~Author's note~

Since this is my first time writing on please tell me if I'm doing alright or if I need to fix something up. Thank you! And this chapter will first tell you a little about my main character Skye then it will go straight into the story, she had just transferred into Raimon Junior High but has already caused havoc which resulted to the Raimon gang and herself to be transported to an alternate dimension. This is an ALTERNATE UNIVERES STORY! Thank you!

Name : Hatake Skye (Last, First)

Age : 13

Gender : Female

Appearance : Her uniform is different than the other first year girls, as she does not wear the orange/yellow or pink bow but wears a dark orange tie which hangs loosely around her neck, and instead of the grey/blue plaid skirt she wears plain black shorts reaching her knees, she has a black wrist watch on her right arm, and has a dog tag hidden under her white polo shirt, she wear's the male school shoes along with her uniform and changes into the white shoes for indoors. She has large dark brown eyes resembling black hidden behind dark brown bangs, her hair style is like Kirino's but her hair is much shorter and the hair colour was slightly darker than her eyes. She also wears glasses when she reads but no one really noticed because of her hair. She also has a black jacket with white stripes on the collar (Just imagine the Raimon Aoi's jacket but black instead of the pink)

Personality : Skye is rather quiet the only thing known, would be the fact she doesn't trust people easily and she doesn't get annoyed or angered as easily as most people would. Not much else is known about her personality if you want to find out, read the story please.


~Skye's P.O.V~

Laughter rung throughout the dark space, I was running forward trying to follow the sound but to no avail. "What's going on?!" I shouted as I continued to run. A bright flash of light broke me out of my thoughts as I shielded my brown orbs from the incoming light. "Skye-chan let's go out and play!" I heard a voice which sounded so familiar "Kyousuke-san?" Am I going crazy? It's been over 6 years since I saw Kyousuke-san and Yuuichi-sempai.

"Skye-chan come on lets go play soccer!" Another voice called out. "Yuuichi-sempai?" I kept running even though I couldn't see because of the light. I called their names again and again, but I guess they didn't hear me.

I awoke to the sound of my alarm go off, I sat up and clonked the soccer ball shaped analog clock and stretched. What a strange dream, maybe just maybe I should stop by the hospital to check on him…. I had been thinking to myself as I got ready for my first day at Raimon Junior High.

It was around 7:50 in the morning, I had taken the long way from my apartment in order to go to school. I was currently walking past the soccer field I glanced over briefly as I walked by. All I saw was an incoming soccer ball.

Quickly jumping on my hands I lifted off and kicked the ball towards the goal. And a hyperactive goalie. "Sugoi!" I had jumped back on my feet and stared at the boy sitting on the ground. Did he hit his head on the pole or something? I began thinking without realizing said boy ran up the stairs and starts talking animatedly.

"Ohayo! My name is Endou Mamoru and I think you should join the soccer club dude!" 'Endou' stated as he pointed to himself then held up the ball I kicked at the goal moments earlier. "No" Saying that I walked off and towards the school, not really caring if he was hurt. Knowing someone with a personality like that, he won't give up easily, I hope I'm not in his class.

~Fast Forward to class, in Kariya's P.O.V~

"Everyone we have a new student today, her name is Hatake Skye, so please make her welcome" Our teacher said cheerfully, I looked up boredly and almost did a double take, Isn't that girl the one that kicked the ball at Endou without even using a hissatsu? Heh, I need to thank her training was boring. "Skye, could you go and sit in the seat beside Tenma?" She only nodded and went over to the spare seat between me and Tenma.

"Hello, my name is Matsukaze Tenma nice to meet you!" He chirped way too loudly, as he stuck his hand out in her face she. She nodded and would've spoken if it wasn't for something that made her flinch in pain. "You ok?" Aoi said from behind us. Skye just nodded and rose her hand up, she had starting shaking violently.

"Skye, just go off you don't need to worry about raising your hand, do you need any assistance?" The teacher begun warily but Skye only shook her head in a 'no' and sprinted out of the classroom. The teacher grabbed the classroom phone and dialed the principle, I would guess. "S-sir, Skye it's happening!" He shouted into the phone after that alarm bells went off and things went plain crazy after that.

