me Dave...remember you're tied up and I can do a lot of damage down her with my other hand. You bite me and I'll bite won't be nice for either of us but it'll hurt you a hell of a lot more than me. So there...yes like that. Good boy, just let me explore inside your mouth while you think about what you could be doing to me with your own fingers. Oh yes, are you thinking?"

The hardened painted nails then left his mouth and trailed their dampness down his neck and onto the dark pelt of chest hair where she spent time making larger and larger whorls on his pectorals and mid abdominals. She spent considerable time on the dark line of hair that ran down his midline to his umbilicus, pausing to dip into his naval before following the line of hair further down where it reformed as a lighter line that descended into his coarser pubic hair.

"Just let me touch you and make you feel good Dave. I can make you feel soooo good. I want to see how you respond to me. Let me see what your body can do for me. Show me what your body can do for me Dave – see what I can make your body do for me. I'm a little older than you…. I know you know that…but with age comes experience. I can make my hands make your body come alive, even when you refuse to let yourself enjoy me. Just watch, relax, and let me do it for you Dave. "

"Stop it Suzanne. Please…just stop it. Get off the bed and leave me now. You're already in trouble. Take this no- further- Oh Christ! Please sto….stop."

"But I can't stop Dave and why should I when it's plain to see how much your body is loving me doing what I'd doing to it. Look at it… you're already hard again and I haven't even touched you ….. there. There. Do you want me to touch you there now Dave? I know you do. I know you really want my hands to …. Oh yes… there it is … so beautiful, God you are so sexy. All for me Dave. No…stop talking, stop struggling. You want it, you want me. I know just how to touch a man Dave …. Just like that…oh yeah. Good isn't it. Hard, hard, harder – I can feel the blood rushing into your cock, your beautiful cock."

"PLEASE NO! Suzanne... LEAVE ME!"

"Name's not Suzanne. Not Suzanne. But I don't need you to say my name. It's enough to be able to lie here and push my body into yours and say your name, touching you all the time. I don't need to even take my clothes off and I'm feeling you all over me Dave. I'm wet for you now – so wet just looking at you, touching you. I could taste you too – would you like that Dave. Want to feel me put my mouth over your cock, suck you in…I'm good at it? Oh God you're like a rock…just one lick of my tongue and I swear you'll spray your beautiful come all over me. Your balls are so tight….full for me – all for me Dave?"

"Fuckin' no…. no… oh God….my head…my….."

His groans were beyond guttural and wretched and he succumbed to just letting them all out, letting the deep throated sighs and moans reverberate about the room in an effort to wall off his physical responses to her sexual, sensual, seductive ministrations. Sweat sheened on his nakedness and his teeth brought blood to his lip as he bit down hard on the anguish that she was driving him to - to utter and delirious physiological fulfillment. If he didn't let himself come soon he would split in half. His cock was a molten piece of volcanic rock, burning and smouldering, fluid and malleable and yet solid and as thick as alpine ice.

"You want to explode don't you? Your head and your cock? All of you? You're fighting this ….why Dave? Why fight this? You can't fight it – in the end your body will take what it wants and ….."

He hated this woman, hated himself for feeling like this.

He wanted this woman, wanted himself to go on feeling like this.

So …so… trapped and yet so utterly free. His body was captive and his soul was a flying spirit .

And then her dark head bowed down, and the painted bruised mouth swallowed him whole. His back arched and his wrists and ankles strained viscously in their binds as he fought the rising climax… the crest of pure exquisite pain was engulfing him now and he tried again to verbalize against it. Words were all he had now to fight her with as his body was taken from him completely. Such was the power of her total possession of him. As her mouth, lips and tongue sucked and lapped at his swollen full cock, and licked at his pearly white pre-cum, he used his own oral munitions to attack.

"Bitch – whore, fuckin' bitch. Filthy whore. Don't want your filthy mouth bitch. Don't want your filthy hands."

But too late…. Of course his body had decided to betray him and if her mouth was not latched hard onto his wanton thrusting shaft, he was certain that she would laugh in mockery at his last helpless, hopeless stand. Even the harsh, dirty insults he spat at her were conspiring to add to the overall sexual showdown being played out between the two of them.

Even to his own ears his depraved cries sounded more like a climatic crescendo than any attempt at earnest resistance.

As his body bucked in its final throes he managed at least to withhold the one last piece of proof that her sexual prowess had won through. He fought hard but held it back. She would not hear it. For that matter he would not let himself hear it. God knows he was already disgusted enough with his own display of unleashed sexual abandon. The scream that clawed up into his throat to surpass even the loudest groans of carnal pleasure stayed buried in his chest. He bit it back, savagely refusing to let it out. Panting, gasping, cringing at himself and his own weakness he wondered if a suppressed scream could cause such intense pressure in one's chest. Or was the pressure caused by the emotional stress of realizing that he was truly at the mercy of this woman and her cohorts?

He had peaked and now he was rapidly descending , being dropped back into sharp edged reality. The pressure inside his head and chest filled as quickly as the pressure in his groin drained completely away.

Mind over body now.

Brain over cock.

Thought over lust.

This woman has just forced him to experience untold physiological pleasure. Sweet torture, intensely sweet, but torture nonetheless.

The residual effects of the drug and the post climatic somnolence threatened to once more engulf him. He fought hard to pay attention to her as she stood up now, almost wantonly wiping her mouth with a corner of a bed sheet and turning to the sound outside of the room. There was a distinctive sound of an outer door opening and closing and a voice calling.

