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Night Rider

Chapter 1

Being back

Hiccup drummed his fingers on his knee, he could still feel that slightly deep ridge in his thigh. His own scar, Hiccup rolled his eyes. When could he get off this death trap? He hated planes. For many reasons. One he hated flying, two he hated flying, he rather just stick to the ground. This plane was especially big, it was also a cargo plane. So it was also holding all of his belongings. The in flight movie was boring him, it was some raunchy comedy making racist jokes. The pilot's voice binged on the intercom, explaining that the plane would be landing in ten minutes and to fasten their seat belts. Hiccup sighed in relief he could finally get off soon, 7 hour flight with no stops took a toll on him. He had recently been studying in Canada but was now returning for the last year and a half to his home town. Berk. Yeah jet leg for sure. Hiccup stared out the small window that revealed the ground coming closer and closer. Unknowingly Hiccup's grip on the arm rest tightened. The plane lined up to the landing strip and every plane crash scenario and crash scenes from moves flashed before his eyes. Hiccup gulped as the plane gracefully landed and turned for the bordering dock. The familiar message of "Be careful of your overhead storage for your items may have shifted during the flight"

"and knock you, the fuck out" Hiccup added. He had seen that on his way to Canada. Some man's suite case slipped out of the straps and conked him on the head, he only got a concussion, the guy was fine. Hiccup grabbed his satchel and Back pack. Everyone shuffled through airport security looking for their loved ones. Not Hiccup. He was more concerned about a certain crate of his. At the site of it, Hiccup rushed over to it. Hiccup unlocked the thick pad lock and peered inside. It was okay. Perfectly fine no damage.

"IS THAT A SCRATCH" Oh boy. Hiccup rushed over to see the damage to his precious cargo. It was alright just a light scratch nothing he couldn't fix when he got home. Hiccup backed out of his crate and re locked the padlock. He adjusted the strap of his bag that held his laptop and electronics. He looked around for his father. Subconsciously he started rubbing his arm. His fingers feeling the sensation of the fabric of his favorite green shirt. He always had that habit. Rubbing his arm when he was nervous. Why did his father order his back so suddenly? BC was a wonderful place to get into his environmental groove. He actually had some friends too. A few but still friends. A giant hand clasped down on Hiccups' shoulder, almost buckling under the weight. Hiccup turned to see his father with a slight smile on his face. Mostly covered by his big bushy red beard.

"Ahh son you're finally back home!" his loud voice chuckled in celebration. Hiccup weakly laughed when his father caught site of the crate. "What's in here?" Stoic asked. Hiccup ran in front of the crate.

"Uh um Nothing just um stuff, delicate stuff!" Hiccup stumbled over his own words. Stoic thought nothing of it as he picked up the large crate with ease. Hiccups jaw dropped. As he followed his father out of the airport lobby. Standing outside was Gobber, Stoics oldest friend, and Hiccups godfather. Hiccup smiled at the sight of the beefy man. The blonde handle bar mustache was longer and tied my several bands. His artificial leg had changed too. Gobber invented different designs of artificial limbs and such, to be more efficient in a human's daily activity. He created a metal hand that has the general shape and concept of a real hand. Gobber never told Hiccup how he lost his leg or his hand though. Must have had something to do with when he and Stoic were in a biker gang together. Hiccup ran forward to give his godfather a hug. Gobber laughed as the thin boy ran forward.

"Ahh Hiccup, how've ya been, Still as scrawny as before I see." Gobber joked as he ruffled Hiccups hair. Hiccup smiled up at him. It had been what seven years since he had seen him? Hiccup couldn't remember, but he was happy to see him. Hiccup shook his head and fidgeted with his shaggy brown hair till it was in place.

"What are you kidding me? Look at all..this" Hiccup motioned to his body and laughed. It's true he had never been that big, probably because of his vegetarian diet and not enough protein. Stoic patted Hiccups backed and lugged the giant crate to a big, gas guzzling truck. Hiccup almost had a heart attack from his father's affections. But didn't say anything. Hiccup awkwardly got into the back seat the truck. Leather seats, fur line seat belt covers and an ash tray with his father's pipe. The smell brought back pleasant childhood memories for Hiccup. Stoic stepped in the truck as well as Gobber. As soon as Hiccup's father turned the key he could tell the truck used Diesel. 'Expensive man' Hiccup thought to himself. The ride to his father's home wasn't so bad. Gobber and Stoic talked occasionally throwing Hiccup a question or two about Canada. It was all fine until the subject of School came up.

