Genevaer's POV:

"You," I growled, "How dare you come back here!"

"Nice to see you too," Lylith smiled cruelly. She took off her shoe, and pulled out a knife. Guards are useless with their searches.

"What, are you going to try and kill me again?" I grabbed the knife that lay on my dressing table.

"Oh, but this time there will be no try. Aragorn will be mine, mellonamin, whether you like it or not,"

"You disgust me Lylith." I ran towards her, but she moved out of the way. I hit the bed instead, tearing the blankets.

"Aragorn has already fallen into my trap," She smiled cruelly. "Oh, don't worry. You'll get to see him later, when he confesses his love for me in front of you,"

"Never," I lunged at her again, but she knocked me to the floor.

"Sad, I thought you'd put up more of a fight." She kicked the knife from my hands, and pinned me to the ground.

"Where are you going, my lady?" One of the guards questioned.

"For a walk," I tried to sound as calm as possible, with Lylith's knife against my ribs.

"Don't be too long then, my lady," Another warned.

We walked to the forest, the sound of horses and men in the distance.

"We got him, mistress," One of the men on horses, presumably a bandit, bowed his head to Lylith.

"Eilor," Aragorn's voice was weak. He lay on the floor, his hands tied behind his back and his feet tied together.

"Estel," I tried to run towards him, but Lylith grabbed my hair.

"Ah, isn't this sweet," Lylith pushed me to the ground, another bandit tied me.

"You're evil," I spat.

"Hush, aier. We wouldn't want to provoke the evil one and have things happen quickly," Lylith's smile was one of pure delight.

"Eilor," Aragorn called out again.

"I love you, Estel,"

"I love you too, Eilor," Aragorn whispered.

"Liar," Lylith spat, whipping round and putting her knife to Aragorn's throat.

"It is not a lie, you are just too jealous to believe it," I hissed.

Lylith's POV:

The scene replayed in my head. It was all going to plan.

"You may leave," I ordered the bandits. They knew well that I meant it, and were gone within seconds.

I knelt by Genevaer's side.

"So beautiful, such a shame it has to go to waste," I held the girl still.

No!" Aragorn shouted, as I put my knife to Genevaer's delicate little neck.

"Tell me you love me, and I'll spare the girl," I laughed.

"Estel! Don't do it!" Genevaer squirmed in my grasp, tears running down her pale face.

"What is it to be, Estel?"

I laughed as my plan unfolded perfectly.

Aragorn remained silent.

"I said, what's it to be?" I forced my knife further into the small girl's neck.

"Please, Estel." She whispered, "If you love me, let me go,"

I smiled.

"She's right. If you loved her, you would let her go..." I pulled Genevaer's head back, and a small amount of blood seeped from under my blade.

"Please, Estel," She repeated.

Elven Translations:

"Mellonamin," My friend

"Eilor," Blue Flower

"Aier," Small one

"Estel," Hope