Classical music was floating in the air, soft and airy, giving a relax atmosphere as Doctor Harry Potter was relaxing at his desk reviewing emails sent from his two favorite pranksters who had gotten themselves into a predicament of having horse tails attached to their rear ends. He was giving them medical advice as to how to reverse the transformation as it was done by a potion for a new candy when Loki walked through the door stone faced and sat in the leather chair in front of the desk mechanically. Harry paused for a moment allowing his little hawk to finish reading from his spot in the ceiling before closing his laptop.

"Mr. Odinson," Harry began as he faced his newest challenge.

"Loki will suffice," came a terse reply from the god in front of him.

Harry paused for a moment before continuing, "Loki, then, your brother is concerned for you."

Harry watched as Loki's left eyebrow twitched while remaining silent.

"He says you are not being social."

Silence greeted his statement.

"Nor are you being insulting or causing mischief."

"You have a bird in your duct," Loki pointed raising his eyebrow.

"A hawk to be exact," Harry tilted his head deciding to see where this topic will go.

"Is that not against your human medical policies?"

"Hawks are very protective of their mates," Harry countered.

"Wouldn't that be tedious?" Loki questioned.

"Why would it be? Hawks enjoy staying with their mates and protecting their territory," Harry answered gauging how this was related to Loki.

"Wouldn't falcons be better?" Loki stared straight at Harry and Harry felt as if his answers were being weighted.

"What do you mean?"

"Wouldn't you want to travel? Not being stuck in single place?" Loki asked, eyes intense searching for an answer.

"I enjoy being with my hawk especially when we are at home. I feel no need for adventure, even though it seems to find me. I don't feel stuck seeing as I am right where I want to be," Harry answered mind turning over Loki's questions. Was Loki feeling stuck or imprisoned? Did he feel with Thor always about and watching him that he has no freedom?

"You don't feel suffocated?"

Harry gave pause as he thought about it. Yes Clint was always watching him from up high and liked to be near him at every given moment but Harry enjoys it as he loves knowing that Clint cares about him just as much he does about Clint.

"No," Harry simply answered, "I feel free knowing that I have someone that loves me so much to want to be with me."

Loki's searching eyes grew blank as Loki withdrew into himself, quiet once more. Silence settled in the room for a few moments before Harry spoke again.

"You know that falcons mate for life, same as hawks, however falcons travel to new places together. So they don't have to be alone in their travels," Harry ventured hoping to gain a reaction.

All he got was twitch of an eyebrow, and apparently it was the end of today's discussion as Loki swept out of the office.

Clint gracefully full from his spot only to lean over Harry resting his chin on Harry's shoulders with his arms crossed and whispered, "I feel freedom as well."

Harry smiled contentedly as he pondered over Loki's words. He knew that he would have consider Loki's words carefully as they were Loki's weapons.

It took another couple of days for Thor to convince Loki to return to Doctor Potter's office and as it were it was Tony's day for security since Clint left the day before with much procrastination. However Tony's way of watching over the good doctor was to set up Jarvis in the office and watch from a room close by seeing as Tony found the ceiling and air ducts to be uncomfortable.

Like last time Loki walked through the door and took a seat staring at Harry as Harry finished up some papers from his bank. He was adding his little hawk to his accounts fully as well as commissioning a bonding cuff. His brother was right, a bonding was in the near future.

"That is an interesting design," Loki commented voluntarily as he observed Harry's desk and papers.

"Most are ancient runes for protection and love," Harry answered shuffling his things together and placing inside his drawer away from prying eyes unaware that his guest tensed once more.

"What use is love when it just betrays you?" Loki spat out, his body laced with tension.

"Not all love betrays you," Harry calmly answered leaning back in his chair.

"All love is petty words, woven in lies."

Arching an eyebrow, Harry asked, "Being a lies-smith you must know all about love then."

Loki merely glared off in a corner.