"So you'll be going to a local high school in Berk nothing fancy like usual but of course there will still be uniforms. Tomorrow with talk with the councillors about what courses you want to take and which ones you've already completed back in Canada. But don't worry about making new friends son. Lots of your friends already go to Berk High School." Hiccup nearly choked on the water he was drinking. Friends? What friends? The only friends he had were back in BC! CANADA! How he missed, Owen, Shirley and Thomas. But what friends was he talking about?

"Um dad? I don't know what you mean by 'Lots of my friends' All of my friends were in James Corridons private Academy. I don't know anyone here really..." Hiccup mumbled the last part. Gobber gave Hiccup a look of Sympathy. Gobber already knew that Hiccup would have a hard time adjusting back to Berk's ways. But Stoic just gave a hardy laugh that shook his beard.

"Don't you worry Hiccup, you'll make lots of new friends. And maybe a special lady friend." Gobber grinned. 'How is that possibly? The only girl I could talk to was Shirley, that only because she was an outcast like Hiccup. Twin braids of red hair, mud colored eyes, braces, scrawny figure. Only girl Hiccup could talk too. Besides he is shrimpy and not athletic, how was he even going make an impression on anyone? "I bet you're wonderin' how? Well you'll be working at me shop! Gobber's BuffnBody Shop! Nice ring to it eh? I started it up about year after you left, it uh. Would give me something to put me mind to" Gobber blushed. Hiccup smiled at his Mentor.

"Come on Gobber you're treatin' em like he is scared of them. It's not like anything bad is gonna happen!" Stoic rolled his eyes.

"Ya, look how well that turned out." Gobber said flatly. That shut Stoic up. "Now Hiccup at me shop I've prepared your own room for all inventin' needs. I saw your report card and apparently you got a knack for it." Hiccup blushed. His father didn't really care about that side of him but Gobber did. Gobber nodded his head out to the big create in the back and mouthed 'Yours?' hiccup nodded silently. Gobber smiled and turned back to his friend in the driver's seat. Hiccup knew Gobber won't get too curious, it wasn't his nature.

"So...Let's go out for Dinner!" Stoic suggested.

After getting all of Hiccups stuff in his room and a clean change of clothes, Hiccup was standing in his mirror on the back of the door. He had changed into blue jeans but kept his green shirt on but added a short sleeve unbuttoned brown shirt on top. Hiccup looked around the room, good thing it was the holidays, he could organize this after the meeting with the councillor. Hiccup thumped down the stairs ready to go. He saw his father at the door talking with someone. Hiccup stopped mid step. Not knowing really what to do, Hiccup awkwardly stood there, waiting for his father to call him door. The front door closed and Hiccup trotted down the stairs with a smile on his face.

"Hey dad, uh who was at the door?" Hiccup asked.

"All ready? Let's go." Hiccups father opened the door. Hiccup's question was totally ignored. "Gobber will be waiting for us at the Dragons Den, come on now" Stoic motioned him to the door, Hiccup took a moment to look at the house, he barely recognized it. Hiccup had never gone for holidays, Stoic usually just sent him a card with some money. Money that he spent wisely. The mocha brown drapes hung in the living room as a bear skin rug lay on the floor. Everything was hard wood flooring, expensive for most but not for Hiccups father. Stoic a head of company Hiccup didn't know of at all, he only knew is that he had a thick wallet. Hiccup noticed a particular tapestry, it was from viking times by the way it was woven. It showed a mighty green dragon that took down many a foe, a brave female viking looked as if she was taking it on. Hiccup realized why his father had that particular tapestry. The woman looked exactly like Hiccups mother. Without any further thoughts Hiccup scampered out the door and into the environmental hazard truck.

Hiccup fidgeted as he sat in the red booth at the Dragons nest restaurant, why was he so uncomfortable here? Stoic gave a hardy laugh to Gobbers stories as they waited for service. Finally a waitress came by with a note pad ready to take orders. Stoic seemed to recognize the girl as she bent down and gave him a hug.

"What will it be today Stoic?" She asked. Her name tag read 'Astrid' and Hiccup felt like he had met her before. Her blonde hair was pulled into a braid and her bangs were died black. "Your usual?" Stoic nodded as Astrid wrote it down like lighting, Gobber gave her his order and she turned to see Hiccup.

"Astrid this is my son Hiccup, you remember him right?" he asked a large grin on his face. Hiccup finally made eye contact with her, Astrid froze momentarily before she blinked a few times and regained her composer. "Hiccup you remember Astrid right?" Now it was Hiccups turn to freeze, he could remember the little girl he used to go to school with, especially one little light kiss on the lips on a dare. Hiccup shook his head.

