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Chapter 2 – Defined

Lima, Ohio – Hospital ~ Quinn

Quinn was knew it was a dream; her baby was in her arms.

They were in the hospital bed and Quinn felt her child's tiny hand brush against her chest. The infant's face was blurred, indistinct. It always was when she had this dream. Every time she fell through this rabbit hole, Quinn would begin a disconnecting. The pain of understanding that she had lost something so precious never allowed her to see the child's face. Tears rolled down her cheeks as the weight in her arms disappeared.

Quinn's dream shifted. The sitting room of her house, her father's face, filled with disgust and the sound of the microwave timer, filled her heart and head with unquenchable pain and disillusionment.

Her dream shifted again. Quinn was falling from the top of the pyramid, and then hitting the ground hard with pain shooting through her lower belly and pelvis.

Shift. The hospital room, the humiliation of her father refusing to allow her to come home. Always not good enough to stand by. So lonely. So empty.

Quinn came to, suddenly, her dream receding slowly as her eyes open. A tiled ceiling is above her head and the distinct scent of disinfectant clogs her nose.

What the hell? Please let this be part of my nightmare! Her eyes shift quickly about before landing on her mother, asleep, her head resting awkwardly on a pillow against the back of a reclined hospital chair. This is wrong. This is not how it happened. Her pulse slows as her panic eases as she lets go of the dream. She takes mental inventory as she glances down her blanket clad body. Her right arm is cold. She looks down to see an IV tube coming out of it.


She reaches for the tube to yank it out, before calming again and letting go. She continues looking over her body for clues as to why she is here. She gulps drily, concentrating on each body part. Toes? Check. Feet? Check. Legs? Check. Empty feeling? Check. Quinn's breath eases, as she determines all of her body parts are still there and working. Everything is where it's supposed to be. She sighs in relief. Why am I in the hospital? A flash of the Incident comes over her then. The pain, heat, and dizzy feelings she experienced under the old tree were gone, but she senses that something is different. It feels like my body is lighter or something. Finally, thirst hits her throat full force. Oh god, I need water! Her eyes rose to the rolling hospital table shoved partially behind her mother's chair where she can see a pitcher of water resting. "Mom!" she croaks.

Judy's eyes open at the sound of her daughter's voice. "Honey! Quinnie?" She reaches out to the dehydrated girl lying on the bed beside her. Judy's voice cracks from recent crying.

"Water?!" Quinn watches her mother prepare a hospital cup and hand it to her. Quinn's voice is hoarse when she whispers, "and don't call me that." Judy hands her the water then glances away from her daughter.

Quinn drinks deeply. Cold! It feels like she hasn't had anything to drink in days. The temperature of her body begins equalizing to the water. She feels cold chills across her chest. Shivering, she hands back the empty cup and tries to burrow into the thin hospital blankets. Quinn shifts onto her side to face her mother fully. "Mom…what am I doing here, what happened?"

Judy's face clears of its agitation and is replaced with concern at the request, "The doctor said that you were severely dehydrated. Brittany and Santana were also admitted for the same reason." Judy pauses for a moment, "The doctors feel that all three of you need to conserve your energy for the next few weeks. That means that none of you will be allowed into Cheerios practice for a while." Judy glances furtively at the foot of the bed where Quinn's chart is placed. There was something Judy was hesitating to say, but she let it go. Her need to prove she did not belong in a hospital bed was more pressing.

Quinn sits straight up. Dizziness hits her, but she ignores it.

Quinn's face sets into the familiar dominant Fabray trait of prideful stubborn lines. Whatever has happened to her, she is not going to allow it to take away her chance at being on the Cheerios. There is no way in hell she is going to let the position of head Cheerio be taken by someone else without a fight. She had worked too hard and sacrificed so much! With the anxiety of failure looming, Quinn shakes her head, then swings her legs over until her feet touch the floor. She places weight and shifts into an upright position, then almost face-plants right there on floor. The stand holding her IV bag wobbles before righting itself after being yanked. Judy intervenes and Quinn finds her vision clearing to view the room from almost the same position she woke up in.

"Shit!" Her voice cracks. Her eyes ache like she needs to cry, but no moisture collects. Do I have enough water left for that? Can dream tears suck you dry?

"Language, Quinn!" Quinn ignores the comment. She does not want to talk to her mother right now about proper speaking etiquette. She's in a damn hospital bed right now! Then she remembers she was not the only one that collapsed.

