Ichigo was locked in a room in Las Noches bored out of his mind who knew being a hostage could be so bloody boring, Shiro his hollow was ignoring him and nobody was around so hear he was just sitting patiently waiting for someone to come in and give him his next meal which would be a few hours yet.

Ichigo got up and started to pace going around the room before stopping when an amusing idea hit him, he wondered how long would it take him to smash all the furniture in the room to tiny little pieces.

He picked up the table next the bed and threw it as hard as he could at the wall making it shatter but he wasn't done with it yet just making it shatter wasn't enough for him he wanted it to be beyond recognition when someone came for him.

He walked over to the ruined table jumped on the bigger bits of it breaking them down even more so there was nothing bigger then an inch left of the table. Satisfied with his work he moved to another piece of the surrounding furniture this time it was a small chair, it didn't last long in about 2 minutes the chair was nothing more then splinters indistinguishable from the broken table next to it.

Ulquiorra's POV 3 hours later.

Ulquiorra walked down the corridor to where Ichigo was being kept holding a tray of food in one hand, as he got closer he heard the sounds of smashing and laughter coming from inside the room making him curious as to what the shinigami was doing in there to amuse himself so much.

Putting down the tray on a nearby table he walked to the door of the room where Ichigo was and opened it having to duck as a couch flew over his head and broke on the wall across the room he was standing in, hearing Ichigo's laughter strait after the couch he presumed that Ichigo had thrown it at the door not expecting it to open.

"Trash why are you throwing furniture at the door?" asked Ulquiorra looking around the room at the destruction of every other possible object in the room he raised an eyebrow at Ichigo who smiled sheepishly like a child being found doing something wrong./p

"I was bored," was all he said looking at Ulquiorra with a now deadpan expression.

Ulquiorra sighed Aizen was not going to be happy about this he thought as he backed out of the room, who knew you couldn't leave Ichigo alone with a room full of nothing to amuse himself with. He always seemed like he could wait for ages on end without getting bored he guessed that this just proved that theory wrong.