Kiss me Princess:

Continuing from the side story of Shahi and Derek's son… I don't think she gave him a name sooo… let's call him Renef (Rin-e-f).

Story Start:

It was cool summer day and the castle was as cold as always. Crown Prince Renef wandered around the corridors looking for someone. He tucked his dirty blond hair behind his ear. Letting out a sigh he opened his orange-ish brown eyes, a trait that ran strong in their family. He placed a hand on stone column that was beside him as he looking across the courtyard. Not knowing how much history had taken place in this castle, in this certain place where the conclusion of a battle took place. It was all covered up so perfectly. Even he doesn't know the whole story, like anyone planned on telling him. He pushed off the column that he had come to lean on. He walked down the stairs and decided to try the herb garden again….

Shahi stood alone in a room his eyes focused on an empty bed. This was the place, the last place that he had ever laid eyes on his first and only love, Derek. His eyes started to grow watery with tears as he stretched out his arm slowly, but he didn't walk forward. He couldn't get any closer to it, he just couldn't. He pulled back his hand and looked at the palm. He couldn't touch him anymore, Shahi closed his fist. What a selfish man, leaving him all alone. He looked like a thought had hit him. He hadn't been left completely alone, had he? He turned to look towards the door he didn't even bother to close. He must be looking for him by now. Shahi let a small smile, painfully sad smile, grace his lips. He had better go look for him, he got angry so quickly, something that he would need to change if he was to be the next King of Grendia.

"He is still not here!" Renef thought in a frustrated tone. He let himself plop down on the ground brushing his hand through his hair. He closed his eyes and smelled the air. The strong smell of herbs was intoxicating it smelled just like him, Shahi, this was his scent. This scent would just send him into a personal ecstasy. "Shahi," he breathes out.

"If your majesty is going to be sitting outside you should dress alittle warmer," Shahi voice rang in his ears. He snapped his head around to see the wind blowing Shahi's long silver hair all around his body his cool grey-blue eyes were resting on the princes sitting from.

"Shahi," Renef whines standing up. Shahi gives him a sweet smile but looks past him as always.

"The wind is really strong today you should be inside studying," Shahi says turns back to the castle. However he is stopped by Renef wrapping his arms around his slim waist. Shahi turns look at him still not fully looking at him. Renef looked straight into his far away gaze. It annoyed Renef now that he was older.

"Shahi," he breathes close to the others face. As Shahi looks past the young prince and sees a memory of his father and him embracing in the herb gardens. He is brought back to reality when he feels lips on his own. As Renef pulls away he is shocked at Shahi's expression. He was crying. Why was he crying? He didn't make any sounds as he cried like always. Renef brought him into a close embrace holding him close to his body. "Why can't you just look only to me," he whispers but Shahi doesn't seem to even here him now.

"Why?" Shahi thinks shakily in his mind. "Why am I haunted by you," he doesn't hold Renef back but cries on his shoulder anyway. "This place, I can't…"

Nails tap on the window seal looking over the herb gardens, as the person gives a disgusted look at the embracing prince and apothecary.

Kingdoms away an old friend is sitting at bar chugging down at beer.

"Aye, you guyz hear 'bout that ahhh –hiccup- assassination job?" a big burly unkempt man said very loudly so all his drunk friends could hear. "It's- its in Grendia that HUGE kingdom to the- to the –hiccup- west."

"Waaaaaat," one man answered drunk.

"I'm serious i- listen to me you bastard! I'm serious," he slurred. He swayed abit in his seat as he had got everyones attention. "They're willing to give you enough to retire on." Jeers are heard throughout bar in mocking disbelief. The man starts to tune the drunkers out as they start to argue.

"You know he's telling the truth right," the bartender got his attention. He turned his light green eyes to the man who was cleaning glass not even making eye contact with him. He gives him a sound in response. The bartender glanced at him quickly before returning to scanning the room. "It's over 10,000$," he says. The green eyed man put some coin on the bar and got up. Just as he reaches the door, "Hey," the bartender calls once more. He stops and looks back, "I wouldn't pass it up if I were you Reaper." The man just gave the tender a wicked smile as he left the bar.

As he walks down the street he looks up to the sun, the wind flutters his cloak a little. "Looks like they're about to be in trouble again," he says to no one. "Should we help them, you think," he looks over his shoulder and gives a genuine smile.

-Grendia one month later…

Renef was on the throne his 'grandfather' was traveling to see a dying relative so he was left in charge, with limitations of course. He looked bored as hell his chin resting on his knuckles with his elbow prompting him up. His legs where crossed as he leaned to one side of the throne, Shahi stood beside him standing next to the throne.

