Just a small one-shot of what I (and many others) wished would have happened at the end of Shiva. And I know Shmeil would most likely say his line in Hebrew but I cannot find the translation.
Disclaimer: I do not own NCIS or its characters, if so I would have Ziva and Tony together a long time ago.

You Are Not Alone

He held her tight in an embrace, wishing he would never have to let go but knowing that it wasn't possible. All he wanted was to take the hurt away. To protect her from all harm, even though he knew that he most likely would get the barrel of a gun pointed to his head. Pulling her close, he moved his lips to her ear.

"Aht lo leh-vahd" he whispered and he saw the cornders of her mouth curve up just slightly.

"I know" she replied before turning on her heels and walking toward where Shmeil was standing next to the plane.

He knew it was wrong to think of her like that during such a painful time for her… for all of them, but he couldn't help but think that even when sad, she was the sexiest woman in the world. He didn't now what he was saying and before he could stop himself the words were out of his mouth.

"Ani ohev otakh" She paused, standing in place for minutes before turning around and walking slowly back over to her partner. She looked up at him with bambi eyes and he smiled, cupping her face as she leaned in to kiss him. Just before their lips were about to touch she looked at him

" Ani ohevet otkha Tony" She whispered. "And thank you"

He smiled pulling her in and enclosing the space between their lips.

Shmeil looked over at the young couple. "Its about damn time" He whispered before boarding the aircraft that was to take him and Ziva to Tel-Aviv.