A/N: I'm seriously juggling a LOT of stories right now, and it's strange from going from 'Alvin the Treacherous is Hiccup's father' to this one, which is very light and funny and goofy. But...it's a dare war! LOL. I had to!

"What would you do for a million bucks?" Ruffnut asked idly one day at the end of dragon training.

Hiccup looked around to see who she was talking to.

It appeared everyone.

"Money isn't everything," he said.

Snotlout snorted.

Then he said, "Strip."

"EWWW!" Ruffnut and Astrid cried.

Astrid clawed at her face. "My eyes! No, my eyes! Mental image – delete!"

Hiccup and the others laughed, except Snotlout, who was glaring.

Then Astrid said, "Kiss Mildew."

"Eww!" Hiccup said. "Speaking of mental images!"

Ruffnut looked at Astrid. "Really?"

Astrid nodded. "Yep."

"I dare you."