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Chapter 16:

Legolas wrapped a cloak around Aria's shoulders as they sat on one of the many balconies in Rivendell, late into an early spring night. "No need to get any sicker," he said. "Your Ada would not take too kindly to that."

She shook her head no as she leaned into his embrace and sighed as they sat under the stars for a while longer, enjoying the fresh air. Aria had been bedridden for the last few days with a stomach ailment. Finally she had gotten enough strength back to venture outside with her husband's assistance.

After just a few minutes of sitting in the fresh air, Legolas heard Aria's gentle breathing signaling that she had fallen asleep. Good. She needed rest. She had not gotten much the last few days. Carefully standing back up, he picked up his sleeping beauty and carried her back to their quarters where he tucked her back into bed before crawling in next to her. Out of instinct, Aria moved close to him in bed and Legolas happily obliged his sleeping wife by wrapping his arms around her.

He lay there for a little while and let his mind drift back over the last 10 years. They had been peaceful, loving and overall wonderful. First had been his and Aria's wedding followed by the ups and downs of the first few months of marriage. Yet after that rocky start, things got better. Their communication with each other improved as well as their bond strengthened. They had learned to communicate nonverbally as well as feel the needs and feelings of the other in a deeper connection. This only strengthen their love for each other.

Outside of their relationship, their immediate family had grown thanks to his brother with the addition of his new son, Fligan about 10 years ago. And now, Talia was once again pregnant and would soon give birth to another elfling. Sadly, they would miss this birth, unlike the last time since they would be in Rivendell during the summer when the elfling was due. With Laurian and Talia having their second elfling in such a short time span, the conversation of a family had once again been brought up with Aria just after Talia had announced she was pregnant. Previously Aria had said that she wanted to have children before she was too old to enjoy them, but this second pregnancy had gotten her thinking – 30 years old was a good age to start trying for a family with a centuries old elf.

That had been several months ago. There was no doubt in Legolas' mind that they were trying. There had been failures and Aria knew it, which resulted in heartbreak. But Legolas reminded her each time that everything was the will of the Valar and if they were to be blessed with a family of their own, then so be it. Yet one of the problems with their pairing was that neither of them knew the exact signs that Aria could be pregnant.

Would she show the signs that pregnant female elves did?

Would she show the signs that pregnant female humans did?

Or would it be a combination of the two give that she did have elven blood in her veins.

So they kept had kept on trying.

Aria mumbled something in her sleep and snuggled closer to her husband. Legolas couldn't help but smile as his thoughts about the last ten years drifted back to the present and to what was laying in his arms. He gently brushed a kiss against her forehead before settling down to sleep as well. As he readjusted his hold on his wife, he moved his hands against her flat stomach. While his hands were against her stomach, he felt a small but steady pulse emanating from her lower abdomen. Curiously he moved his hand away, and then moved it back.

The pulse was still there.

A smile formed on his face as he placed his hand protectively against Aria's abdomen, not wanting to get his hopes up too much for he was not a healer. But he did know the best one in Middle Earth.

"Lord Elrond?"

The Rivendell Lord turned from the chart he was studying towards Legolas, who had entered his study, bright and early the next morning. "Yes, Legolas?" he said. "Is Aria any better?"

"A little, but I need you to examine her."

"Examine her?" he asked, a bit confused. "She told me that it was a stomach ailment."

"I think that she might be pregnant."


Legolas went on to explain what had taken place the night before when he was holding her and how they had been trying for a family.

"If she is pregnant then this could explain this sickness," Elrond said.

"It would?"

"It's a human sign of pregnancy. Some women just have it in the mornings. But some have it more often, like Aria is. Now let's go find out, shall we?"

Aria's eyes flew open as she stumbled out of bed, into the bathroom and lurched over the basin. Coughing and wheezing for a moment, she then took several gulps of water to clean out her mouth before slowly crawling back into bed and pulling the covers back around her.

She felt horrible.

Last night she had felt a little better after a small dinner of a soup that her Ada had specially made for her. But now she just wanted to crawl under the covers of her bed and die. Where was Legolas? He could go get her Ada and perhaps he could make her better.

She heard a soft knock at the door. "Go away," she mumbled from under the covers. She heard the door open and two sets of feet walk in.

"Sorry, meleth nin. But your Ada needs to examine you." Legolas said pulling back the covers.

Aria sighed as she pushed herself up in the bed and extended her feet out as her Ada sat on the edge of the bed. Legolas moved to the other side of the bed and sat down as well.

Elrond gently ran his hands along Aria's arms, neck and upper body then moved towards her abdomen and stopped. He looked up at Legolas then moved his hands over Aria's abdomen again.

"Iell nin, this might hurt for a moment, but I just need to feel for something." Elrond said.

She nodded as Elrond began to gently poke and prod at her lower abdomen. After a few seconds, a smile crossed his face. "It is not a stomach ailment that ails you," he said placing his hand against her cheek. "You are pregnant. I would say about a month a long. So probably either right before or right after you and Legolas arrived back in Rivendell."

Tears formed in her eyes as she looked from her Ada to her husband and back. "Really?" she asked with a smile on her face.

Elrond nodded as Legolas wrapped an arm around her, pulling her close to him. He gently kissed the top of her head as she wrapped her arms around his neck and buried her face against his chest. Elrond quietly stood up from the bed and left the princely couple alone to savior the news.

"Aria?" Legolas gently asked after Elrond was gone and the door was shut.

"Yeah?" she replied lifting her tear stained face from his tunic.

"I love you and our child," he said.

"As do I," she replied pulling him close for a kiss.

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