Ariel was swimming in a sunken ship when a golden, glowing ring caught her eye, she swam close to it and picked the ring up and gazed at it.


In the sky the monks were looking at the shen gong wu scroll, "we have to get this wu guys, it's the ring of humanity who ever, or whatever wears the ring can take on human form and we mustn't let wuya get anywhere near it as when it's combined with it's sister wu it magnifies the individual power of the wearer of the ring of humanity" dojo then shivered while explaining the wu "oh just great now that ones active, and their both below us about ten thousand miles down".

Omi then took the gills of hamachi out of his robe and dived off of dojo and activated the wu and swam down to the ship and found a glowing ring, he reached out for it, however, someone else was also reaching out for the ring, Ariel and Omi then touched the ring at the same time, "I challenge you…err…mermaid to a xiaolin showdown first to get to the ring first wins and we play on dry land my orb of tornami against your ring of humanity" Omi yelled angrily as memories of the last mermaid resurfaced, the area around them then changed into a battle ring like area and all the treasures aboard the ship erupted into mountains. "Gongeetempai" Omi yelled, Ariel looked around shocked but then gasped when she realised their was no water, she could survive for round about 10 minutes without water, but she wouldn't last long if she couldn't find any in that time, Omi looked at the mermaid confused to why she hadn't transformed yet, but ignored it and started diving into piles of gold searching for the ring.

Ariel then looked at the ring on her finger and whispered to herself "the ring of humanity" confusion filled her voice, the ring then glowed and to her surprise her tail split into two legs and she could breath again, she then stumbled to her feet and stumbled towards the mountains of treasure, falling every few steps, when she reached a pile she fell and cut her arm on a sword and yelped, griped her arm and rolled in pain, she then saw a ring and was reaching for it, Omi saw this.

"orb of tornami" he yelled and the room was soon half full of water and was still rising, Omi then dived down, Ariel soon dived down also, her legs had become a tail again and she swan far faster than Omi and got down to the bottom of the room and looked around for the ring, she then saw it and picked it up a second before Omi's hand slapped down on the ground where the ring once was, the water then vanished as did the mountains the two of them were then back in the sunken ship at the bottom of the ocean, Ariel looked around confused as she held the orb and wore both rings one on each finger she then took hold of Omi with her left hand and shot back up to the surface at the speed of a bullet, she then found the others in a dojo boat and flung Omi onto the boat with the orb not really wanting it.

"Omi" they all gasped as the surrounded him, Ariel was about to dive again when she was stopped.

"hey where do you think your going, especially after you did this and with those two rings" kimiko yelled as she took out the star of hinabi "star of hinabi" she yelled and a twister of fire was heading towards Ariel, Ariel then raised an arm to defend and as she did a shield of water rose between them and everyone gasped.

"sphere of yun" raimundo yelled and Ariel was trapped in a force field, full of ocean water, she was then brought onto dojo's back and they all then took off and headed back to the xiaolin temple.