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"Hiccup!" Stoick boomed. "Can you speak with your friends?"

It was dinner in the Great Hall, and Stoick had stormed over to where Hiccup sat with the other teens.

Hiccup jumped, dropped his spoon, scrambled for it again, straightened up and looked at his father. "About what?"

"Have the twins put my underpants up on the flagpole AGAIN?"

The Hooligan flag stood in the middle of the plaza, its flag flapping in the wind.

However, the twins HAD been known to take advantage of this…

But this time, it had been Astrid who had done it, all because of a dare Snotlout had given her earlier that day.

Hiccup winced. "Uh…yeah…about that…Dad…"

The time had come to spill the beans about their dares.

"Dad, we kinda…started…daring each other…"

Stoick stared open-mouthed as Hiccup finished relating the story to him.

Then he said, "Is THAT why you dressed up in women's clothes and started prancing around the living room?"

Hiccup nodded. "Yeah."

Stoick pondered this for a second. "And here I thought you were getting ready to let your rainbow fly."

Then he said in his "chief" voice, "Right, that's it. Ruffnut, Tuffnut, Astrid, Snotlout, Fishlegs, and most of all, HICCUP – I forbid you all from daring each other or completing any dares you may be given."

"But, sir— Astrid began rather weakly.

Stoick shook his head. "No. Ruffnut, you gave Spitelout quite a scare. Hiccup, you nearly gave ME a heart attack. Tuffnut, Gobber has been getting worried about you. Astrid, Mildew has been complaining of a certain blonde girl kissing him. Snotlout, you scared a little kid dressing up like Santa Claus, and Fishlegs, you scared me half to death shouting 'I cannot believe you'. And I suspect these were all dares?"

The teens, all blushing furiously, nodded without looking at Stoick or each other.

Stoick nodded. "I thought so."

Hiccup spoke up. "But, Dad—

"No 'buts', son," Stoick said. "No more dares. For any of you." he added rather sternly. "You got that?"

Then he said, "Incidentally, whose idea WAS it to make Hiccup dress up in feminine clothes and dance in front of me?"

"Mine, sir," Astrid said, not looking at him, sure she was about to be punished.

But, to her intense surprise, Stoick began laughing heartily. "Now THAT one, THAT one was my personal favorite of the things you guys have been doing these past few weeks. Many congratulations to you."

Astrid smiled a little and swiped her bangs out of her face.

"But you're still not allowed to start up those dares again."


"Dang it!"