harry potter the son of poseidon

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Chapter 1: Tartarus

His bright-green eyes the color of a stormy sea flicked open. One scrawny hand reached towards his forehead brushing away his untidy jet black hair to reveal a lightening bolt scar. Harry had defeated Lord Voldemort his most evil and sadistic nemesis and his scar, the proof of his connection to the Dark Lord, had nearly not burned for a year. Now it was burning again. He experienced vivid dreams of the ocean crashing down on rocks and boy emerging from it. Harry couldn't remember the details but he thought the boy looked like him. In another dream he saw the same boy, only now his face was gaunt scraped and bloody, falling down a pit holding tightly a girl with blowing blond hair and intense, stormy grey eyes. Harry saw things of unspeakable evil and pain in the endless darkness of the pit and despite the fact that he only recall indistinct flashes of the pit Harry's blood-curdled in remembrance of the place.

I fell down as if in slow motion the Tartarus pulling Annabeth and me further down still. with baited breathe i remembered Nico looking at me depressed as i told him "The other side Nico," i had said." We'll see you there," i knew the doors of death were my only hope. Only hope...or maybe not. His father was trying to contact Percy. He could hear whispers in his mind. Poseidon said that he had another son a much, much more powerful son.. a son that could possibly save Percy

"Jason" a voiced spoke. Jason sat up straight in his room in ArgoII. A man walked out of the shadows. He was surrounded by an aura of power and defiance. Jason stared at him rudely for a second before brandishing his sword. Too late he realized who the man was, bowing down he said loud and clear. "I am sorry Lord Poseidon."

Waving his hands Poseidon boomed "I have thought long and hard to how to save my son, Percy, and I think I know how to save him. Listen carefully because you are the one who will tell Chiron what to do. I have another son, you know? He is more powerful then both Percy and you combined.. he doesn't know that and you have to tell him. His name is Harry Potter"

Jason stared at Poseidon dumb-struck who was this boy that was powerful enough to escape the Tartarus, something even the gods couldn't do and the titans took eons to do.

Chiron stared at Jason through the Iris-Message. Jason spoke, "Poseidon told me that Harry potter is the one and only son of both Hectate and Himself. Apparently, when Hectate has children with other Gods she makes some mortals that are blessed by her believe that her son is there's Mostly these children don't survive as they are way to powerful. Harry is the only one who did. More importantly people who are blessed by Hectate are wizards and there are many wizards in the mortal world. In the wizard world an evil Lord named Voldemort wanted to take over the wizard world and reveal them to the mortals. Lord Voldemort's grand plan was to force all mortals into hiding and make sure that wizards ruled them. He killed people for fun. A prophecy was made and one of his minions told him about it. the prophecy went like this:

"The one with the power to vanquish the Dark Lord approaches ... born to those who have thrice defied him, born as the seventh month dies ... and the Dark Lord will mark him as his equal, but he will have power the Dark Lord knows not ... and either must die at the hand of the other for neither can live while the other survives ... the one with the power to vanquish the Dark Lord will be born as the seventh month dies ..."

Voldemort thought this referred to Harry who was 1 at the time. He found Harry's parents house and tried to kill Harry with the inescapable killing curse. Harry's father tries to stop the Lord but was killed. He told Harry's mum to move aside and let him kill Harry. She sacrificed herself for Harry thus now Voldemort couldn't touch Harry. The killing curse rebounded making Voldemort disappear and leaving harry with a scar. From then on he was called the boy who lived.

Harry was sent to live with his mean aunt and uncle who treated him like dirt. At 11 he went to a Wizarding school where he faced many challenges with his two friends Ron Weasley and Hermoine Granger. In the end of his fourth year his friend Cedric Diggory was killed and he found out Voldemort had returned. Every one thought he was mad but in the fifth year the Minister of magic saw Voldemort and instantly Harry potter was a hero again. In sixth year Harry potter found out that Voldemort had split his soul into seven so that if by chance he died a part of his soul could continue where he had left of. The pieces of souls could be trapped in any object, this was called hocruxes and if they weren't destroyed Voldemort couldn't die. so in the Seventh year Harry Potter and his two friends went to search for them. After every one of them was destroyed Harry found out the night his (fake)parents died he was made an extra hocrux that even Voldemort didn't know about. For that piece of soul to die harry had to be killed by Voldemort. In an epic last war harry surrendered to Voldemort in the woods, died, came back(hocrux free), defeated Voldemort once and for all and finally found peace after 7 years" Jason took a gasp of air.
Chiron continued staring before murmuring, "Incredible. He has both the power of Hectate and Poseidon. Perfect!"

Jason looked befuddled ''Can some-one explain this to me!" "Son the Tartarus pulls in evil not some-one or thing whose very veins flow with the power of love. Also, it takes in Godly or Evil power you see if he doesn't have experience with using the more dangerous and exciting powers of Hectate and Poseidon he will be able to apparate out after closing the doors of death in the Tartarus." Jason understood, he would have to find Harry Potter at all costs.

Harry needed to talk to dumbeldore, he had to find the boy from his dreams at all costs.