Summary: Just 2 little story thingies I thought of about for Kiri and Narumi after the end of BP~ It involves them and their kids sorta xD

A/N: So, I was having writer's block and decided to re-read some old manga of mine. I immediately got caught up in Beauty Pop again and this is the result. Please tell me if you see any mistakes or oocness!



When they met, neither would've thought that they'd end up together, that everything would've ended up this way.

But, watching their children play as they sit on the porch of Koshiba Beauty Salon,

They wouldn't have it any other way.

Not even the insanity of their friends, the even worse insanity of their families, or their insane lifestyle.

After all, what was life without a little spark of danger and insanity?

It certainly made things more interesting.

Kiri had let him hold her hand in his, her eyes were still on the twins; her head was resting on his shoulder.

It was still tiny in the palm of his bigger and warmer hand.

Using these hands they had built their futures, separately and together.

HE looked at her, at their kids, at their house, and let memories flood his mind.

It wasn't often they got a chance to relax like this, but it wouldn't last long, and they both knew it,

Let it all come at once if need be.

But they still wouldn't have it any other way.


When their daughter had told them she had wanted to be a model, Narumi went ballistic. Eventually Kiri reminded him about the agreement they had amongst the whole time he'd been yelling,

The agreement was that they would love their kids no matter what they wanted to do, who they wanted to be (as long as it wasn't a criminal), or put restrictions on their kids possibilities, including on what the kids wanted to do.

He was still fuming afterwards but, she had gotten him to start thinking.

She knew he wanted some time to think and left him to his own thoughts, settling for making cups of hot chocolate for her and the kids.

He stormed outside, and sat down.

Sure he had agreed to it, but this was his little girl they were talking about.

It hurt him to think that she didn't want to be a stylist anymore.

He wondered endlessly when she had gone from wanting to be a stylist to a model. Why, when all she said when she was little was how she was going to be like her daddy,

How she used to sit in his lap as he showed her how to cut hair, how to style it. How her eyes grew wide and a grin would adorn her face when he showed her something new, or let her practice on his own head (with Kiri supervising of course).

She used to love being in the salon with him, working with him; sharing so many good memories and laughs together.

But then he thought about it.

When had been the last time she had actually gone with him to work? When was the last time that she had asked to practice with him?

He couldn't remember seeing her in the salon since she had first started middle school, since she was twelve.

She was sixteen now.

His little girl was growing up, and he was missing it. All this time he had thought she still had a passion for cutting. But, even he knew that as kids grew, interests changed, hobbies changed, what they wanted to do as a profession would finally start to settle in their adolescent heads.

He knew he had to get back in touch with her, she was his little girl, model or not, stylist or not. And she had to know that.

Walking back inside, he wondered if he was missing out on what his son was doing as well. What did he want to do? Was he going out to be a model too?

He shook his head.

The idea of his son being a model was definitely ridiculous.