Author's note

Since some people are still confused, the I.E character's are their YOUNGER selves and the I.E Go are just themselves, and I'll try and make this easier to understand and thanks to MastofYou for the OC and the follow and Angel Of Dark Heaven for the follow too. ON WITH INTRODUCING THE NEW OC!

Name: Kazemaru Yasuchika

Gender: male


Position: Midfielder

Number: 2.5 (legit)

History: 'Chika' is Kazemaru's long lost twin brother. At a young age Yasuchika was taken away. And when he comes to raimon as a second year student he see's his long lost twin brother. Kazemaeu is the older one but Yasuchika just calls him 'Ichi-kun'. Kazemaru hates that. Endou also knows who Yasuchika is. He met Skye, when she helped him escape from his captors, he has feelings towards her, and she is the only one he really was kind to.

Appearance: He also has teal hair like Kazemaeu, but he doesn't have a fringe and his hair is short. (Like a normal person) he wears male the Raimon uniform. His casual clothes are a plain white t-shirt with a grey sleeve-less hoodie on top. He wears pants similar to Kirino's pants but it's a darker shade. In both casual and at school he wears high-top converse.

Hissatsu techniques: he know 3 techniques that Kazemaru knows: Fujji no Mai, Shippuden Dash and The Hurricane. He also knows Prime Legend and Match Wind. His own technique is called 'Bouncing Rabbit' it's similar to Fei's 'Bouncer Rabbit' but this is a dribble technique instead of a shoot.

Personality : When he was young 'Chika' had the same kind of cheerfulness as Endou, but when he was taken away he became cold to people, the only person he is nice to is Skye, he is as observant as Kidou which helps him in matches as he finds the opponents flaw and uses that to his advantage.

~Continue on from where I left off yesterday or whatever day it was! In Tenma's POV~

"Sugoi!" I shouted as I began making a snowman with Shinsuke and Aoi. "Tenma!" I heard Midori shout from somewhere to my left, I turned my head and got hit by a cold and solid object. A snowball!. "It's on like Donkey Kong!" I heard Nishiki-sempai shout as he began pelting people with snowballs.

As we were having an epic snow battle I saw Skye-chan watching us while leaning against a tree and seemed to smile slightly. I turned to her fully but got pelted by the snow again. "Time out! Time out!" I shouted as I began laughing at the cold rush. "Aki-nee! Quit throwing it at me!" I shouted, as I fell face first into the ground.

"Don't worry about getting any injuries here…." I heard Skye say from above me. "What do you mean Skye-chan?" I questioned innocently enough, she smiled and clicked her fingers, we found ourselves on a road (Does anyone know what the mountan was called? The one where Fubuki lost his family?) I saw Fubuki-sempai gasp and inch backwards.

"Come on take my hand, nothing can happen to you here…" Skye said as she held out her hand for Fubuki. "But an avalanche could kill us here!" Fubuki began quivering more than before. "I told you before, you can't get hurt here. Just trust me, that's all you need to do" She said as Fubuki began to calm down, he took her hand and she tugged him along."

"Skye-chan what are you doing i-its d-dangerous!" I shouted at them, I didn't know that would cause the avalanche. "Ahhhh!" I heard the girls scream as the avalanche hit and covered Fubuki-sempai and Skye-chan in a snow grave. "Fubuki-sempai!" We were all yelling and gradually I began crying at losing my friend.

I saw the snow begin moving. "What the hell?!" I shouted as it moved and out popped a smiling Fubuki. "That was fun Skye-chan!" He mused as he helped Skye get out of there hole. "I told you to trust me now didn't I?" She said and smiled. "What happened in there? You guys were gone for over 15 minutes!" I shouted at them they smiled and Skye just waved us off and clicked her fingers.

"Back to square one!" Kidou said and made a snowball. We continued the snowball war.

~Elsewhere in 2nd POV~

"Skye-chan, thanks for helping me back there." Fubuki stated as they slid around on the ice. "Don't worry about it, Fubuki-sempai…Did you lose your family in an avalanche?" Skye questioned as she slowed to a stop in front of the white haired boy.

"Y-yeah, I'm f-frightened of avalanches because of that, b-but y-you told me to trust someone and that I can't get hurt here…I really am grateful for that" at the end of the sentence the boy smiled a sure-kill smile.

Skye returned the gesture and stuck her hand out palm facing the sky. "Friends from now on, right?" She smiled gently when the boy placed his hand in hers. Their fingers intertwined and he smiled. "Thank you and of course we're friends from now on Skye-chan~" They continued skating around on the ice, completely unaware someone had managed to get into Skye's world.

"Hey who are you?!" The figure turned around, to be met face to face with an almost exact replica of himself. "Yasuchika?!" The elder twin said as he took a step forward. "Ichi-kun long time no see, right?" 'Yasuchika' said rather coldly as he smirked and turned, only to be met face to face with the one person he –currently- cared for.

"Chika-sempai? How did you get h-" Skye was caught off guard when Yasuchika gripped onto her wrist and clicked his fingers. In a flash of light they disappeared…

~Skye's POV~

In a bright flash of light I was no longer in the world I had created, now I was in a different version of Inazuma town, the place where Chika-sempai was born but this place was much different from my world where the colours were as I imagined, here time has stopped completely. "Chika-sempai, are you alright?" I asked cautiously not wanting to upset the male.

"Skye…It's nice to see you again" The male in front of me said as he hugged me tightly, tears formed at the corners of our eye's as we began running around 'Inazuma Town V2' as Yasuchika called it.

We played soccer for a while, until I remembered about the people currently occupying my sanctuary….Woops

~Cliff hanger muhahahahahah~

Since I really want to get as many chapters up before school starts up again I'll be cruel and leave a cliffhanger this thing went for 5 pages, not my best…TT^TT I will be better!