"No, I can't say I do, sorry" he fibbed. Gobber patted him on the back. "Um...what kind of salads do you have here?" Stoic and Astrid both gave him a look.

"Is he joking?" Astrid asked. Hiccup shook his head. "Well we have the tuna salad, the chicken salad, the vegan salad-"

"The Vegan Salad please" Hiccup stopped her. "With a coke." he added sheepishly. Astrid wrote down his order and proceeded to walk away, but not before stealing on last glance at the boy 'He's probably just visiting' the sad thought bubbled in her mind. 'He won't be here that long' Astrid left her train of thought. Hiccup chewed on his cheek, why did he lie? He felt horrible now, the look on her face had said a million words.

It was Monday, the day he feared since he got to Berk. Hiccup peeled back his nice warm blanket and changed his clothes. He looked at himself in his bedroom mirror, at least the sweater was green. Hiccups uniform consisted of a beige pair of dress pants, a white dress shirt with a red tie and a green sweater over top. Go Vikings! Hiccup scowled at his reflection for a few moments before heading down stairs. His dad was already gone, that was depressing. Hiccup walked into the kitchen for some breakfast before school. The only vegetarian food he could find was some crackers, orange juice and a granola bar. He sighed and wished he could've stayed back in Canada. He was in his groove there, happy with some friends that thought he was cool. No doubly here he would not be cool. Hiccup ate his small breakfast and snatched up his wallet, hopefully there would be a convince store near the school.

Astrid crossed her arms over her chest, scowling at her friends that didn't believe her. Fishlegs seemed more upset at the fact that she would make up such a mean joke.

"I'm telling you guys I saw him! He was with his father and Stoic even said it was him! Why would I make that up?" her foot began tapping in annoyance. Snotlout groaned and slammed his fist down on the table, getting fed up with the conversation.

"Look if he was back then my parents would've been told so I would've been told. I haven't heard a word so I highly doubt it was him." Lout retorted. It was his cousin they were talking about anyway, so of course he would've been told. But Astrid was there and knew what happened. But these idiots wouldn't believe her. Astrid cracked her knuckles threateningly and gave her best tough expression.

"I know what I saw Lout," She said through clenched teeth. Ready to pound the numskull into the ground. Walking out from the street was him, the one she was trying to convince everyone that he was visiting. But he was wearing a school uniform, did that mean he was back for good? Astrid sat down "Just forget about it" she growled. No one else notice him pass them, why would they? He looked like any normal scrawny teenager. Slouching while he walked, head phones in and a satchel. He blended in with the others. Astrid eyed him entering the school as the bell rang, she wondered what class he would be in. Astrid, Lout, Ruff, Tuff and Fish were all in the same class. So him being in her homeroom is a chance on 1 to 100000. No chance at all. Astrid sighed and walked with the rest of her friends to class. The busy hallways filled with pushing and grumpy, sleep deprived teenagers, some a little more cranky than others. Astrid pushed through to room 126c and slumped into the classroom. She slid into her desk at the back of the room, her binder and now being used as a pillow. Let's face it, Mrs. Zippleback didn't give a shit if Astrid failed or not. Which she was, and most of her classes. Except art, right now that was the only class she was good at. Snotlout was texting his newest girlfriend of the week. Tuff was on her other side, his feet up on the desk and earbuds plugged in. Ruff sat in fourth row next to the window, writing something in a poetic form of something that caught her eye like usual. Fish sat next to the door at the front of the class, finishing a book. Other students began filling in the other seats in till the second bell rang. The seat to Bethany Churchil, also known as big boobed Beth was still empty. Just like it had been since the beginning of the year. There was always an empty desk in every classroom. Astrid plugged in headphones and let her music blast. stood in front of the blackboard at the head of the class.

"Today class we have a new student today. Don't eat him alive on the first day! Come in," She called to the door. The class door opened and a scrawny chestnut haired kid stood at the front of the class. Although he was thin he was pretty tall. His face sprinkled lightly with freckles and shaggy hair. His emerald eye had slightly dark circles under them. "Please welcome our new student uh...I'm sorry what was your name again?" The boy rubbed his arm nervously, Astrid looked and gasped silently.

"My name is Hiccup Haddock" he gulped. Five students froze at the name. smiled and gave a short laugh.

"Okay, so tell us a little about yourself Hiccup" she prodded him on.

"Uh, well um I used to live here but I went to a private school in Canada for about seven years. That's about it" he avoided eye contact with everyone. motioned him to sit in the empty desk next to Bethany. Immediately Beth did her welcoming the new guy thing. Astrid watched as Hiccup gave a quick glance to her chest, before smiling and talking. Astrid rolled her eyes and went back to her morning nap. The bell rung when Astrid opened her eyes again, a few papers were set on her desk. Astrid shoved them in her bag and tromped off to her next class.