"Mom, are San and Britt okay? Can I see them?"

Judy manages to get Quinn back into to bed with the reassurance that she will check to see if they have woken up yet. Quinn needs to talk with them. She needs to know what happened. Judy seems to be working up her nerve to ask Quinn something.

"Quinn, you know that you can tell me anything that's going on with you, don't you?" Quinn's frustrated expression slides into the Fabray poker face at the question. Judy tries again, "If something is happening to you and the girls, you'd tell me right?"

"Mom, nothing is going on." Quinn can see that her mother does not really believe her. "I promise. Santana, Brittany and I have not done anything to cause this." Quinn keeps her gaze solid as she waits for Judy to accept her answer as the truth. She knew for certain that she had not done anything, anyway. It would be strange no matter how you look at it. How could something either of them doing cause her to collapse? The fact that all three of them needed hospitalization at the same time though was telling. Quinn really needed answers!

Judy sighed. Her expression said that she still had reservations, but let it drop for now. Quinn could tell that she would be pestered at a later date, possibly when a doctor was around to apply some pressure.

Quinn spent the next half hour rehydrating before she felt up to calling Santana.

"San, are you okay?"

Santana groans a bit before replying, "Woke just a few minutes ago. I feel like shit and I'm thirsty as hell… you?" Quinn replied that it was the same for her, and then she asks if Brittany is awake yet.

"I just got off the phone with her parents, Q. They said that she wasn't awake yet, but is stirring. As soon as I can get my ass out of this bed, I'm gonna go see her. She's just four rooms down from me."

"How far is my room from yours? What is your room number, S?" Quinn shifted the phone away from her mouth and asked her mom what her room number is. Santana's answer lets her know that she had a long hallway to go down before she can reach the other members of the Unholy Trinity. "Okay S, I'm going to drink the damn water in here and see if I can wheel this IV bag down to your room."

"Meet me in Britt's room, Q. It will save you a few steps." Santana replies.

"Okay, I'm getting off here." She hesitates. Quinn finds herself responding to the tension in Santana's voice. "Don't leave your room without taking care of yourself first. You won't do her any good if you pass out before getting there. Drink as much water as you can before to go." Then Quinn hangs up the phone and asks her mom for more water. She is going to follow her own advice.

Quinn works her way through the pitcher of water by the bed. She's focusing on the series of events leading to the pain and collapse. What was significant? Nothing stood out in particular to explain why it happened, then sermon given, by that nervous new pastor, pops into her head.

She's watching his sweaty face, pontificating on Ephesians Chapter 6. He tries to articulate and place emphasis on antiquated words from a dead language, to sway his audience into accepting those words as law. But why bother? Law for what and who? Is there some reason that humans are going to need armor and weapons against something that is not flesh and blood? If God can't fight the evil, or enemy, then why would he expect humans to do a better job of it when we won't have anything to aim at? Quinn thought this seemed illogical, asking humans to protect ourselves against someone like us made sense, but not against something intangible.

Despite the unlikelihood of success, Quinn began envisioning herself in a suite of armor; wielding a sword and shield, while swinging at an invisible foe. Yeah, that's not going to happen. Okay, nothing there. What happened next?

I left the church…we were under the tree. Rachel. We were talking about her when this happened, weren't we? Quinn's throat began to tighten. Is this important? Logically it can't be. What happened was tangible. The pain and dizziness-Rachel wasn't even there. Then why do I have this twisted feeling in my gut that Rachel is a part of this? Is it her fault? Ah! That's just nuts. No! I have to let that go. It doesn't make any sense. Maybe Santana or Brittany will have answers.

"Mom, would you get the nurse for me?" Quinn was making herself crazy with wondering.

Quinn manages to talk the nurse into supplying a wheelchair and she works up to shifting herself into it before her mother leaves. Quinn gets back to her room to find a note from her mom saying that she had to go home and get some rest before work, since she could not miss any more without it causing a problem.

Santana's Hospital Room ~ Santana

Santana's first thought on waking was of Brittany. Actually, that's not true. It was the first important thought she had. As Santana's eyes were opening, she was calling out for coffee. That was the first thought and it was a desperate one. Damn! She felt the type of exhaustion from a morning after a horrible night, woken up too early for the purpose of a horrible morning agenda. Kind of like a back-to-back Cheerios practices right before a competition. Then add thirsty to make it all better.

