Clint Barton aka Hawkeye was in love and voluntarily made his way to MedBay any chance he had. Natasha had been concerned at first when her partner would up and leave after a few scratches during training to go get checked out but their latest mission in Mongolia she changed her mind. Clint had kept fighting and running even though his shoulder had been dislocated and had a gash bleeding down his leg. However once they were able to make it back to base any tiredness and aches that she knew Clint had to be feeling seemed to disappear as he raced to Medical, as fast as he could anyway what with a bleeding leg and all. Seeing a prime opportunity to follow her partner, Natasha kept to the shadows so she could see what exactly was going on with Clint.

Clint was vibrating with happiness as he limped his way over to what has been deemed 'his bed'. It was four months ago when he was forced to go to his annual check-up where everything was normally cold, sterile and rough hands. Shivering Clint sat fidgeting on the bed in the hospital gown when the curtain moved allowing the doctor in. Clint's breath caught at the wild black hair, intense jade eyes, and a mouth that looked sinful, not to mention the broad shoulders that were accentuated by the white lab coat.

"Barton? Agent Barton?" Oh god, the voice caused a shiver to race down Clint's back, "I'm Doctor Potter, I'll be your new physician."

Clint could only swallow and nod. Ever since then Clint would find some way to make it back to Doctor Potter's office, even if it was a small paper cut. The best thing was that Doctor Potter never laughed at him, he would just smile at Clint and fix it up whether it was just putting a Band-Aid over it or making the pain go away with the touch of his hand while making small talk with Clint about his day. However he never understood why even for a simple cut he had to wear those exposing gowns. Clint later found out (snooping in top-secret files) that Doctor Potter was magical and was literally healing the hurt with the touch of his hand. After that Clint took to spying on the good Doctor through the vent in his spare time. He watched as Doctor Potter treated other wounds without his healing touch unless it was serious and a blossom of warmth spread throughout Clint's body knowing that Harry only healed all his minor wounds with the healing touch. Unless Doctor Potter was only doing it so Clint would get out of hair faster. That sudden warmth disappeared.

"Agent Barton please come down from the rafters," Clint was jarred from despair at Doctor Potter's voice directed at him.

Astonished Clint dropped gracefully from the vent.

"Agent Barton," Doctor Potter began.

"I can explain!" Clint rushed out forgetting that he couldn't really explain his stalkerish motives.

Doctor Potter merely raised his eyebrow, "So you hiding in my vents to watch me wasn't what you were doing?"

"Well you see, I wanted to see if you well heal others the way heal me," Clint trailed off.

"Don't worry, Agent Barton you're special," Doctor Potter wink before walking out the door, "By the way, the names Harry, Clint. And your butt is quite cute."

Clint stared after the good doctor as a blush spread across his face realizing why he had to wear those gowns continuously while others got to stay in their clothes.

However, currently Clint was nervous as this was the first time he actually had a serious wound.

"Clint, a pleasant surprise, I've missed my favorite agent. What the hell did you do?" Clint flinched slightly, he has never heard Harry raise his voice before and felt guilty that he made Harry break his calm and collected mask. Don't get him wrong, Clint wanted to see the calm and gentle mask obliterated but only in pleasure.

Looking up at Harry's face, Clint could see the worry and anxiousness in those jade eyes and his guilt increased. He didn't want to worry his doctor.

"The op went south quite quickly," Clint said by way of explanation steadily watching Harry waiting for the disappointment to enter those jade eyes. Clint was surprised though when instead of disappoint but affection showed through.

Harry lifted a hand and cradled the side of Clint's face while his other hand hovered the gash on Clint's leg his hand glowed briefly and the numb pain that Clint had been force to the back of his mind vanished.

Clint stared into Harry's eyes as Harry healed his shoulder as well make sure all bruising and swelling was gone. Still staring into his eyes was surprised when Harry spoke, "Come in for minor cuts and bruises anytime, but try not to get hurt so badly next time I don't like seeing you in serious pain."

Clint smiled warmly, his heart beating faster, "No promises Harry. However if you want to keep an eye on me, maybe we can go to dinner?"

"Sure, let me go change," Harry smiled and left with a wink.

Natasha emerged from her shadowed spot and stood next to Clint with a smirk and waited a moment before singing, "Clint and Harry sitting in a tree K-I-S-S-I-N-G."

Clint slapped a hand over Natasha's mouth, "Not a another word."