Hiccup was taken around Bethany Churchil, the girl with the really, really big boobs. She had this high bleach blonde bouncing ponytail that bobbed when she walked. The two chatted as the period before lunch approached. Bethany walked to him to the mechanics room and waved him off. Hiccup smiled inwardly as he entered the classroom. Knowing this would definitely be his most favorite class this year. Hiccup sat at a stool next to a metal desk while wiped his hands clean, not that it helped much. The second bell for the class rung. Hiccup noticed several cars with open hood, sitting there, waiting at attention.

"Okay you bunch of hot heads let's see if you got what it takes to take Mechanics 30. I'll ask for five volunteers, and those five will go to a car and try to find and fix the problem with it. First to complete this, gets a prize. Last cleans up shop by themselves. Anyone wanna volunteer?" Four hands raised, but no one else. Hiccup bravely raised a hand and stepped forward with the rest. Silent snickers rippled through the class. gave him a look before continuing on "Okay bean sprout you get the blue Nixon." Hiccup nodded and stood by the car, Mr. Gronkle gave his directions to the others and pulled out a stop watch. As soon as he gave the signal Hiccup snatched up tools and peeked into engine hood. Several detached pistons and a broken turbine. Hiccup rescrewed the pistons in under three minutes and took out the turbine. He re-tuned and fixed the accelerator. Hiccup carefully placed it back and tightened it. Hiccup wiped the sweat off his brow and closed the hood, watched as Hiccup started the car that gave off a perfect purr. rubbed his fat hairy chin and eyed Hiccup. Watching him with his beady eyes.

"What's your name?" he asked, the stink of smoke with a bit of booze oozed off of him. Hiccup gulped nervously, why was everyone staring at him?

"H-hiccup sir, Hiccup Haddock" he felt sweat run down the back of his neck. "Apprentice to Gobber Belch-" Gronckle held up a fat sausage fingered hand.

"Don't need your life story boy, but it does explain a few things," he grumbled. "Since you won you can have a 15 dollar gift card to Flame beans coffee shop" He flicked the plastic card to him. Hiccup fumbled but caught it.

"T-thank you sir," he stuttered again.

"Don't thank me just yet. Now get to your seat!" Gronckle demanded.

The lunch bell finally rang for Hiccup, his stomach demanding to be fed. He fumbled with his lock combination before finally opening his locker to drop his books in. He turned around just get pushed over by a guy with blonde dread locks being chased by a girl with three braids. Cursing him for being a coward as Hiccup pulled himself from the ground just to get knocked back down as she pushed him aside. Hiccup rubbed his head and stood up again and headed for the front doors, he didn't know a thing about the cafeteria lunch menu so it was best not to chance it. As Hiccup walked down the stones steps he felt a rough push that caused him to stumble down the stairs, almost falling on his face. He turned to see his cousin Sebastian, or as his friends called Snotlout.

"Hey screw up whatcha doin' back here? We don't expect losers here so get lost!" He snickered. Several random people laughed along with him. Hiccup rolled his eyes and continued walked away to find a Max store or a quick stop. Low and behold Hiccup came across a seven eleven. His stomach snarled at him, demanding to be fed something. A familiar ding went off as he entered the door, alerting the cashier that a customer was present. A girl with shoulder length violet red hair with copper highlights briefly looked up from her magazine before looking back down. Hiccup couldn't recognize her, she looked to be about his age. He quickly scampered to the sandwich section, looking for something that didn't have an animal in it. He came across a ham n' cheese with mayo and picked up. What? He wasn't vegan, only a vegetarian. Besides, he liked eggs, they give you protein and energy for the day. He picked up the most colorful salad he could find and a coke. As he approached the counter he eyed a chocolate bar, he bit the inside of his cheek. His weakness! He swiped the Hershey's chocolate bar and headed for the counter. The cashier stood up straight and slide her magazine out of the way. A gold name tag "Key" written onto it. Her forest green eyes eyed him as he put everything on the counter.

"So what's the name stranger, I know everyone in this town and I haven't seen you before" She scanned his sandwich.

"H-hiccup, Hiccup Haddock" he stuttered. Why was he nervous, she was just a cashier. Key stopped, her eyes wide as she stared at him for a moment.

"You're Hiccup? Stoic's son, Stoic the CEO of V-comp. That red bearded guy with the fat ass wallet?" she asked. Hiccup nodded as she scanned the salad "You're the infamous Hiccup, wow. So what's little richy boy buying a lunch from here then?" Key bagged his items as he pulled out a twenty.

