Kitten Love Chapter 1:


Kisshu was walking around Tokyo at night. He had been having a bad day, and finally went to Earth to cool off. I know Pai has a crush on Fish-girl, so why doesn't he understand my love for Ichigo? Kisshu thought.

Flashback: Kisshu came back from another fight with the Mews to find an irritated Pai waiting for him. "WHY can't you ever win?" Pai asked exasperatedly. "Just get over the cat Mew, and we'll be able to take over the planet!"

"I can't get over her; I love her!" Kisshu shouted back. "And I know that you and Taruto have crushes on Fish-girl and Monkey-girl, so don't start on the 'All the Mews are evil' thing with me! The only ones we don't like are Mint and Zakuro."

"I will do my duty to Deep Blue regardless of feelings," Pai said sternly. "I suggest you do the same, or you'll get yourself exiled. Besides, Mew Ichigo doesn't even like you!"

Kisshu punched Pai in the face, and said, "I'm going to find a way to make her love me the way I love her. Then you'll see that I was right the whole time. And you should know by now that working for Deep Blue is getting us nowhere fast. Why don't you just give it up, Pai?"

"I will not leave our people to die!" Pai said. "You're a fool, Kisshu."

Kisshu snarled, then teleported back to Earth, making sure to temporarily disable the tracking device he knew Pai had on him. He had discovered it a long time ago, but just didn't tell Pai. Now he could disable it any time he wanted to.

When he landed in an alleyway, he realized it was nighttime, which meant he didn't have to deal with a lot of humans.

Back to real time: Kisshu was just wandering, letting his feet take him wherever, when he heard a small mewing sound. It sounded like something was crying. Deciding that it didn't sound dangerous, Kisshu walked cautiously over to the sound, which was coming from behind a bench. He found a small black kitten with a bow on its tail crying, and knelt down next to it. The kitten opened its eyes, and Kisshu was startled to see that it had hot pink eyes. Deciding that with a pink bow on its tail, it was probably a girl, Kisshu said, "Hi kitty, why were you crying?"

The kitten looked a bit wary, and Kisshu said gently, "I'm not going to hurt you. Did someone abandon you?"

The kitten nodded sadly and let out a small 'myuu'. Kisshu felt sorry for her, and said, "I'll take you home, k?"

The kitten started looking wary again. "I meant my home, I don't know where you lived before you got abandoned," Kisshu said.

The kitten sighed sadly. Kisshu picked her up, and said, "Come on, let's go." He teleported back to the ship, cradling the tiny kitten in his arms.

Pai and Taruto were waiting when he teleported in, and the kitten squeaked. "Kisshu, why did you bring a cat here?" Pai sighed.

"Someone abandoned her, and I heard her crying, so I brought her back," Kisshu said. "What should I name her?"

"Just name her Ichigo," Pai groaned. Then he started muttering something that sounded a lot like, "Why did I get stuck with someone who brings home strays?"

Taruto looked intrigued, and said, "Can I pet her?"

"Be gentle," Kisshu said. Taruto floated up to pet the kitten, who looked nervous. Taruto reached out and gently scratched behind her ears, and she relaxed a bit, then started purring. Taruto floated back, startled. Kisshu chuckled. "Cats make that noise when they're happy," he said. He looked down at the kitten. "I think I'll call you Ichi," he said. "Are you hungry?"

'Ichi' nodded. Kisshu teleported to the ship's kitchen, and got out a bowl, then poured some milk into it. Ichi came over and started lapping up the milk hungrily. Soon she was done, and Kisshu picked her up again. Then he teleported again, and they landed in a large room that was painted dark green. Actually, the whole room was pretty green. There was a window looking out at space with olive green curtains, the bedspread was forest green, and the pillowcases and sheets were spring green. There was also a large emerald green sofa against one wall.

Kisshu gently put Ichi down on the bed, and watched as she curled up for a nap. Realizing he was pretty tired too, Kisshu stripped off his shirt, and took his boots off. Then he carefully moved Ichi over, and climbed under the covers. Ichi was sleeping already, but she snuggled up to Kisshu in her sleep, puzzling him. Then he remembered something about cats being attracted to the warmest thing in the room, and figured that Ichi was cold. He sighed and let her snuggle as he too fell asleep.

