Master Fung then came out to speak with the monks "I see we have a visitor, one posses the ring of Dashi and the ring of humanity" master fung said when he saw Ariel.

"Yeah she's a mermaid we don't know what to do with her" Raimundo said.

"Ah yes, well from what Omi tells me she is different from the previous mermaid perhaps we should give her a chance" master fung said.

"game on party people a shen gong wu had just reviled itself" dojo said as he opened the scroll, everyone peered at the image to see a man wearing glasses and dodging all his opponent's blows "the crystal glasses the allow the wearer to see the future" dojo explained before enlarging and letting the children on to his back.

"Why don't you take our guest with you" master fung recommended and Ariel then climbed onto dojo's back and took off into the sky.

"It looks like we're going to Russia to find this wu guys, so who's going to keep an eye on the mermaid" dojo asked as he turned his head slightly.

"Omi will he's the best choice" Raimundo said.


The monks and Ariel landed outside of a temple "it's in there guys" dojo said, they all then ran into the temple and began to search for the wu, Omi kept a close eye on Ariel at all times, however, she seemed more interested in the statues then finding the wu, a sound then echoed throughout the temple, some kind of music a red haired boy then flew into the temple via the roof.

"Jack Spicer has arrived…err…who's the new kid?" jack Spicer asked when he saw Ariel, a ghost then flew in next to him.

"you fool she has the ring of humanity and the ring of Dashi, I must have that wu with that I can be made flesh again" wuya screamed into jack's ear.

"yeah, yeah jack bots attack" jack cried before diving at Ariel.

"the ring of Dashi" Ariel said and the next thing she knew water began to come in through the roof and made bars around jack before freezing, Ariel then remembered the monks saying something about it magnifying the wearers powers and abilities ten fold when it's worn with the ring of humanity "daddy did always say merpeople had a slight ability to control water in any form" something then caught Ariel's eye one of the statues wore glasses, she reached up and took them off the statue and put them on and saw something the future.

She saw a young girl about her age with black hair in a pony tail manipulating the tides and fighting evil warriors and was winning, rain then erupted and she took on a mermaid form before being surrounded by warriors who were ready to strike, thunder and lightning sounded before the girl cried "mother help me" before screaming, the vision then ended and Ariel removed the glasses and began to cry and fell to her knees, by the time the vision had ended jack's but was kicked along with his robots and he was gone, the monks then surrounded Ariel.

"what's wrong Ariel?" Omi asked.

"I saw the future…it was horrible" Ariel whispered before handing them the glasses. Dojo then flew them back to the temple Ariel was still crying. "is there a way I could travel to the future, and make sure that, that future never happens" Ariel asked tears still in her eyes.

"there was" Raimundo said.

"the sands of time you could travel forward and backward through time but that shen gong wu was hidden by old Omi, the future Omi" kimiko explained.

"so it could be hidden anywhere at anytime" Omi said.

"no not time, he would cause a paradox as there would be two of the same one of a kind thing at the same time so to stop tat from occurring you'd have to hide it in the same time as where you took it from" Ariel said confused.

"hey she's right, which means we can find that wu" Raimundo gasped "Omi where would you hide it" Raimundo said as he turned to face Omi.

"the centre of the earth, no one would find it there" Omi said.

Raimundo then went and grabbed the golden tiger claws and disappeared inside a vortex and returned through another vortex holding the sands of time, Ariel then took the sands and looked at it confused.

"so is this the sands of time?" Ariel asked and before anyone could answer her she found herself in the middle of a war zone and saw the black haired girl about to be struck, she then manipulated the rain and froze it before shooting it at the warriors forcing them back she then ran towards the girl and took hold of her before yelling "sands of time" the next thing either of them knew they were at the xiaolin temple.