"Only place I know where I can vegetarian diet lunch from. I just moved back here after a long time so I don't know what's around here." She nodded and handed him his change.

"Makes sense, you should probably get back, lunch ends at one and you still gotta get there and eat kid." The cashier advised him. Hiccup nodded and waved her off, she smiled and turned back to her magazine.

Hiccup wondered how she knew about him. He figured most people would've forgotten him, Hiccup was never the kid to stand out. He was a side liner, never attracting attention to himself. Except that one time...Hiccup grimaced, he really shouldn't think about it.

As Hiccup approached the schoolyard again, a new problem appeared. Where the hell was he going to sit and eat this? It was a really nice day out so it would be a shame to eat inside, but he didn't know anyone except for is jerk cousin. He sighed as he pasted the chain link fence and paused. He observed the ground to make sure nothing would make him look stupid if he stood up. Hiccup sat on the ground and leaned against the metal as he pulled out the sandwich. Everyone was in a group, even he loners. They stood against the same wall and watched everyone like he was doing. The jocks looked as if they had eaten their lunch in the first five minutes and were playing extreme Frisbee. He spotted Beth who was sitting with five other girls, purses all on the table as they gossiped. Hiccup looked away when she spotted him. Beth had pointed at them turned to her friends and started laughing. He sighed as he scanned the yard again. Snotlout was sitting at a table, a bleach blonde girl with tan skin at his side. Hiccup guessed he was king popular of this school because he was at the table with all the kids who had expensive brand name clothing. Then he spotted the two kids who had accidentally pushed him in the halls. They were twins and still fighting as they kicked each other underneath the table. A husky boy with choppy blonde hair was sitting next to the female twin at the round table. Glancing occasionally at her with a hopeful gaze. Next to him was, the waitress, Astrid Hofferson. She wore a smirk on her face as the twins fought, like she was watching some comedy show. Astrid didn't wear the vest or jacket of her uniform unlike how the girl twin styled the jacket. She only had the white dress shirt and red tie with the black skirt. Astrid was laughing at something that someone had said. Hiccup felt lonely by himself as he finished the sandwich and moved onto the salad. Gobbling it down in a matter of seconds, how hungry was he anyway? He washed it down with the coke and saved the chocolate for later. Hiccup notice Snotlout leave the popular table and wrap an arm around Astrids neck, trying using his confidence to woo her. Confidence, the thing he lacked very much right now. Hiccup stood up and wiped his pants clean of grass and headed inside, not noticing several pairs of eyes follow him.

"I say he's gay." Snotlout stated. A smirk etched onto his face, he loved teasing his wimpy cousin. Tuffnut snickered in response and Ruffnut grinned.

"What evidence and or proof do you have of that?" Fish asked. His real name Francis but every since that one day at the lake when a fish had slipped into his pants everyone called him Fishlegs. He didn't mind, it sounded kinda cool to him. The twin waited for Snotlout to respond. He simply smirked and leaned over the table at Fishlegs, both hands on the table.

"Because the entire time he was Beth, he didn't once, not even glance at her tits" he sneered. Astrid rolled her eyes.

"Doesn't really mean he is gay ya know, maybe he is respectful to woman. A rare man indeed. I really hope he isn't gay at least" Ruffnut ate a piece of sushi. Not noticing the split second hurt look on Fishlegs face. Astrid nibbled on a chip as she stared at the spot on the chain link fence where Hiccup sat. Why wouldn't he just sit here? He had to at least remember one of them other than Snotlout. Snotlout was a person you wish you could forget. Astrid shuttered at the memory of the brief time she dated him. Not exactly brief, it was a month but Astrid still wished it never happened.

"Hey I thought you were seeing that one guy," Tuffnut recalled. Fish died a little inside from the news "You know the nude model" Fishlegs stood up abruptly and gathered his things. A raised eyebrow and a confused look from Ruffnut told him that he should give an excuse.

"I need to uh...go to the library and check out a book for class" he scurried off. Snotlout shrugged and Astrid smirked a little at the noticeable deflation of Ruffnut. It was quickly replaced by rage as she punched her brother in the face.

"Why would you say that!" she growled.

Fishlegs actually ended up going to the library despite that he only said that so he could escape the conversation of Ruffnuts nude model boyfriend. Fish had a hopeless crush on Ruff, for a long, long time. He was pretty sure she wasn't interested in him, he wasn't her type. Too fat and awkward for her tastes. She like built men who had loads of confidence that didn't care for reading. He felt like sulking like a child as he pushed the door to the library open. He blinked in surprise at the first thing he saw. Hiccup, picking a few books out to read. Without thinking Fish hurried over to him, hoping for a miracle. Hiccup glanced at him before turning to him with a small smile.

