A/N: I just watched the Doctor's Daughter. I wrote this while I was sobbing

She remembered the pain in his eyes as he held her, trying so hard to smile as she died. The bullet wound had been aching but part of her, the soldier, welcomed it. The rest of her screamed that she wasn't meant to die, that she could be more, have more, as her father promised her that they could go anywhere and he'd let her choose. She had wanted it so much back then.

It was cold and the blonde watched as her breath formed clouds in front of her as she waited for the chips. It was her turn for the food run. She thought as she waited, arms folded as she tucked her hands under her arms for the warmth. She loved the running, she really did, but it always felt like she was running from the one person she wanted to find. She wouldn't let that happen, she wouldn't let him go. She needed her father, he was the only person she had.

He thought she was dead and she couldn't blame him for leaving. She didn't try to find him at first, so convinced that the best thing to do was to help other people. Maybe they'd run into each other on some planet somewhere. She thought he'd be proud of her for taking after him but after a while she realised something. He'd never know. He'd never even know she was alive.

It took a long time but she did it, she made it to Earth. Some of those places she went to on the way spoke of her father, talking about how he saved them and every time he heard she smiled. He was always saving people and he probably always would be. Some of the stories about him confused her but she filed them all away, resolving to figure it out when she found him.

She was so lucky to find a helping hand when she landed. He didn't just want to help, he could help and she clung to that. He knew her father, knew enough about his routines to promise her that he'd show up down in that plaza one day in his TARDIS. So she waited and worked with the constantly flirtatious man to help protect the Earth from aliens. It was almost like home after a while but something was always missing.

She could never bring herself to tell him the Doctor was her father. She felt guilty but she knew she couldn't answer all the questions even if she wanted to. She was a child of the machine but she didn't understand it, not enough. She was an anomaly, a generated anomaly. That's where Donna had got her name.

It took years for him to come back. She was starting to think the man with his amazing and disconcerting ability to never die had been wrong when she heard it. He had told her a million times what that sound was which wasn't surprising considering how often she asked. She had waited so long that for a second she froze, so shocked that she almost forgot she needed to run.

She took off, gloved hands clenched tightly into fists as she bolted down the plaza towards the little blue box that hadn't been there earlier. A lot of things had changed in Cardiff since the last time the Doctor had been there but the plaza was still relatively intact. A few shops had opened, a few had closed, but overall it was the same place. Her mind raced through these irrelevant thoughts as she ran, watching the door open and light spill out as a man pulled on a trench coat.

She didn't wait for him to see her, she couldn't, lunging forward and throwing her arms around him as she felt tears burning at her eyes. It was really him. She'd done it, she'd found him after all these years and she wasn't letting him go, not now. He was stiff as a board in her embrace and she pulled back, eyes shining with happiness.

"Hello dad."

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