Halfway through the night, Kisshu sat bolt upright, having had another nightmare about Ichigo dying. Ichi looked up as Kisshu buried his face in his hands, breathing hard. Finally he took his face out of his hands, and looked at Ichi. "I guess I can tell you," he said softly. "I keep dreaming about Ichigo dying. Ichigo's the girl I love. I wish she didn't hate me, though. I love her with all my heart, but she doesn't get it." Kisshu sighed. "I wish the dreams would go away," he said softly. "It's never the same beginning twice, but they all end the same- with Ichigo dead, and me not able to do a thing about it. I hate feeling that helpless. What good am I if I can't even save the one person I love the most?"

Ichi mewed sadly. Kisshu looked at her, and sighed. "I guess it's kind of pointless to ask someone who probably doesn't understand emotions the way I do," he said. "Although I don't really know what kind of emotions cats have." He laid back down, and watched as Ichi walked over. He was startled when she licked his cheek, but then realized that as usual after a nightmare, he was crying. "I suppose that tastes good?" he asked Ichi sadly.

Ichi stopped licking up his tears and looked at him innocently. Then she curled up next to his pillow, and went back to sleep. Kisshu eventually did the same.

The next morning, Kisshu woke up early to train, and left Ichi sleeping on his bed. Unfortunately, he left the door open, and when Ichi woke up and found him gone, she decided to explore the ship.

Ichi's POV: Well, at least Kisshu hasn't figured out who I really am. Still, I need to get back to the other Mews, and my parents are probably worried sick. It's only a matter of time before one of the aliens realizes that I'm really Mew Ichigo, and then I'll be done for. It's interesting to know that Kisshu actually does love me, but I can't leave the Earth to them. Even though Masaya dumped me. And he didn't even have a reason, he just said, "Get out of my life", and left. I guess Kisshu was right about him.


Suddenly Ichigo noticed Pai heading her way, and flinched. She found him very scary, despite the fact that she knew he had a thing for Lettuce, and that the feeling was more than mutual. She only got more scared when Pai started heading her way. "How did you get out?" he asked her.

Ichigo tilted her head to one side. Pai smacked his forehead. "Stupid Kisshu, probably left his door open again," he muttered. Then he teleported off, much to Ichigo's relief. She decided to keep exploring.

Eventually she came to a room painted orange. She walked in, and saw that one wall was plastered in pictures of Pudding. I guess this is Taruto's room, she thought. Then she noticed that Taruto was on the bed. He appeared to be fiddling with something. On closer inspection, it appeared to be a candy drop. I guess Pudding gave him candy, Ichigo thought. She was about to leave, when she heard Taruto mutter, "Pai's never going to understand me or Kisshu. He should just give up on Deep Blue. We all know he's not intending to help us, but does Pai care? No. He's turning into a puppet. One of these days….." The rest Ichigo couldn't understand, so she left, and continued down the hall. She looked into a room, and was surprised to see Kisshu fighting a Chimera Anima. He was moving so fast he wasn't visible at times. Soon the Anima was destroyed, and Kisshu landed, breathing hard. If he can fight like that, why doesn't he when he's fighting us? Ichigo wondered. Suddenly she remembered Kisshu talking about how much he loved her last night. He doesn't actually want to kill me, she thought. He's going easy on us, even though he could have killed us a long time ago. He must really love me if he's doing that. Maybe I should have thought of this sooner. I wonder what it would be like, if I gave Kisshu the chance he's always hoped for. I know Ryou would have a fit, but he hates me anyways, he can't hate me anymore than he does now.

Suddenly she noticed Kisshu was heading for the door. He came out, and looked shocked to see her there. "Ichi? What are you doing here?" he asked. Ichigo looked at him innocently. Kisshu facepalmed. "I left that door open, right?" he asked. Ichigo nodded. Kisshu sighed. Then he picked her up and teleported back to his room. He put her on the bed, and said, "Stay there, I'm going to take a shower. I'll get you something to eat when I'm done."

Ichigo nodded, and curled up for a catnap. Kisshu smiled slightly, and went to take a shower.

Okay, another new idea. I don't exactly know where this will go, but it should be fun!