I heard the distant chink of swords clashing, and, throwing on my helmet, ran down the corridor towards the distant double doors to the great Hall. Not knowing who or what to expect, I threw open the doors and surveyed the scene. The entire guard of the hold must have been surrounding the entrance, trying to push the doors shut against the intruders. How had they managed to get in?

I would have joined the struggle, but as good as I was at swinging a sword, my feminine strength would make no difference. I ran across the hall to where I knew I'd find Aragorn. He'd know what to do. I looked fairly masculine in body whilst wearing armour (except in height), so the majority of the guard were yet to know of my true identity – hence the helmet.

"Aragorn!" I ran down various corridors, calling his name, but no answer. I rounded a final corner to see Legolas staring distantly out of a window. His head instantly snapped round to greet me.

"Whatever is the matter?" The fair Elf looked puzzled.

"Aragorn… Have you seen him?" I prayed he had.

"I'm afraid not. Why, is it urgent?" Before I'd noticed that he'd even moved, he was stood a foot or so away from me.

"There's an attack on the hold. No idea who though. I heard noise and fighting and thought Aragorn should be informed." I turned and began to hurry away.

"Wait. Aragorn was out for a ride last I heard. I'll come with you and see if I can help." Legolas urged me ahead and the both of us ran back to the hall. We entered the hall, to see the doors closed. A thump on said door every so often would knock a few men over, but they got back up and still they held it closed.

"What would Aragorn have them do…" Legolas contemplated aloud.

"You're one of his best friends, you should know." I glanced at him before running over to see if the men were okay. A few told me what had happened.

I ran back over to Legolas.

"What news?" He crouched a little to stop me having to crane my neck to see him.

"Orcs." I spat, examining his face for reaction.

He stood straight instantly and marched over to the doors.

"We have to face them now." I tried to keep up with him.

"We'll have to have a few of them men fetch weapons…" I pointed out.

"You!" Legolas shouted towards the group, "Take ten men, and find all of the arms, and if possible other men, you can. We're going to need them."

"We can't hold them much longer, sir." I heard one of the men point out.

"Then hurry," Aragorn's voice came from behind us.

"Aragorn," Legolas acknowledged and bowed his head a little.

"Who's the short one?" Aragorn looked at me.

"I… I do not believe he's had the chance to introduce himself," Legolas' eyes were fixed on me too.

"Is now really the time for exchanging pleasantries, gentlemen?" I nodded in the direction of the doors, hoping to change the topic of conversation.

"You're right, but you do not look strong to wield a blade, young man." Legolas sighed.

"I'll have you know, I'm one of the finest swordswom- swordsmen this hold has."

"If you say so, sir. I have sent a few of the men to find more men and weapons." Legolas informed Aragorn.

"A wise move." Aragorn strode towards the doors. Legolas whispered something to him as he passed, before following and beckoning me to do the same.

The hall fell silent as Aragorn approached.

"Men," he began. "Prepare yourselves, for the Orcs are strong. They may outdo us in strength and numbers, but they do not do so in intelligence. Push them back. To have any advantage we need to have them in the open."

At this moment, a group of around fifty men entered the hall, all carrying as many weapons as they could manage. These swords, axes, bows and such were distributed within the men. Legolas was given his bow, and Aragorn had his hand over his sword, ready.

"Are you ready, men?"

The chorus of "Aye" and cheers echoed, followed by the sound of swords being unsheathed following Aragorn's movement. I unsheathed my sword, swinging it idly in circles waiting for Aragorn's order.

The raising of his sword signalled the men to open the doors. We all charged out, hoping to drive the Orcs back as far as we could. As our men spread out, I had my chance to get out to the front and prove myself. Not for anyone else, but for myself. Blades glistened in the sunlight, before piercing flesh and becoming dirtied with blood. I clasped my sword in my sweating palms as I ran as fast as I could, slashing at any orcs I could hit. One of the orcs I came across was bigger than the rest. My size being an advantage, I dodged around his movements, taking any chance I could to slash at his arms, torso, and legs. The big orc swung his arm backwards, hitting me straight in the stomach, sending me flying into a group of other orcs. My sword fell from my hands as I hit the ground, after sending a few orcs tumbling from the impact.

I saw the large orc charging towards me, his jagged axe suspended above his head, silhouetted in the sunlight. I lay still, glancing occasionally glancing to my sword, which lay but a few feet to my right. As soon as I saw he was about to swing the axe downwards towards me, I rolled forward, forcing the hardest kick I could manage into his stomach, before rolling towards my sword. The orc fell to the ground, clutching his stomach, meaning he dropped his axe.

I grabbed for my sword. It was just out of reach. Suddenly, a searing pain ripped through my ankle. The orcs axe had landed on my ankle. There was not enough force to sever it, but it had left a deep enough wound that the bone was visible. I yelped in agony, and crawled towards my sword. I grasped it in one hand, using my other to push me off the ground. As soon as I put pressure on my ankle, it felt like it had been cut once more. I yelped again, collapsing to my knees, resorting to crawl on all fours towards the big orc. I paid no attention to how everyone was faring around me, focusing only on the heaving figure in front of me. It's back rose and fell, as it lay weak on the ground. Glancing at all of the earlier wounds, some still bleeding, others smeared with grit and mud, I crawled towards its head, still holding my sword in my right hand. I could hear it growling, and I saw that my kick had split one of the wounds wide open, causing much blood to spill from the bloated beast. I finally came to its head, my ankle still burning from the pain. I raised my sword as far above my head as my weary arms would allow, and with all my strength, brought down my sword on the back of the creature's grotesque neck. The first strike was not enough to cut completely through. The orc let out an almighty roar and began to flail his arms about in an attempt to hit me. Ignoring the pain in my ankle, I jumped onto his back. The creature stood up, roaring and swatting at me. Clinging on to its back by digging my knees into its sides, I raised my sword once more, this time aiming the strike straight down the creature's spine. The roaring instantly stopped, and the orc shuddered, before collapsing to the floor. My vision blurred, my sword fell from my grip, and I fell to the ground.