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Chapter 1:

"Please my Lord," the injured woman begged. "My twins. They are all I have. Please protect them."

Lord Elrond of Rivendell looked down at the young woman who was lying in the bed. His twin sons, Elladan and Elrohir, had come upon the woman and her children while riding through valley making sure that orcs were not present. The woman was almost in a delirious state and her children were young and scared. The twins had thought it best that the woman and children were brought to their father.

"I will do all I can for them. But who is their father?" Elrond gently asked.

"Arathorn, the nine and thirtieth heir in the right line from Isildur," the woman breathed as an Elf healer gently ran a cold cloth along her forehead to try and break her raging fever. When the Elf Lord heard the name Isildur, he turned and looked at the twin children who were sitting down the hallway from his location.

Isildur's heir…

"Rest now," Elrond said, standing up and leaving the healer with the woman. He slowly moved towards the two human children who sat huddled next to each other on a bench. It was late and obviously past these children's bed times. The girl, who was much smaller than her brother, lay curled against her brother's shoulder sleeping, while her brother fought off sleep. He knelt down in front of the twins as the boy looked up at him with light grey eyes.

"Come little one," Elrond said as he picked up the sleeping little girl from her brother's lap. "You need to sleep."

The little boy stood up and took Elrond's hand as they walked silently through the hallways of Rivendell.

"Where's mommy?" the little girl groggily asked, waking up as she was carried by the Elf Lord. She looked up at Elrond with her large grey eyes – the same shade as her brothers.

"Resting, iell nin."

She nodded and placed her head back onto his shoulder. "Are you going to be our papa?" she then asked.

"We shall see," the Elf Lord said, reaching the bedroom that had been prepared for the twins. "Tomorrow is a new day with new beginnings. Until then, sleep."

He gently placed the little girl into the bed then helped her brother in as well. Both children were fast asleep as soon as their heads hit the pillows. He stood there and watched over the children for a few more minutes.

Their father had been killed by orcs. Their mother was ill and being tended to by his best healers. And she had intentionally sought him out. She had known that her children would be safe in the protection of his household. True that these weren't just any children, for they were both Dúnedain. The boy was also the rightful heir to the throne of Gondor. And they even had a bit of elvish blood deep in their veins.

Their mother had been right. He was the best one to protect them all.

For even more protection, the children would be raised in his house, treated as one of his own and even have their names changed until they came of age and the truth of their past could be revealed to them – more so the boy than the girl.

The boy would change his name to Estel and the girl would change her name to Elin. That was his only condition for staying in his home. And he was sure that their mother would not care if it was for their own protection.

He knew that darkness was slowly creeping back into Middle Earth. From where and from who he did not yet know. Yet he could already tell that these two children would play a role in vanquishing this encroaching darkness.