Author's notes:

This idea came to me while I was pondering on the rainbow challenge on Paint it Red. This story didn't work for this challenge but I liked it and wanted to write it anyway. The chapters will be short introducing a new colour.

His world turned grey the moment he read the note on his bedroom door. It was the strangest thing, his bedroom walls were suppose to be sunshine yellow. He remembers all the care and attention that went into choosing the colour. Angela had brought home countless tester pots before deciding on the first one she had chosen. He teased her about it for weeks. But the yellow walls have disappeared. Jane's world's been covered in a blanket of grey. Well not entirely grey, there's also red! Angela's body was covered in it. He used to love to see her in a short red dress she wore when they went out for their 1st anniversary but now he doubts he will ever like the colour red again and yet - the only cars he sees are red, the little girl he notices has a red t-shirt on, the only time he sees the sun is when it's burning up the sky at the end of another miserable day. His only request at the funeral was no red. So it was a grey funeral. Everyone was in grey, the flowers were grey, the food. He walked through his grey world day after day, hour after hour, minute after minute, until one second he turned his world to black.