"Camilla? Camilla? I'm back. I got rid of it…drove it to where you said. No one saw me or paid attention. Camilla! Where the hell are you?"

She took the sheet she had been using to wipe her mouth and face and draped it strategically over his naked lower torso and legs.

"See Dave? It's hard to fight against a woman of experience. Even when you are as tough and resilient as you'd like to think you are. I enjoyed that, enjoyed you. And, I haven't enjoyed anyone in quite a while. It will be a shame to have to hand you over. But then, I am a whore when it comes to money, just like men are whores when it comes to their cocks getting pleasured. My colleague is here. I have to end our little pleasure time. Maybe next time you might consider what you would like to do with me - how you might choose to use my body. It can give you pleasure just like I took pleasure from using yours...think about it. You'll have a lot of time to think."

She cut off her sensual words carefully and timed her last more neutral phrases to reach the ears of anyone who might be listening at the door as she turned fully toward it. She was ready for it when it happened. The entrance of someone else.

The door swung open to reveal a second woman whom he hadn't yet seen – or had he? In his current state he couldn't be sure of anything. He was drifting now, his headache finally abating and his spent body flagging rapidly. The force of the sexual onslaught had taken a greater toll on him than an alleyway brawl with two or three thugs. His adrenalin level was zero and post climatic processes were working to sedate him.

Passively now he lay and tried to absorb the situation playing out in front of him. He needed to compute and to analyse.

The body language and posture of the new woman suggested she was not happy with ….Suzanne….Camilla?

"I thought he was out to it?"

"He was… he started to come to."

"Oh… and the reason he looks like he has just run a marathon and you look like you've just been fucked senseless?"

"Don't be so crude Fee…it makes you sound like some street tart. Must everything come down to your insatiable thirst for sex?"

"No only when I can clearly see that you are lying to me and that you have just had your own fill of sex with our new …. acquisition."

"Shut your mouth for God's sake. Don't talk in front of him. He's alert and aware enough now to take in everything we're saying."

"Yeah I'm damn sure he is. That is why you look like you've just had the ride of your life. I'm out there doing the grunt work while you're back here lounging on the bed with lover boy getting to savor all that he has to offer. Well I'm pissed off with this arrangement. Next time you move the freaking car and I'll stay back and play with the talent. You knew I was interested in this one in particular – he was after all - my find. I'm the one who brought him to your attention. "

His tongue was thick and his focus was skewed and everything was coming from a distance, voices distorted and reality smudged so badly into almost dream quality that he grappled to make a coherent utterance. When he spoke now he was no longer sure if he was really speaking or if the thoughts were remaining trapped inside his head.

Two faces turned toward him now as he mouth formulated words so he guessed that they must be hearing him say something.

"So what's the game ladies? Whadda ya' want? Somethin' to do with a case? Are you … why are you doin' this? Ya' mentioned money? Who's payin' ya? Why me?

Was he making any headway with loosening the bonds on his wrists and ankles? He had been laboriously working away at them while the two women were preoccupied with each other.

"Fee its time we doped him up again. We need to meet Marty in fifteen minutes to go through our plan of action and to see what he has on his surveillance of Hutchinson. We can't leave him awake or even drowsy. He has to be put back under again."

Camilla opened the small bar fridge that sat near the doorway and extracted another filled syringe and needle and a small bottle of juice and a plastic straw."

"This is only half the dose of the last one. He won't need as much this time to put him under for a couple of hours. But first we need to get him to drink something."

She moved over closer to the bed again and offered the bottle to the drowsy man.

"Dave you need to drink. Here let us help you sit up a little to take some juice. You must have it. You think your headache was bad this time you woke – wait till you wake next time. Here take the straw and drink. Sugar and water, you need it."

He offered no resistance already craving hydration and knowing that without it he would be in big trouble. Whatever was in front of him he needed to keep his brain ticking over and his body in some sort of shape to deal with the demands that would be placed upon him.

With his head raised enough to swallow, Starsky sucked hard and long at the drink and didn't pause until she pulled the bottle back from him.

"Steady. Slow. Too much and you'll be sick. There. A little more. Good. Now, it's time for you to go back to sleep. Next time you wake we'll have Marty here and we can get you up, you can use the bathroom and get some food down. We need you in good condition – healthy and fit by the time we deliver you. But for now…."

She drew the needle forward and released the small amount of air trapped in the syringe as she advanced toward him. She gently bunched up his firm thigh muscle in one hand as she positioned the needle adroitly in the other. Over the past months she had become quite the Nurse with her needle administering technique but not many patients had been as tantalising to tend to as this one.

"Wait! Nooo…think 'bout whatcha doin'…. so stupid. Stop it now and you'll …maybe you'll stay outta jail…. Such a waste of ya' life…both of ya'. Think 'bout what ya' doin here… is it worth it?"

Fee laughed loudly and walked closer to the curly haired prisoner. Daringly she lifted the light covering of the sheet that Camilla had thrown quickly over his unclothed body. She whistled softly as she appreciated the view of the pure masculine form underneath the flimsy piece of fabric.

"Oh… I don't know. Do you think its worth it Camilla? A whole lot of money and to get to enjoy this pretty package as well? By the look on her face when I came in Dave I'd have to say that my friend certainly thinks what we're doing with you is worth it. As for me…. Well let's say I'll get back to you on that one when you next wake up. Give him the needle Camilla. I don't even need him conscious to appreciate this hot piece of ass."