Santana soon realized her mother, Maribel, was not going to give into the request for caffeine. "Coffee? You are not getting coffee Santana. You collapsed outside of a church! I see you in the morning and your cheeks are nice and plump, now you look like you had liposuction. Are you on drugs?" Santana's hands reach for her face. "What are you not telling me?"

"Mamá, I did nothing! Maybe my face was tired of carrying the extra weight." Maribel's expression became hard and sharp, Santana could see this was not going well, nor would it get her coffee. "Mamá please?" Santana saw the standard plastic water pitcher and cup sitting on the rolling table. She grimaced, this would be gross. "I will promise to drink a whole pitcher of water if you get me coffee from the nurse's breakroom." Santana was definitely pushing it with that.

"All of the water I put in the pitcher, Santana, and you will have to accept the coffee I get you. Just because your father works here does not mean you should have special treatment."

"Of course not, Mamá." Santana really hoped she would still try for the nurse's breakroom anyway.

Maribel hesitated. "You still have to explain all of this to your Papá."

It was at this point of uncomfortable truce and compliance from her mother that Santana's mind acknowledged the fact that something was wrong with her, but she had no idea why her face decided to get skinny now. She was in a hospital after all. Normally she was the person wearing the candy striper's outfit, so this was an unpleasant reality. Wait! She wasn't the only one!

Santana began to panic.

Only a phone call to Brittany would keep her in her hospital bed, so her mother made that happen as quickly as she could upon seeing her daughter's very real distress. Once Maribel was certain they had Brittany's room connected, she left.

Santana did not get to speak to Brittany. She was still out. She found the role of comforter reversed when speaking to Mrs. Pierce. Santana kept reassuring her that Brittany would be okay and promised to have her father check on Brittany himself when he was able to see her. After that conversation, Santana allowed herself to relax enough to really think of Quinn, who must be here in the hospital somewhere.

Before she could locate her, Quinn had called and treated her like a child with instructions on how to care for herself. She would have been pissed off, but she let it go. Quinn showing that much touchy-feely emotion trumped Santana's pissy feeling. Santana felt off with the weird mix of warmth, because Quinn cared, and a creepy unsettled feeling, because Santana disliked warm feelings for anyone but Brittany. Their friendship was complicated.

Santana was almost finished with the water she promised to drink, when a nurse came in to check her vitals. "Hi. I'm your nurse for the night. I'm here to take your vitals and I'll need to draw some blood. I'll start with that." Without further warning, the nurse grabbed Santana's wrist and began turning her arm into position to draw blood.

Santana was not pleased. "Nurse, I-Don't-Have-My-Badge-Because-I'm-A-Dumbass, since you're not wearing the required badge mandated by hospital policy, and your name is too long; I'll simply use your surname, Dumbass. I can only assume you got your credentials as a prize from a cereal box, so lets me clue you in." With a short inhale, Santana's finding her stride. "My name is Santana Lopez, a.k.a. daughter of the Resident Dr. Miguel Lopez, and you will bring some respect when you step into my premium insurance paid hospital room, before you even think about laying a single short-fingered hand on me. So, step out and try that again." Santana's posture morphed as she spoke into ultra bitch mode that she is so well known for in high school.

As she was waiting for the red-faced pissed off nurse to comply with her demands, it happened. Santana experienced the woman's emotions. She could see them, and not like simple body language. She could see flowing layers of reds and red-oranges wafting and spinning around nurse, Dumbass. Then the smell of nurse's anger hit.

Santana's mouth gaped. It's possible that she was going to pass out. The nurse's mouth is moving. Can't hear a damn thing, you badge-less dumbass. The nurse isn't acting like she sees the floating color crap all around her. Breathe! Just fucking breathe! Santana did her best to resist the urge of jumping over the hospital bed and hiding in the bathroom. Her hands began trembling as she gripped the side-rails.

Suddenly, it stopped. No colors. No weird burnt rubber smells. Shit! She had imagined it. The nurse was blathering about something, but Santana had quit listening some time ago. In an ironic turn of events, Santana found herself acting in a docile manner giving up her blood to the still irritated nurse Dumbass.

