Here is a One-Shot of auslly, its my second story but my first auslly story, i will do more but later on this year,hope you guys like it! :)

Okay! This is when Austin and Ally already knew each other for a couple of years, one day austin was plaing a suprise birthday party for ally (it was her birthday in a few days) he thought and thought till he came up with an idea that same day he went to go find Trish and ask her for help.

Austin:*walks up to trish*Her Trish! can i ask you a favor? *he asked a bit nervous*

Trish:Yeah! Sure austin, what is it!?

Austin:Well you know how its ally's birthday in a few days right.?


Austin:I was plaing on making her a suprise birthday party, but i need your help on getting the things, and keeping Ally distracted, would you help?

Trish:*thinks*Yeah sure! But you have to promise it will be the BEST party ever! Promise!? *gives him a look*

Austin:I promise! so its settaled lets start tomarrow! Deal?


The next day Austin spent the day plaing ang buying stuff for Ally's suprise party. Trish was bussy with Dez accuping ally around the Sonic Boom.

*Few Days Later:Ally's Birthday*
(With trish, dez, and ausin)

Austin:Okay! Everything seems settled! *smile big*

Trish&Dez:*look around* Yup!

Trish:You did a pretty good job their blndie.

Austin:*smiles*Yeah,yeah i did! Now let go get ready and trish you tell ally to get dress that we are going out to eat, kay?


*At Allys House*
Ally was sitting down on the coach bored just wathing some tv.

Ally's POV:
I wonder why i havent seen the guys ALL day did they forget that today was my birthday or what? Im guessing they probably forgot, sigh, *hears a knok on the door* well wonder who that could be.

Ally:*goes and opens the door* Trish!

Trish!:Hey Alls! HAPPY BIRTHDAY! *hugs her*

Ally:*hugs back* Thanks! and i thought you guys forgot!

Trish:How could we! We are best friend! *smiles*

Ally:Yeah *smiles*

Trish:*remebers the plan*Oh yeah go get ready, me and you and the guys are gonna go out and eat at a fancy restaurant.

Ally:*smile big* Okay! Be right back! Make yourself at home! *runs upstairs*

So, ally gets ready to go "eat out" but she dosent know what the big suprise she is actually getting ready to see.

Ally:*goes down stairs* How do i look? *she asks trish*

Trish:*looks at ally*You look amazing alls!*smiles big* (Trish was already all drest up for the party)

Ally:*smiles* lets go them


*With Austin and Dez*

Austin:*pacing*Where are they!? They were suppost to be here 10 minutes ago?

Dez:Dude calm down they woul-Look their here! *runs to the car, and open the door for them*Welcome ladies! *smiles goofly*

Austin:*sees ally, speahless*

Ally:*goes up to austin* Hey austin *plays with her fingers*

Austin:*smiles* hey alls, you look beautiful!

Ally:*smiles,blushes*Thank, you dont look bad yourself

Austin:Thanks, shall we go in?

Ally:Lets go!

They all enter the club, as soon as they enter they scream HAPPY BIRTHDAY ALLY!

Ally:*Smiles big* Thanks you guys!

They all enjoy the night untill austin got on stage and sang a song to ally


Austin:*jump off stage and goes to ally* You liked it *he ask nervous*

Ally:*smiles*No! I LOVE IT! Thanks austin! *hugs him tightly*

Austin:Your welcome alls!*hugs her back tightly*

Ally:*pulls away, looks at austin in the eyes*

Austin:*also pulls away and looks at ally in the eyes,whispers*
You look beautiful tonight ally *smile*

Ally:*lost in austin eyes* thanks

Auslly:*lost in each other eyes*

Austin:*slowly lins in*

Ally:*also slowly lins in*

Their lips are a few inches from tuching.

Austin:*kisses her*

Ally:*kisses back*

Austin:*pulls away, smiles*Woah!

Ally:*pulls away, smile* Yeah!

Austin:*looks at ally, and says*Ally i just want to say that i loved you ever since the day i meet you, but i didnt want to ruin our friendship but now i just cant hold it any longer...I Love You Ally, Would you make me the most happiest guy in the world and be my girlfriend? *smiles nervously*

Ally:*crying of joy, smiles*Austin thats so sweet, and i also loved you since the begining and...I Love You Too Austin, so yeah i would love to be your girlfriend.

Austin:*smiles big,kisses her* You just made me the happiest man alive!*he yells*

Ally:*giggles* and you made me the happiest girl alive to! *kisses back*

The guest heard them and they awwed and congratulated them!

Okay! That was it and i hope you liked and enjoyed it! Fave and Review! :)