The door bell Grace opened the door and found herself splattered in pink and yellow paint .She heard familier laughter and she looked around to find her two idiotic cousins laughing their heads off.

"PERCEUS JACKSON. NICO DI ANGELO. YOU GUYS ARE SOO DEAD !"she yelled giving them one of her famous death glares. Percy and Nico glanced at her and immediately stopped laughing. They looked at each other and yelled "Run for your life." And they started running." "Yes, run for your sorry lives" she said and started chasing after them. She caught up with them easily because she was used to running along with Hunters.

Of course she wasn't part of the Hunters Hunters did not approve of Percy and Nico. They did not approve of Jason either. But, they were her only family. She could not just abandon them. Fortunatly she had saved the allowance Zeus had been given her. So when she quit the HUNTERS ,she had enough money to buy a flat. And since she was 17 years, she was legally an adult. So she could by it in her on name. Percy and Nico had no idea that all this had happened. They just assumed that Artimus had given her a break.

Thalia looked around and realized that she was in central park. She looked ahead and saw that both of them had stopped to catch their breath. She shocked them and walked over. "How do the Hunters ever survive with you?" Nico gasped weakly.

"They don't ..." said Thalia sadly as she sat on the grass. "Not anymore.." Percy looked at Nico and raised an eyebrow. They both joined Thalia and sat on either side of her.

"Is something wrong Thalia?" asked Nico concerned.

"Well..." Thalia hesitated

"Go on, you know you can tell us anything" said Percy nudging her.

"It's just...UGH! Fine ,I quit the Hunters !"

"Why the Hades would you do that?" asked Nico concerned for his cousin.

"Cause they didn't really um.. approve of you two" said Thalia quietly.

" could have just told us Thalia! Not that we don't appreciate it ,but if you had told us we would have understood." Said Percy.

"Shut up Kelp head. You know I would never do that!" said Thalia with a friendly punch on the shoulder.

"Yeah we know. Dont we Nico?" said Percy.


Percy looked at Thalia bewildered.

"Where did he go?"

I'm right here" said a voice behind them.

Both of them turned around and found Nico smiling sweetly, with his hands behind his back.

"Surprise!" Nico shouted splattering them with paint a grin on his face.

Percy and Thalia wiped the paint off their faces and shot him death glares. Nico looked up at both off them and the grin fell off his face.

"Uh...Oh.." said Nico starting to run.

"Don't worry, I've got him" said Percy grinning. He waved his hand and a water cage formed around Nico. Nico's eyes widened with fear and "No...Please...I'm your cousin. Spare my innocent life" he pleaded.

"Sure" said Percy.

Thalia and Percy glances at each other and said together "After we get our revenge " grinning evilly.