"Why do you feel as if love betrayed you?"

Silence greeted the question.

"Tell me what betrayals you have faced to be so turned off of love?" Harry questioned steepling his fingers.

Loki's eyes flickered in Harry's direction before resuming their previous spot.

"Did your mentor betray you for the supposedly greater good? Did your mentor betray you for greed? Perhaps your friends went behind your back in planning your death to obtain your wealth? Perhaps your father figure never saw you but only as a replica of his deceased friend? Tell me what betrayals you have suffered?"

Loki had taken to staring sullenly at Harry as he asked his questions before asking one of his own, "If you have suffered those slights how can you still love your hawk or even have friends like the Man of Iron that is watching you?"

Harry was silent as he thought over his answer. He thought of Hermoine and Ron as plotted his demise during his fourth year and fifth year, he thought of Dumbledore blindly sacrificing him so as to rid the world of his previous mistake, Tom Riddle. He thought of Sirius never truly seeing him, but always seeing his father. Why didn't he become turned off of love? Because as Hermoine and Ron tore out his heart, the Slytherin Prince and True Gryffindor helped to put it back before it could die. As Dumbledore prepared him to meet death without being informed, Severus overcame his own hatred for his father and helped Harry to become informed; teaching him as Dumbledore should have done. Sirius always saw James, but Remus saw Harry.

"I always had someone else in my corner cheering me on just like you had Thor," Harry answered simply, "Just like I will be there for Iron Man and the rest of my family."

Loki's lip curled into a sneer, "Thor was never there! He was always being trained with the warriors. He was the golden boy and could do no wrong."

"Are you looking on past memories with tinted glasses? Perhaps you should revisit those memories without any tinted shades," Harry advised carefully.

Loki jumped from his chair with a snarl but before he could do more a faint whirling of pulse gun could be heard from the doorway.

Loki sneered before blanking his face and strode from the room but not before whispering maliciously, "Everyone will betray you," into Iron Man's ear.

Tony allowed his partial Iron Man suit to melt from his hand into the metal bracelet on his wrist as he stared at the ground.


Tony didn't answer as he replayed Loki's and Harry's conversation. Would Harry betray him? Them? He didn't notice when Harry stood before him.

Tony looked into Harry's green eyes and Harry moved wrapping Tony in a hug and apparating them to the couch in Harry's and Clint's quarters. Sitting down with Tony sitting sideways on his lap with his feet resting on the rest of the couch, Harry held Tony letting him come to his own conclusion.

As time ticked by, Tony came to a conclusion and told Harry as such, "You would never betray us."

"Never," Harry agreed tightening his hold on the fragile man as he saw Bruce and Steve quietly slip into the living room.

"In some ways you are more than what I could have hoped for in a friend or in a mentor. Obi was always there but it was more like he was using me for his own gain. But I craved the attention so that I didn't care," Tony confessed hiding his face in Harry's shoulder knowing he was allowed to be himself and not be ridiculed.

"You're safe with me. With us," Harry murmured letting the healing silence settle over them as Bruce slipped between the arm rest and Tony's back wrapping an arm around Tony's waist while Steve sat on the other side placing Tony's feet on his lap wrapping a hand around Tony's ankle.

"We're here for you Tony," Bruce whispered as Steve tightened his hold on Tony's ankle before removing Tony's shoes and his own settling his feet on the coffee table ready for a long night of comfort.

After a few minutes of silent comfort, Harry raised his hand palm up and caught the remote when it came flying to him, startling his companions.

Harry winked, "Don't tell Clint, he hates it when I'm this lazy."

Bruce laughed, Steve chuckled and Tony grinned happy to have this comfort that has long been denied to him.

AN – hehe I was going to try to do all of it in one chapter but it was taking too long, so here one part of it! Also I did some research about Loki and his animal forms and stumbled upon the fact that Loki would at times become a falcon. So yeah. Let me know how you liked it!