The boy rushes past me, determination shining in his eyes. What more do I wish but to be stuck in this endless loop of time. Three days. Reset. Three days. Reset. Patterns are not my friend, the leave no mysteries, nothing to be curious about. I sigh, and watch the boy use all of his force to open the large wooden door. The bell above me chimes eight times as the door swings closed. I sigh, and feel a sudden longing to leave from beneath the clock tower. I do not wish to leave Termina, ohoho do I wish to stay. Although the apocalypse occurs in three days, it never happens. Time resets just as the moon begins its more visible yet slow and devastating course towards Clock Town.

My eyes are locked onto the door, examining the handprints left by the boy in the built up dust. I hesitate a moment, my leg half out to take a step in the direction on the door, and I return to my standing position. A small sigh escapes my mouth. I haven't been outside in what must have been months. I shake my head, and approach the door with careful steps.

My hand meets the warm door, and I push, applying hardly any of my strength. The door moves open, and I peer out into the sunlight. The cheerful atmosphere of Clock Town contrasts greatly with the gloomy feel of beneath the clock tower. I take a step, placing my foot cautiously outside the door. I move to place another foot into the sun, but I quickly retreat behind the edge of the door at the sound of a dog's growl. I look around the corner, and the dog stands expectantly, it's dark eyes focused on me. I heave a heavy sigh, and begin my slow exit again. One foot in front of the other. Before I know it, the door is closed and I'm standing before the clock tower. The growl of the dog has faded into the distance, and my breathing becomes just a bit easier.

I glance around at the construction site before me, smiling slightly. The workers rush around, some carrying boards, others simply running. A small laugh escapes my mouth. My eyes shift to my right, where they meet a curious sight. A flower of great proportions grows from the paved ground. I inch towards it, keeping my eyes focused on the plant. What could this be? I crouch down, and reach a hand out to it. Just as my fingers touch the petals, a voice calls from above,"Wait!" I yank my hand away, and begin to look around for the owner of the voice.

"Wait! That is my private property!" it says, becoming louder. I glance up, and a deku scrub carrying a couple bags of mystery items lands on the flower.

"I apologize," I say, standing and dusting myself off. He turns for a moment, and I take the chance to scurry away.

"And don't use it when I'm not around!" He shouts after me. What would I use a giant flower for? I shrug it off as my feet carry me up a set of stairs beside the tower. I take a left turn, and then stop. My eyes scan the area that I'll be entering. Several buildings of commercial use are set in a square. A pathway full of residential homes and several businesses appear to be leading up to it.

I climb the small flight of stairs, and hesitate once more. This area is curiously empty. I walk out, slightly more confident than when I exited the tower. An excited smile is creeping onto my face. This truly isn't so bad. I continue slowly through the town, wary of where I am.

I turn the corner into the path which leads up to the square, and I'm met with colors. Loads of them. Red flowers sit upon green window sills, plants are scattered about. Even the people lingering here are colorful. Their clothing is mismatched to perfection, and their hair just goes better with it. My smile grows, eventually becoming exaggerated, as I pass the townsfolk. Their eyes follow me, examine me, but I attempt to ignore them. Why must people be so rude sometimes?

As I continue down the path, I'm met by a man running what must be a bank. He just gives me a blank stare.

"Here," I say, handing him about one hundred rupees,"put them under the name 'Happy Mask Salesman'." I walk away, enjoying the morning sun. It's beautiful. The sky is clear blue, not a speck of cloud in sight. The sun brightens it, making it all the much better.

Time rambles along, the hours slowly switching, one after the other. Before I know it, it's already noon, and the sun is directly above me. I peer up at it, squinting my eyes in the process. I attempt to keep my eyes focused on it for a few moments, and then I return to walking. I'm not positively sure where I'm going. This town is so full of life and places to go, it's almost overwhelming. A sigh escapes my mouth before quickly turning back to a smile.

The clock tower's entrance comes back in to view, and I'm instantly disappointed. It would have been wonderful to stay out and about for the rest of the day. Examining wares at stores, hoping to gain another mask for my collection. Yet, and time surely tells me, I better return to my spot beneath the clock tower.

I approach the wooden door, and breathe. The smell of old wood mingles with the scent of new, unfinished wood. My smile fades to a faint grin as I place a hand of the door. I glance over my shoulder, regretful that I didn't spend the day wandering the town, and sigh. My eyes shift the other way, and as I'm pushing the door open, I spot a boy wearing a mask. A smile instantly pops onto my face, and I feel a sudden longing to obtain said mask.

I tiptoe over to him, careful not to make any noise. He appears to be getting a letter out of the mailbox.

"Hello!" I shout, scaring the boy. His face turns to mine, and for a brief second, pure fear is expressed from him. He quickly retrieves his letter, and scurries off, an occasional sob drifting behind him.

I had not meant to scare him. Yes, the fear was slightly enjoyable, but I never meant to make him cry. The mask was truly the only reason I approached him. I turn away, and in spite of my previous decision to return to the clock tower, I decide to roam the town in search of something to keep my mind busy. The thought of that mask will pester me until I'm distracted.