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Title: Dangerous Games

Author: the-writer1988

Rating: T

Characters: Obi-Wan Kenobi, Anakin Skywalker, Ahsoka Tano and Count Dooku

Summary: Fascination with Obi-Wan Kenobi leads Count Dooku to capture the Jedi Master. Taken to Serenno, Obi-Wan finds himself caught up in a battle between two Sith Lords, enduring trials as the Count seeks to turn him and fighting to survive as another wishes for him to die... all the while Anakin seeks his missing Master.

Notes: It is mentioned in the novel for Revenge of the Sith of Dooku's fascination with Obi-Wan and how he would like to turn him. This story evolved from that.

Disclaimer: The mouse owns Star Wars. I just like to play in it.


His head pounded as conscious feeling filled his body. Darkness surrounded him as he fought to maintain his grip on reality. He couldn't move, his body restrained by more than simple binders. Clearly they did not want him to escape.

Opening his eyes, Obi-Wan Kenobi found himself lying on the floor of a hold. His hands were bound tightly behind his back by a chain connected to the wall. How had he got here? His memory was fuzzy but there had to be a reason why he was a prisoner…

Images started to flow back into his memory receptors. The head wound he had suffered delayed the reconstruction of his capture. But as his memory pieced the fragments together, he groaned, realising with horror what must have happened to the rest of his crew.

He'd been on patrol, a simple patrol near the edge of Republic space in the ship he had christened The Negotiator. Anakin and Ahsoka were stationed in the next system over, watching for any sign of enemy activity.

The Separatists had jumped out of hyperspace practically on top of them. Their shields had fallen before they could mount an effective counter-attack. Faced with losing a battle, Obi-Wan had ordered a tactical retreat, commanding the other ships in his fleet to flee to neighbouring systems and alert the other Republic patrols of the attack.

His ship had been disabled and droids had boarded.

Obi-Wan closed his eyes briefly as he remembered the bodies of his troopers littering the hallways. The clone troopers had been bred for war yet Obi-Wan revered their lives. He didn't want to waste them and the mindless slaughter conducted by the enemy forces only continued to prove that they did not have good intentions for the Republic if they won this war.

He tugged at the bonds holding his wrists behind his back but failed to make any headway in breaking them. He growled under his breath. The Separatists knew ways how to contain Jedi. They'd captured enough of them to experiment enough that would prevent any escape. General Grievous always seemed to be one step ahead of the Jedi, knowing when to strike at them, and how to target the weak spots of their ships.

Obi-Wan sighed. Grievous had boarded The Negotiator, had fought Obi-Wan, cornering the Jedi Master in a hallway. Surrounded by battle droids, he and Grievous had fought, all the while Obi-Wan's clone commander, Cody, had attempted to make a drop on the droids, to give his General a chance to escape. They had failed to make an impact that would have given Obi-Wan the distraction he needed to get away.

He didn't know what had happened to Cody in the carnage or the rest of the battalion his friend commanded. Obi-Wan had been too busy trying to fend off the continuous assault Grievous threw at him. Distracted by ordering Cody and the others to begin their retreat, Obi-Wan hadn't had time to defend himself against Grievous' next attack. The droid General had launched towards him, grabbing him by the face with one of his steel-hooked feet, flinging him over and hard onto the durasteel floor. His chest was crushed by the force of the hold the droid General had on him; Obi-Wan had succumbed to the threatening darkness that had loomed over him.

Instead of killing him as he had assumed Grievous would, the droid General must have taken him captive.

Wherever he was, he wasn't on The Negotiator anymore.

Carefully, he reached out to Anakin in the Force, trying to sense his former Padawan's presence. It became realistically clear that he had been drugged, his connection to the Force supressed.

Just my luck!

Not being able to make any contact with his friend was problematic. How long would it be before they learnt that he was missing? Would they assume him dead? No, Anakin wouldn't believe he was dead. If his reaction to Obi-Wan's supposed 'death' on Jabiim had anything to go by he wouldn't rest until he was certain Obi-Wan was dead.

And the only way he'd accept that would be if he saw my dead body.

He shuddered.

He had the ominous feeling that he wasn't in for a pleasant time at all.

To be continued...

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Just a short prologue to set things up. I decided to start right from the moment Obi-Wan was captured as I felt it was a better creative decision to do since it allows me to move onto the story quite quickly. The chapters are probably going to be short at present as things are built up but I do intend to write longer chapters as we get into the meat of the story. Anakin and Ahsoka will also feature. I wouldn't class this as a Dark-Obi fic, as I simply do not know whether this story is going to go that far or not yet. But its going to be a tough old time for Obi-Wan in this story.

Next chapter will be posted soon (hopefully next week sometime!)