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Hiccup waved his friends off at the airport. He felt a pain in his chest as he watched his three friends head onto the terminal.

Owen's hand on Shirley's waist as they left.

The auburn haired young genius turned and left. Knowing full well of the round trip plane ticket in his pocket. He could get on that plane. He could leave Berk and never come back again.

But he wasn't prepared. Toothless wasn't in packaging or anything else.

Plus he had finally gotten somewhere with Astrid. Sort of.

She was...silent around him now. Ever since she went back to her mother's it was like she was avoiding him now. But trying not to.

Hiccup took the bus back into town but got off a few stops early. He wanted to drop by his favorite convenience store.

As he hoped, Key was on her shift. Her red and blonde hair curtaining over her face as her nose was stuck in a book. When the door chimed she looked up briefly before dog earing her page and closing the reading material.

"Hey Hiccup! Heard you're friends from Canada were in town" She smiled. The freckles on her face moved with it. He looked slightly confused. He never told her about his friends "It's a small town Hiccup, news gets around or witness. Like what happened with Astrid and your bike" Her green eyes gleamed with untold knowledge.

"W-what?! I thought-People know?" Hiccup sputtered until Key waved her hand for him to calm down.

"Hold your wavelength before a reaper comes for ya! I saw what happened and I don't plan on spreadin' that shit" Hiccup looked at her oddly for the way she spoke. Wavelengths and reapers wasn't commonly talked about here. "Sit" She instructed and motioned to the stool beside her.

"You really won't say anything?" He asked in a small voice.

"I won't, it isn't my business...Have you gone to police about this?" Key pulled out a water bottle and took a swig. Hiccup shook his head "Why the hell not?"

"I can't. That bike is built from scratch by me and some friends. It is a work in progress for cleaner transportation. Not to mention I also assaulted three people...Astrid also doesn't want this to go around. She's afraid it'll get twisted somehow" He admitted under Key's intense gaze. She nodded, understanding the situation.

"I bet it runs in with Phil and his bitch of a daughter"

"How did you?"

"It was a loud argument, neighbors heard and neighbors chat" Key shrugged. Hiccup sighed running a hand through his hair.

"Perfect, just perfect" Hiccup hit his knee against the counter.

Trigger the spikes of pain to electrify his nerves. Like his flesh was being slowly pulled apart and invisible finger were worming their way into his muscle tissue. "FUCK!" He swore loudly.

Key stood up and crouched down in front of him, gentle fingers lifted up his pant leg.

"What's wrong?" She asked.

"N-nothing it's just something that happens sometimes" He hissed. Key looked at him skeptically and reached inside her bag for pain relievers. Hiccup took them and swallowed them dry.

Hiccup tried to continue a normal conversation with Key but the pain was too distracting. Like a dog was chomping on his leg and winced. The pain relievers would take effect in another ten minutes hopefully. Hiccup prayed that he wasn't growing a resistance to them.

That would be the end of his life for good.

"So how is Astrid?" Key asked, watching his teeth clench and unclenched.

"Uh strange, ever since she went back to her mother's she makes excuses to not hang out but promises to do it later" Hiccup made a face of a child being scolded. Key let out a small laugh and gave him a pat on the shoulder.

It was then when Hiccup found something strange about the cashier.

As soon as she touched him

Skin to skin contact

The pain in his leg stopped

He brushed it off and just assumed the pain killers kicked in.

"She probably wants to withdraw from the world but doesn't want to harm the connection she has with you. Something traumatic as almost being raped does have its tolls on even the bravest of people Hiccup. Her mother also might want to shelter her more. Her little cub was almost harmed in a violent and medieval way. Everyone is now like that since an accident some years ago." Key watched people pass by the store through the window.

"What happened?" Hiccup asked curiously. Key gave him a surprised look before she realized he hadn't been living in Berk for a while.

"Well it had had almost ten years ago. This girl was hit with a car in a hit and run accident. She was run over twice and her pulse was like, really low. So low that the paramedics thought she was dead! But she wasn't. They put her in a body bag and drove her off to the morgue. When they cut her open they realized her heart was still beating. She died in the morgue because a fumble from the professionals. If you notice, citizens are really hard on the cops, doctors and firemen now because of it. Making them triple check if a body is really dead or not." Key revealed. Hiccup stared at her in shock.

"How old was she?" He asked.

"Maybe around my age I think 19."

"Where you in elementary school when it happened?"

"You should probably get home, you told your dad you'd only be a few hours right? It's almost three" Key pointed to the clock on the wall. Hiccup stood up and grabbed his bag. He hadn't realized he had been there so long. He bid Key a good bye and ran out.

Half way down the street Hiccup realized something was off with what she said. A fact in the matter was missing or incorrect. "I never told her when I had to be home"

School was the most fucked up it had ever been.