"Do you remember me?" Fish pointed a finger towards himself. Hiccup nodded

"How could I not, we played all the time when we were younger. Man Francis you've grown some!" Hiccup commented. A small fountain of joy went off in Fishlegs. "I'm more surprised that you remember me, I was gone for so long I thought everyone forgot about me. But at least you didn't Francis" he chuckled.

"Everyone calls me Fishlegs now, or's a long story but how could I not forget. You were my best friend since we were in diapers. I don't think there is a single person from our class who doesn't remember you. I mean who couldn't, not after that-"

"It's best if we don't talk about it," he interrupted. Seeing the hurt look on Fishlegs face he decided to add more "It brings back some pain that's why. Don't worry about it," he smiled. Fishlegs felt a giant weight lift from his chest. The two sat down at a table for the remainder of the lunch hour, chatting about that last seven years. Hiccup did leave out some things about his time in Canada, like his precious project. If any word got out about it his father would, if he heard Hiccup would have to get rid of it. The bell rang and Hiccup signed out the books, something to kick start his month here. Yes, he was giving his father a month before he sent him back to Canada. Hiccup walked out of the library after Fishlegs, a hand bashed his book out of his hands. Snotlout was in front of him, grinning like the jerk he was.

"Jeez Hiccup you're so useless. Can't even carry your own books." he mocked him. Hiccup ignored him and picked his books up and walked to his locker. He noticed the fearful look in Fishlegs eyes as he edged away from Snotlout before running shortly to be at Hiccups side. Fiddling with his fingers and stared at the ground. Hiccup pulled him out of the way before he walked into a pole.

"Don't worry about it Francis, I don't really give a crap what Snotlout does" Hiccup reassured him. Fishlegs looked up, Hiccup still used his real name.

"Call me Fishlegs, I like it better" he requested with a small voice.

"Whatever you say Fishlegs" Hiccup smiled. At least he got one friend.

Hiccup's next period was math, after parting ways with Fishlegs he wondered over to room 304f. He instantly regretted walking in the class room. The empty desk that was now going to be occupied by him, was right next to Snotlout. He silently muttered a few swears under his breath as he walked to the desk. Snotlout stuck out a foot and tripped Hiccup, catching his binder in mid air while the rest scattered.

"Have a nice trip Hiccup?" he asked sarcastically. Hiccup tried to get up again "See you next fall!" He dropped the binder on Hiccup. Hiccup face planted as the class laughed at him except for the people who didn't really care. Some nice person gathered his things from the other end of the room as he got up, rubbing his back. He slipped into his chair and thanked the person who gathered his things for him. At least when the lesson Snotlout wouldn't pester him right? WRONG! During the whole thing Snotlout would ball up paper and chuck it at Hiccups head, copy his answers and punch him in the arm. Hiccup had the patience of a saint not to snap at Snotlout for the Hour and a half of this grueling torture. When the bell rang Hiccup scurried out the door as he heard Snotlout called him loser. Hiccup felt angry at everything, he was tempted to do the thing that seniors at his old school would do. Cut class and not give a crap what the dean said. But his conscious kicked in and told him to be a good little twerp and go to science. He switched books quickly and found his next class. 711b, the number reminded him of the girl at the store. It would be best if he stocked up on his own food before going home, in case if his father decided to try and feed him meat. Hiccup braced himself and entered the classroom, unfortunately Snotlout was in there too but he was in the far back corner. Away from Hiccup so he couldn't torture him some more. Still he snickered like he had plans to humiliate him even more so. The teacher, , directed him to an empty table with two seats. Hiccup took the one next to the window. The snickering from Snotlout stopped as the teacher glared at him. Hiccup gazed out the window, viewing the green field that showed the forestry park. He wondered what kind of monstrous jerk would sit next to him this class. A knock on the door didn't pull his attention from the window. Only until the person sat down next to him while being scolded by for being late did he look away to see the brute. Against all odds and physics, a beautiful girl with Blonde hair and black streaks through it sat down next to him. She had this sparkle in her blue eyes as she unzipped her binder. She turned to him with a small smile on her lips.

"Hi, the names Astrid" she whispered. She held out a hand under the desk. Hiccup shook it, trying to think of something to say.

"I know uh I met you before in the Dragons nest, I mean I used to live here I uh my names Hiccup, I mean name! My name is Hiccup" he looked like he was about to burst. Astrid giggled a bit before turning back to the lesson, Hiccup stared at the window. Viewing her reflection in it. Neither noticed the seething Snotlout who broke his pencil in half.

