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"Love her, you fool!"

Anna Marie sat there, involved by the picture on the T.V. Screen playing in the living room. She was in her magical pajamas, the snitches flitting around her legs. She was clutching a blanket Mrs. Weasley had made her, pulling it tight across herself. Fred smiled from his chair, thinking it hilarious that she could be so tomboyish, but the second it had to do with romance, she was a mess. He could remember her screaming something similar to him, years ago, back in her fifth year, just days before he left school. They had been working on something for the shop, Anna Marie helping with the theory and fixing the bugs. Fred had thought she'd been in a foul mood, by all of her slightly snippish comments when quite suddenly she yelled.

"Dammit all, kiss me you fool!" She declared.

Fred didn't need to be told twice.

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Date Published: 1/16/13

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