The team had decided to all go to the pub after the long day they had been through. Nav sat down on a stool next Kate and Bomber. "Another boring night for the girls" sighed Bomber swirling her drink around in her glass.

Nav smiled slightly, "Everything's been boring and hard lately" she said almost to herself.

Kate and Bomber glanced at each other they both knew what Nav was probably thinking of, E.T. "You girls alright?" came a voice from behind them.

"Need some guys to talk to?" it was Charge, C.O, Spider, Buffer, Swain and 2 dads.

"I think not" said Nav a smile coming back to her face.

Charge smiled, "Wanna be in on the action?" he asked.

Nav shook her head, "A lame bet most likely" she said before taking a sip from her drink.

"Oh Nav now that hurts" said 2 dads as he smiled.

"Then what is it?" asked Kate.

"You girls like Karaoke?" asked Buffer a grin spreading across his face.

Bomber almost spat her drink in laughter when she heard Buffer.

"I can't see you guys doing that" said Nav smiling.

"Well if you girls are to chicken, we'll understand " said Swain, Charge, Spider and Buffer grinned.

Kate, Bomber and Nav exchanged glances, "You guys are on" said Kate.

"Good" said C.O, "Heres the deal, I pair you guys up and you have to sing a song, this time tomorrow night at the pub, I already have the stage booked, I won't be singing because I'll be judging whichever team wins gets to skip wash up duty for the next 5 months"

"Ok that sounds fair" they all said, "Now who's with who?" asked Spider.

"Spider you and Charge are a pair, Swain and Buff you two are together…. all you girls can go together and that leaves, 2 dads and R.O"

R.O who had just come out of the bathroom heard his name, "Who am I with Sir?" he asked.

2 dads smiled, "Your with me" he said smirking.

"Dang" muttered R.O under his breath, everyone laughed.

"Well see you all tomorrow night" said Nav turning around.

"Come on Nav the night is still young" yelled 2 dads raising his hands up to the roof of the pub.

Nav shook her head "I need to do some stuff" she said, everyone was looking at each other in worry.

"You sure your alright Nikki" said Buffer.

She nodded slowly, "Yeah I'm fine" she said.

Kate and Bomber walked after her, "We should go practice or song" said Kate.

Chapter 2 is about the songs they'll sing :)