"Your majesty," the woman infront of him yelled bringing him back to the room. She scowled at him. "Pay attention you are to be the next king so you best know your policies," she snapped.

"Yes Aunt Lydia," he droned.

"Do not 'Aunt' me we have no blood," she whaled. "I can't believe my sister," she thinks harshly. The present queen, Queen Tiffany was her sister. (The author didn't give the second queen a name either. I don't think.) Her real nephew had died falling off a horse, losing the third air to the throne in span of three years was hard. "Then the king pulls this kid out of his ass," she bitterly thinks.

"What was the question, again," he asks now sitting up properly.

"Forget it we shall wait for my brother-in-law, the real king, to return," her words cut him deep. Renef truly wanted to be great king but this place was cold, there was no warmth here, no happiness. He let his eyes scanned the throne room. Shahi, his beloved, stood beside him as his aunt ushered the council out of the room. She turned to glare at him. "This is very disappointing prince see to it that you improve, or I fear for you future here," and with that and a flip of her dress she strutted out of the room.

"Such a cold place indeed," Renef sighed to himself. His 'grandfather' wasn't much better either. But to royalty blood was everything. Even if he wasn't wanted they were still the ones that seeked him out to give him the throne. Shahi nodded to him from beside him. Renef stood and placed a hand on Shahi's cheek and rubbed his thump loving across his face. He only stares into his eyes for a moment before breaking away. Shahi was getting colder too, Renef almost couldn't stand it anymore. Shahi was his only salvation in this hell. Why was he pulling away from him? He had said countless times for years now that he loved him and that he wasn't a child anymore. Why? His thoughts were cut short when someone bumped into him.

He looked down to see a young girl, his eyes grew cold realizing who she was. She was Aunt Lydia youngest daughter. Maria, she was quiet but strange. She would never talk to him only stare at him, no matter what he asked her or how friendly he was she would just give him that blank look. He sighed as she ran off, most likely to her mother. He rubbed his temples as he stepped out into the gardens. Then everything happened so fast that head spun.

"Intruder!" a guard yells.

"Die!," an unknown voice yells. Renef sees a man jump up infront of him sword draw. Greed clouded his eyes as he brought the sword down. Then he saw silver and it happened in slow motion. He looked down to see Shahi infront of him shielding his body from the assult. The gauards yelled commands as a few women screamed.

"NOOOO!," Renef thought as he was sure that Shahi would be struck down right infront of his eyes. His arms laced around Shahi's waist trying to pull him to the side as he turned his body.

"Gah," the man gaged and Renef heard a few gasps and the thump of a body. He turned his head back to his attacker who was now lying died before him an arrow in his throat. Renef aswell as the guards followed the line of the arrow to see who the shooter was. His month dropped slightly as someone stood proudly on top of the garden wall unafraid. His dark green hooded cloak covered the top half of his faces as the bottom of it flutter effortlessly around his knees. Showing only the knees of the light green pants he was wearing and brown laced up travelers boots went to just below his knees. A bow was in his left hand and he smirked proudly at his work.

"Who are you," one of the guards asked pointing a spear up at the man. He looks to the guard and laughs.

"Really?" he asks as he puts himself in crouching position on the wall now. "I save the future king and I get a spear pointed at me? Where's the justice in that?" as the man asks this he hooks his bow onto his back and place his hands on his knees. Keeping the proud smirk on his face.

"Why you-," the guard starts but is cut off.

"IT'S IMPOSSIBLE," Shahi yells at the man as he now stands on his own. Everyones attention is now on Shahi. He walks over to the wall. "Speak," the one on the wall cocks his head to the side as if he doesn't understand. "Say something," Shahi said his voice cracking as he spoke.

"Shahi," Renef said worry dripping from his voice. He reached out his hand to his love as the other man answered.

"What do you want me say?" he asks reaching up placing a hand on his hood. "It's been so long since we last spoke Shahi," he removes his hood to let his platinum blond hair to fall all around his body. His light green eyes lock with Shahi's grey-blue ones. Some gasps are heard with also some sounds of confusion.

"Nicole," Shahi says with an exasperated voice. Nicole gives him a wicked looking smile while waving down at him.

"Hey," he greets.


Rose: Ok this is an idea I had from one of my favorite yaoi/shounan ai manga's from Kim Sae Young it's also called Boy Princess besides the title 'kiss me princess' that I used. I love this story if you like shounan ai you really need to read it if you haven't it's not very long but it is AWESOME! The story and art are just amazing.

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