Brittany's Hospital Room ~ Quinn

The three of them look exhausted, Santana and Quinn more than Brittany. They're by themselves at the moment in Brittany's room. Quinn asks, "How did you feel when you woke up?"

Santana nervously shifts closer to Brittany on her bed. Santana's expression is guarded and Quinn gets the impression that she's about to deflect. "I was tired and thirsty. No worse than when I had flu, or Mono. " Quinn arches her eyebrow is derision at the shift in Santana's attitude from her phone conversation earlier. Why was she changing her tune now? "Maybe it was something I ate." Santana's shoulders shrug with affected unconcern as she sends a quick look at Brittany.

Brittany's eyes widen, "Me too, San. I was way thirsty, and then I thought I was turning into a duck."

Quinn and Santana both hesitate for a moment, Santana asks, "Britts, why would you think that?"

Brittany's expression became excited, "Ducks are birds, San, you know, they have hollow bones so they can fly." Brittany leans forward and asks "Are my wings coming in yet?" Quinn sighs as Santana makes a show of investigating Brittany's back for feathers. Brittany is a little disappointed when Santana shakes her head.

Quinn was getting the sense that Santana wasn't going to say anything really troubling in front of Brittany, but she needed to see the other girls' reactions to her own experiences. "It was like something burned a lot of water out my body. I remember all this pain shooting up my leg." Quinn sees Santana flinch. "I was dizzy, in pain and...Did you see a…light?"

Brittany brow scrunches, "Yeah, we glowed. It was white with blue in it." Santana draws back a little. Brittany seems a little disappointed with her distancing. Then she states authoritatively, "San, I know my colors."

Quinn watched Santana sigh and settle back against Brittany's side. They were not getting anywhere with this conversation's course. Quinn hesitating only caused Santana to deflect, and Brittany's surety of the impossible unsettled them both. Quinn decided to present the other oddities she had experienced since waking instead, that being the odd thing that happened before she left her room to come here. Uneasily, she decided to mention it. "Uhm, something strange happened." Santana interrupted with a snort. Quinn scowled at her. "I saw and heard things that I shouldn't have been able to."

"Such as?" Santana smirked.

"Well-this is weird but-after the nurse left my room, I could hear her talking all the way down the hallway. When I wheeled out of the room, I saw her about one hundred feet away. I could still hear her like she was standing right next to me! I realized that I could still see the stain from her lunch on the side of her pants." Quinn's glaze had dropped while she spoke, but when she finishes, she looks back into Santana's eyes. "It's not happening now though."

Santana blinks slowly in consideration. "Q, what flavor of jello did they give you?" Again, Quinn notices the deflection from the seriousness of their situation.

"Dammit San, would you take this seriously?" Quinn sighs. "Have you seen your charts? Maybe we should see what the doctors say is wrong with us." She doesn't know why it hadn't occurred to check her own before she left her room. Quinn glances around until she notices Brittany's hospital chart in a plastic sleeve attached to the foot of her bed. She rolls herself over to it and pulls it out. After flipping through it, she looks up and Brittany catches her eye.

"What does it say, Q?"

Quinn frowns. "It says that you're dehydrated and that you weigh 114 lbs. Brittany, how much do you normally weigh?"

"I don't know, but Lord Tubbington weighs 138 lbs. We don't talk about it much because it makes him chain smoke."

Santana cuts in with a lopsided grin and says, "Lord T. weighs at least 20 lbs. That cat is…" Santana glances at Brittany before amending what she was going to say. "That cat gets bacon in the morning for breakfast."

Quinn looks back at the chart for a moment, "diuretics? Isn't that diet pills?" Well, that at least explained her mother's disbelief when they were talking earlier. Her mom is showing some trust by not forcing the issue. She sends this thought to the back of her mind for later review.

Quinn is interrupted by Brittany. "Oh no! Lord Tubbington switched our pills again." Brittany's expression becomes reassuring. "Don't worry Quinn. I'll talk to him about it when I get home."

Quinn sighs. It just isn't worth it. Santana leans over and rests her hand on Brittany's for a moment before stating that she needs to lie back down soon. Brittany scoots over and Santana slips under to blankets, snuggling close. Quinn notices her own exhaustion creeping up on her. She tells them she's heading back to her room for sleep as well.