The school practically shut down, everyone started panicking but stopped when they saw something outside the window. Tenma being Tenma dragged me into the hallway to see what's going on. "Isn't that Skye?!" I stated surprised, we saw Tsurugi run past us in a worried state.

We followed after him he went directly to the commotion. "Skye-chan!" He shouted towards Skye as electricity surrounded the girl and she cried out in agony. He was stopped by Fifth Sector goons who had only emotion in their eyes, Guilt.

"What are you doing to her?! Skye-chan doesn't deserve to suffer anymore!" We stared as the others showed up. "Oi! What's the meaning of this?!" Hibiki-kantoku shouted over the noise, he took a step forward as he saw the girl in front of us on her hands and knees grunting in agony. She was clawing at the spot where her heart would be.

~Tsurugi's P.O.V~

I watched as Skye-chan clawed at her chest wanting to get rid of the pain Fifth Sector was putting on her. "Skye-chan! Can you hear me?! Fight it! I can't lose you, not now!" I shouted as tears blurred my vision what happened no one remembered but we were no longer on Raimon Junior High Campus.

I blinked my eyes opened only to be surprised by what was in front of me, Hokkaido the place where we met Skye, but this isn't the Hokkaido Fubuki-sempai and Yukimura came from, no this was Skye's interpretation of it.

I looked around to find the other members of Raimon's team standing incomplete awe. "Fubuki-san we're back home!" Yukimura shouted to the teen a few meters away from him. Soon we were all lifted up into the air by a giant snow hand which sot out of the ground. "Skye-chan nice to see you again!" Nii-san shouted over the ruckus the claw stopped moving everyone else especially Megane-sempai were shaking or cowering in fear.

"How the hell did you guys get here?" It was an echo but we saw the silhouette of a figure approach through the wind and lift itself up on snow shaped into a wolf's head. "Skye-chan~ does this mean we can play again like good old time?" Nii-san said from the tip of a claw. When did he get there?! I thought as I too started to climb onto the tip of a claw.

"Skye-chan does it hurt that much that you need to come here?!" I shouted worried she couldn't hear me because of the wind. The silhouette jumped down from his/her post on the wolf's head and landed on the palm of the hand. "Maybe it did, maybe it didn't either way I might have to send you back to the real world, without any memories of meeting me or coming here, which goes for all of you" She stated monotonously as she stood there motionless.

"Ehhhh?! Why would you do that! This place is freaking awesome!" Endou said from somewhere on the hand. She walked over to one of the claws and placed a hand on it gently before a bright light shot out and surrounded us, next thing we knew we were on the lake, the place we skated on so many times. And the place Skye lost everything.

"Skye-chan why are we here?" Aoi said worriedly as she was trying not to slip over on her own feet, as were the other females. "-sigh-" Skye just sighed as she clicked her fingers and the girls were standing on the snow bank. "Better?" She still used her monotone voice as she said making everyone excluding Nii-san and I shiver.

"Yup!" Aki-san said way too cheerfully. "Gomen…" Skye apologized with so much sadness everyone felt guilty. "Tell me if you want to go home now, if you don't you have to find me somewhere to go back to reality, don't worry about missing class no one remembers what happened, you'll just do a do-over of today" She stood waiting for someone to ask to go back home.

"Not likely you can get rid of these guys Skye-chan~" Nii-san said playfully as he and I approached her. I used the ice to an advantage and slid the last few meters and hugged Skye. "Don't run off like that again" I mumbled as I laid my head on top of hers, and nuzzled her head.

*Click* I heard the sound of a camera flash and saw the boy crazy Rika giggling and holding Akane's camera. "Tsurugi-kun finally showed some emotion nee!" She shouted as her and the other managers began giggling like idiots.

"You do know I could erase that picture even if you were on the opposite side of the galaxy" Skye mumbled before getting out of my hold and holding a cool iPod like thing. She quickly took a picture of Akane's camera and smirked as she purposely turned the volume up as the voice said "Delete all memory on this camera?" Akane stiffened grabbed her camera and deleted the photo.

~Until next time I'll leave you with this!~