Title/Song: Speak Now {By Taylor Swift}

Pairing: AlicexPeter
Words: 175

Alice didn't really understand what Vivaldi had meant by it, but she couldn't let Peter do it. She was running the steps of Hearts Castle, panting for breath, and she saw all the white decorations set up for the grand occasion.

Apparently, the White Queen had requested Peter for her court. Alice watched her stand at the thrones, waiting for Peter to come up the aisle and pledge his undying allegiance to her. And then she would return to the Land of Spades with him in tow.

Where he would stay.


When Alice had first heard the news, she had thought it a blessing, but more and more thought made her realize how bad it would be.

No more Peter meant no more rabbit.

No more enthusiastic hugs.

What would she do?

She had mere minutes before he pledged his allegiance and she has no plan. Then she saw him breath-takingly decked out in white -no hint of his red suit in sight- and he knelt slowly before the Queen, agonisingly somber.

"Peter! Wait!"