Quinn unhooks the IV bag from her chair and places it back on its stand, then climbs back into bed for some much needed sleep. Before she drifts off, she sits up and reaches for her own chart. It looked almost the same as Brittany's chart except that she knew how much weight she lost in the span of a few minutes. Five fucking pounds! How the hell does that happen? Was my scale off in the bathroom at home?

She awkwardly lifts her hospital gown and looks her body over carefully. Her abdomen has never been this defined. Wrists, arms, and legs all look sleek with tighter ridged muscle than she has ever seen on her own body. Even after Sue Sylvester's numerous insane diet and exercise regiments she had never seen her skin dip so sharp and lay so tightly against the contours of muscle. Maybe Sue has finally flipped her lid, snuck into their houses and implemented her latest form of madness as a coop for the next big win she's constantly after.

Quinn is distracted from this line of thinking, because she can hear the nurses talking again at their station, which is simply nuts, because it's too far away to overhear anything from where she's sitting.

"Quinn Fabray." Pause. "Yes, that will not be a problem. I will see to it." Quinn hears the phone being placed in its cradle. The nurse's tone changes as she begins to hear her speaking to someone else. "That was Dr. Kenson on the phone. He wants a full battery of tests for Quinn Fabray. You know, Betty just told me a few minutes ago that the other girls that came in with her, received the same requests from Doctor Anderson."

A new voice replies, "It's obvious that the girls were overdoing the diet pills. There is no way for them to have collapsed like that all at once, unless they were doing the same stupid thing at the same time. Maybe it's a group thing, but I wish these kids would just quit trying to look like those supermodels they see in magazines and TV. All three of them were lucky this time."

Gradually, Quinn's hearing muffles and she can no longer hear the conversation. How does this even work? It's so damn weird. Tiredly, Quinn lies down, slipping into an uneasy sleep.

Brittany's Hospital Room – Later That Night ~ Brittany

Brittany is dreaming. She knows she's asleep because she is aware of being in two places at once again. She prefers the dreams where she is a kitten better; because-obviously-kittens are super respected. They get to play and pounce on everything that moves, while being admired for it. Wriggly tails and squirmy kitty butts are way cute. Sometimes, after one of those most awesome dreams, she forgets to give human signals to her prey before jumping them. She's gotten better about that since eighth grade. Santana used to help her do a checklist every morning on the way to school, reminding her to "wake up all the way" before they actually got there. Thankfully it's not time to do one of those yet, and she isn't even a kitten tonight anyway. She's got new stories in Sleepy-Time to figure out though.

Santana, Quinn, and Rachel are in this story, which is cool, but so far she can't understand what any of them are saying to each other. It's like the sound got turned off. They seem to be arguing with each other in one way and doing serious "no-word talking" in another. She tries to keep her eye on them, while searching around for a volume button. Oh yeah! She reaches up with both hands and grabs her ears. Twist to the left, twist a little to the right…there! It's like radio stations. No one seems to notice her watching and listening in.

Brittany glances down and takes note that she is wearing her Super Spy trench coat. Sweet! Wait. I need my hat too. She reaches up to sort out the Zorro hat now sitting on her head. She is distracted again with the feeling of a mask covering her face and the weight of a belt and sword at her waist.

Oooh! I missed something! Brittany realizes her friend's story has moved along without her, because she didn't hit the pause button first. Where is it?! Unfortunately, things had changed from the last time she paid attention and her friends are farther apart from each other.

She finds herself compelled to reach out to the girls, then something unpleasant happens. Something that is remotely familiar, because it is one of the few ugly feelings she has ever experienced. Something is very wrong! She cannot stop her momentum toward all three girls at the same time. She has only felt this unsafe in a dream once before that she can remember. It was the night before Lord Tubbington came to live with her. She could feel her awareness expanding and thinning in order to follow Santana, Quinn, and Rachel. They're leaving and she cannot keep herself from being tugged behind them. She feels like she's coming apart as she rockets toward the girls fading out.

Somewhere in Lima, OH ~ C.A.T.

IT was, from all appearances, sleeping.

That is what IT generally did from the perspective of the outer world. The inner world, within IT, is far more complex and fluid. Inside of IT many worlds connect and shift with the smallest of force. It, and IT, is far less comprehensible by other life forms in this reality. IT does not even belong here, per se; rather, IT has simply borrowed matter to have presence, because of this action, IT can be perceived.