" .DEAD" Snotlout growled.

Hiccup collapsed on his bed, tired beyond belief. He didn't know if he could do this for a month. He had stopped by the gas station to pick up more food but the girl from before wasn't there anymore. The day was as expected from Hiccup, with a few twists here and there but mostly right on. His stomach growled for some of the food he had just bought. Hiccup groaned and zombie walked down stairs to the kitchen. He noted the flashing light on the phone that meant a message was left. Well, it was his house. Hiccup pressed the button on the answering machine. Stoic's voice boomed through the speaker.

"Hey son, I won't be back until late tonight so fend for yourself, don't worry about me though. I'll pick up something on the way home to eat. Stoic" Hiccup erased the message and opened the fridge. He pulled out a small bottle of orange juice and whole wheat bread. He rummaged through the cupboards and found jam and peanut butter. He put everything back and wiped off the knife he used, the only one he could find that wasn't the size of a hammer was a small steak knife. The doorbell rang, to Hiccups curiosity he went to the door. Not bothering with the peep hole Hiccup opened the maroon door.

"Can I help-" He was interrupted by a water balloon to his face. But it definitely wasn't filled with water. Oatmeal and goat cheese with Yak milk. Ew. Hiccup wiped away a handful from his eyes so he could see. Just in time to see eggs flying towards him, hitting him dead on. The stench led him to believe that they were rotten. He stared annoyed at the people responsible for interrupting his snack and pelting him with eggs. Snotlout was the head of the pack and a few other brawny boys Hiccup didn't know.

"Welcome to Berk Dipstick!" Snotlout laughed as they ran for it. Hiccup growled and marched down the steps to the garden house. Cleaning away the remainder so his father wouldn't throw a fit. Hiccup sprayed himself down as well, getting most of it out. He went back inside and headed straight for the shower. Washing away, the rest of the foul balloon substance, egg and stench.

Astrid walked up to the door, Stoic had called her work and placed an order for her to get him his usual, charge his tab and deliver it to his house. He apparently was in a long business meeting and couldn't get a hold of his son. Astrid assumed the new boy was gone, sightseeing Berk, getting to know his way around. Astrid used the key Stoic gave her sometime ago and unlocked the side door. Stoic had given her that key because after knowing her so long, he knew she needed to get away from home. Somewhere safe and secure that her troubles couldn't find her. Stoic had promised that she could come in anytime to relax and get away from it all. Like a daughter to him. She slipped inside just as Hiccup turned off the water.

The chestnut haired boy had thrown his clothes in the hamper and wrapped a white towel around his waist. He grabbed another to dry his hair and left the bathroom to get to his room. Despite the fact he had been pelted with fowl foods, his stomach still yearned for a bigger meal now. His frustrated anger made even hungrier, he scowled before pausing for a moment. He was home alone, not another soul was here except him. So why not go to the kitchen in just a towel. It was his house after all.

Astrid quietly closed the door behind her out of habit. It wouldn't matter, no one was here. She walked into the kitchen placing the meal on the counter, not noticing the sandwich and juice on the other side of the kitchen. Astrid pulled out her phone and took a quick picture of the packaged meal and sent it to Stoic, showing him his food was at home and waiting. She giggled at the message he sent back saying 'You're killing me here!' Astrid stretched herself out, School had left her a tad tired, home stressed her out and work just exhausted her to the bone. It was good thing she got the order at the end of her shift. Astrid gave herself a quick sniff. Maybe a quick shower would be nice, Stoic did leave her a small bathing basket underneath the sink in the master bathroom. It wasn't like she had done it before, heck she even had a shower with Stoic in the house then watched sports with him afterwards. Stoic loved to spoil her, sometimes she did wonder why. Astrid walked out of the kitchen still holding her phone, forgetting to turn off the camera.

Hiccup trotted down the dark green carpeted steps from the second floor. Where the master bathroom was and also Hiccups room. He was still rubbing the towel at the side of his head, drying the damp hair. It looked different when wet, a dark version of red, almost a scarlet like brown. Hiccup's hair dripped droplets of water onto his shoulders. The water from the rest of his body gathered on the hard wood floor. He turned a left from the stairs swirling end banister, heading towards the kitchen. Ready to gobble down his snack and possible a little more. He stopped dead in his tracks, frozen. So did Astrid, her eyes wide and a small blush crawled on her face. She slapped her hands over her eyes, not knowing her phone took pictures of the near nude Hiccup. He dropped the towel in his hand and grew red in the ears.