Mainly because of his leg

But also because of Gym class

In gym class students were given uniforms to wear which required, blue shorts for the boys and a white shirt. And for the girls red shorts that were slightly...shorter.

But that wasn't the problem.

The great benefits of being a science experiment, was the problem.

Pain was one but the other was the web like design on his leg. It looked a like a tattoo and he explained to his father numerous times that it wasn't. It was his rearranged veins.

At points Hiccup really wished they had just cut off rather than damn limb than try and save it.

"Since when do nerds get tattoos?" A voice asked. One of the many.

"What were you in a Canadian moose gang?"

"Why is it green?"

"For the love of god I'm about to kill someone" Hiccup hissed under his breath as he jogged his laps around the polished gym floors. Fishlegs was right behind him, wheezing from trying to keep up with Hiccup. He'd prefer to be working on his comics then running. But even though he was his best friend he also couldn't help the curiosity of the web like design on his friend's leg. Of course Fishlegs didn't hear Hiccups death threats over his own wheezing and panting gulps of air.

"So how did you get the tattoo? I thought your dad was super strict and stuff" Fishlegs gulped down air.

"It is not a tattoo!" Hiccup said loudly. "It's my veins!" The auburn haired boy seethed. Everyone fell silent, staring at them. Hiccup muttered an apology to his friend.

"I haven't seen veins that look like that" Fishlegs said barely. Hiccup turned and went for his bag, fed up with gym class.

"They do when you are science experiment" He left. He was not in the mood today.

Everyone stood shocked. Some feeling slightly guilty and other regarded him as a spaz. Astrid stood with the medicine ball in her hands. Looking down sadly at it.

She should have been with him instead of avoiding him.

Hiccup gingerly touched the webbing veins on his leg as he sat in the hall, he had changed in the bathroom. 'I'm a freak' Hiccup thought to himself and sighed.

"Hiccup!" A voice called for him, he looked up to see Ruffnut.

"Dude you like, ditched gym class" She flicked a thick braid behind her. Hiccup shrugged and pulled down his pant leg but Ruff stopped him. "Lemme see it" Her big eyes shone with wonder and he pulled the garment up again.

Ruffnuts eyes widened "That is so cool Hic"

"Don't call me that" He said flatly.

"Okay Harold"

"Why Harold?"

"Because you're acting like one"

"I act like a Harold?" Hiccup rolled his eyes and traced the veins on his leg. The doctors said the vein formations might spread up his body, meaning his whole body would submerge in violent pain at random and he'd look like he'd been in prison for some time. He didn't need old lady's thinking he was a full time thug and ready to rob them of their purses filled with nasty hard candy. No, Hiccup would rather be seen as a white nerd named 'Harold' or something like that. Ruffnut was had pulled out a sketch book and was drawing base. Hiccup remembered the days where he was a kid and his friends now had picked on him relentlessly. But things he had never been there had matured them, made them grow inside without him. Tuffnut, the destructive ball of mischief had turned into a laid back man who actually like to read thick volumes of philosophy. Although he'd never admit, he kept with the image of a rocker. Band T-shirts and beanies, heavy metal music and booming headphones. His sister, his mischief counterpart, had become more...introverted to herself but she was social. Hiccup felt like it was fake though. Ruffnut always had her sketchbook faithfully by her side. She liked to draw more and play pranks less, an up and coming artist. Fishlegs had also taken more to the artistic side. Taking his geekiness to a new level with his comics and conventions. Astrid had changed in many ways but also stayed the same. She used to be invincible to him, like a god that couldn't her touched. But he had touched her, he saw her fear and he touched her-

All brain function stopped in Hiccups head. He now knew why Astrid had been the way she was the past while. It was because he touched her after she had been hurt. All because he was an idiot and didn't think of her, just what would feel good at the time.

"I think dumbass would be appropriate right now" Hiccup grumbed to himself. "Don't you have class?" Hiccup scowled at Ruffnut.

"Nope, I'm on spare buddy!" She chirped, tapping the pencil to the paper to the tune of something. "So Astrid tells me you play guitar" This light idle chit chat was going to kill him soon. But Hiccup nodded and stared at the lockers. His mind almost ready to wander...

Until it happened again

Fingers worming under his skin, tearing at his muscles and pinching veins. The pain consumed his leg, his fleshed limb turning pink from the below the surface attack on his nerves. Fire set to the spider web veins and chomped away at him. Tight lipped and cheek biting he tried not to say a word. Standing up wouldn't be an option, in fact, standing made it worse than anyone would believe. He couldn't even wiggle his damn toes from the pain.

"Hiccup your veins are throbbing!" Ruffnut gasped.


They throbbed? How come in all his years he never noticed that before?


*Avoids all of the objects being thrown at her*

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