IT is a C.A.T. This is an oversimplified terminology used for the sake of human conceptualization. IT is a Clandestine Abject Transducer, an undetected higher life form who has lowered itself to act as a catalyst for change within a three-dimensional world or in the C.A.T.'s situation, the resistance of unbalanced abnormal changes.

In the beginning, other examples of explanations were used. Some of the ones given to one Brittany S. Pierce were Covert Agent for the Train that brings all the baby kittens and ducks to earth or Construction Architect for Transformers, because it would explain strange habits that a C.A.T. was required to perform. However, when Brittany's inquisitive curiosity became too much, a standby response was "cat", because they're behaviors are apparently befuddling, yet desirable.

In the manner of humans, Brittany S. Pierce, pressured by social conformity, deemed it necessary to give IT a proper name. That is how an IT came to be called "Lord Tubbington" or "Lord T." for lazy verbal and documental moments. Unpleasant, but telling, slurs were added, such as "fat cat", "devil", "clit-blocker" or simply a muttered "damn you cat!" by the human called "Santana, aka San or the incredibly lazy verbalization "S".

The C.A.T. discovered the concept of laziness only after entering a three-dimensional world. Laziness along with other perception-based influencing actions, such as lying and redundancy, were new to the entity. At what point would such defensive mechanics be employed in the realm of absolute truths? What purpose is served by questioning an absolute with the need to go over and over the same information again and again? Despite the entity's vast intelligence and access, understanding this realm's shifting absolutes, was daunting. The steps to preforming acts of laziness, lying or redundancy was not incomprehensible, it was the purpose behind them that baffled. This is part of the reason that the C.A.T. found itself connected to the three-dimensional life form known as Brittany S. Pierce in the first place.

The entity remembered the beginning of the relationship. A young life form entered the entity's dimension and proceeded to splinter. From the entity's reality, it was a form of uncontrolled chaos; therefore, IT intervened. Unfortunately, the life form was damaged in the process. That is to say, from the perspective of an absolutist, it was not completely fixed. IT followed the life force back to her realm, due to incompletion. Now, an IT, is stuck within three-dimensional timelines, because it became a "What", and finally a "Who". It became a C.A.T. called Lord Tubbington. The unfortunate side-effect of this chain of events was a personality. Having one influenced perception, pre-decision making, which in turn curtailed power and accessibility.

Lord Tubbington woke, from false slumber, to monitor his person. She was A.W.O.L. again. Brittany S. Pierce appeared to be splitting into three different entities. Lord Tubbington internally sighed. As humans put it, he was "back on the clock".

No Longer in Lima, OH ~ C.A.T.

Lord Tubbington suddenly realized where Brittany's soul had gone. As a C.A.T. he was fascinated, but with the alteration of a personality, he was terrified. She had only gone to this plane of existence once before and, if not for his intervention, the experience would have left her completely brain dead. He could sense no chaos, no panic, no unraveling; something was different about her now.

How? Why? He knew it must stem from the strange collapse that took place while she was away from him. He had not had the chance to inspect her closely without being near her. It is true, he could ditch the corporeal body to gain the access he needed, but she always questioned the miniscule changes that taking on a body again inevitably caused. Explaining a weight change, new stripe, spot, or color variation now seemed like a foolish thing to avoid in the face of her dangerously chaotic genius playing with creation tools like a god. So much could go wrong; one miscalculation and she would meet a messy end, literally. It was time to give up the body completely; it would only limit his abilities now.

The release of his body freed him. He chose to be unobserved as he approached her in order to avoid startling his charge. He must remain calm, poised. The game face was more painful to wear than any other time he had donned it. Slipping into her mind as casually as he could, he discovered the reason for her coming here. He also realized at that moment that his handiwork preformed for her safety as a child, was altered and facilitating multiple mutations. His safekeeping, Brittany S. Pierce, was becoming something new, and from skimming her memories, he realized that she was not the only one. He approached carefully, with the appearance of irrelevance despite the fear he really felt being so close to someone who could kill them both by stray thoughts coupled with the longing to attain actuality in the pure plane of alchemy. The minuscule modules of three people hovered near. Seeing them so sharp and clear in the beauty of visual fractals through Brittany's mind made him want to high tail it out of there and drag his charge with him. Unfortunately, she had allowed connections to form between herself and them that would damage her if removed improperly. Lord Tubbington knew that she would have to follow them into their minds before letting go.

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