"What the heck are you doing in my house?!" he asked. Astrid kept her eyes shut and waved her hand towards the kitchen counter. Clutching her phone harder with her finger tight on the camera button.

"Stoic asked me to drop his food" she sputtered.

"How did you get in? I locked both doors!" his grip tightened on the towel covering his lower regions.

"Stoic gave me a key three years ago, he lets me come here when I need to get- never mind I'm just gonna leave." Astrid kept her eyes covered and headed for the front door. When she brushed past Hiccup she jumped at the skin to skin contact, losing all footing on the wet floor. Letting her phone go, flying into the air. Hiccup tried to catch but succeeded in her grabbing his arm and getting pulled along with her. Hiccup landed on top of Astrid, groaning as he pulled himself to his hands and knees. He hovered over Astrid, trying to rid the pounding in his head.

"You alright?" he asked. Astrid hissed and clutched her head.

"Yeah I'm fine-" she stared at his body. He only looks scrawny with clothes on. Hiccup didn't have full on muscles like his father, but more of an outline of them. More defined in his abdominal, like he actually had a six pack. Astrid resisted the urge to touch. "I'd be better if you got off me though." Astrid bit her lip as he backed away. This was stupid, she was being a giggling girl again. She snatched up her phone and backed away, still trying to control her urge to look at his body. Hiccup held his towel up, keeping the region covered.

"I won't tell anyone if you don't" he promised. She nodded and turned to the door, unlocking it.

"Let's just forget this ever happened in the first place, I came dropped off the order and never saw you. Got it?" she asked, her face was scarlet. He made an audible noise and nodded. Astrid slipped through the door without another word. Hiccup leaned against the wall and slowly slipped down to the floor. Exhaling a breath that held for what seemed like centuries. Did that really just happen?

Astrid was lying in her bed after her shower, avoiding dinner by saying her was exhausted. She already hated living with her mother so dinning with her fiancée and his 16 year old daughter would be like pulling her nails out. But they weren't what had been on her mind for the past hour and a half. The Haddock boy, in a towel, alone with her in the house. Annoyingly, her lower regions heated and ached at the thought. 'Oh no you don't!' she scolded herself 'We decided that we weren't going to get like that over some guy!' she growled at her lustful self. Astrid searched for her phone in her dark room in the covers. She squinted from the bright light and adjusted to see her screen. Astrid went to her album to delete the photo of the packaged food she took to show Stoic. A little message popped up telling her she was 23 new photos. Astrid mouthed the word 'what' and started at the beginning of the pictures. The first was a picture of her thumb, she rolled her eyes and deleted the picture. The next picture that popped up was of Hiccup in a towel. Astrid stopped and stared, when did she take this? She quickly thumbed through the photos, most of them of him being flustered in that towel. The last three were shot of him hovering over her on the floor. The first two were blurred but the last was a perfect shot at ground level. Astrid felt a crack in the side of her touch screen phone. She went back to the first picture, studying it a little. A knock on her door made her react with lightening fast reflexes that require her shoving her phone under her pillow. Her soon to be step sister entered her room, Camicazi. She was in her purple silk pj's, a small pout on her face.

"Astrid why didn't you come eat with us?" She used the annoying innocent voice she likes to use whenever she wanted something. Astrid bit her tongue from saying she hated the lot of them. "Do you not like me?" She batted her eyes. 'No, I hate you here is a big difference' she thought.

"No, it was just super busy at work, they kept giving me run outs. It was packed so I just felt exhausted and took a shower. I thought it would wake me up a little bit but I'm just too tired" she lied. Camicazi bought it and started bouncing up and down as she sat on the bed.

"Hey did you know that there's this new kid at school, mom said you knew him" Astrid raised an eyebrow "I wonder if he would go out with me?" Camicazi wondered aloud. Astrid desperately held back all urges to strangle the little brat in front of her. Astrid faked a big yawn.

"You should probably go to bed, don't want to over sleep and make Phil wait for you." she gave her a light kick to get her to move. Camicazi giggled her plans to seduce the new kid. "Little whore' Astrid grumbled as she was left alone in the dark again. Immediately her hand dove under her pillow for her phone, wanting no craving to see the nearly nude Hiccup Haddock. Gods she was turning into a pervert. Astrid memorized every detail of the seductive images. Every water droplet, freckle, messed hair and fiber on the towel. she noticed how embarrassed he looked, in the mass amount of pictures except the last one. His body screamed sexy but his face, was caring, hoping she wasn't hurt. Astrid may have just found a rare gem. There was no way in hell Camicazi was seducing the poor little innocent, helpless, pure, lean, slender Hiccup. Astrid smothered her face in her pillow. What was she even thinking?

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