"How dare you!" I heard Aragorn shouting, so I sped up.

"I see no lie in her eyes, Aragorn. Trust me, please, mellon," Legolas had his head bowed.

"After all she has done, you dare bring her back here?!" Aragorn rubbed his forearm as he spoke.

"Melamin," I walked over to the two. "What is wrong?"

"He brought Lylith back," Aragorn scowled at Legolas.

"He did what?" I thought he would want rid of her more than anyone.

"She has changed, believe me. She came to pay her respects to Eldrim after you'd all left," Both me and Aragorn's jaws dropped in shock.

"That doesn't mean she's being truthful," I broke the silence.

"She's right, respect for those who have passed does not suddenly rectify all of your wrong-doing." Aragorn looked angry.

"Then keep watch over her, let her prove herself. I understand your worry, but she really seems to have changed this time. I hope you'll see that," Legolas bowed and left.

"He's too easily fooled," Aragorn sighed.

"Hello," Lylith spoke gently, not sounding herself.

"Indeed," I was sick of the sight of her.

"A fine morning, my lady." She smiled politely. It was far different from the cruel grin that was usually fixed upon her face.

"It is," I tried to seem a little warmer towards her.

"Would you care to go for a walk?"

"I am not sure that is wise. There are a number of bandits around lately, and I would not like to risk it,"

Aragorn walked in.

"I would like to speak to you, my lady," He looked at me. "In private,"

Lylith instantly left.

"She seems a lot warmer than she did," I sighed.

"I agree. Maybe I was wrong to knock Legolas' judgement so quickly. But then, it might just be another charade…"

"I think we should trust her. At least for now," I looked out of the window.

"Perhaps, but for now I believe we should keep eyes on her at all time. We should have a guard assigned to watch over her," Aragorn left.

I sighed, and walked back to the hall, taking my seat next to Aragorn.

Pippin and Merry walked in.

"Hello Gen," Pippin smiled.

"Hey there, Pip," I ruffled his hair. "What mischief have you two been up to?"

"Aah, not much. Though we did braid Gimli's beard for him," The pair laughed.

Oh, you two," I smiled and laughed with them. They ran off outside, looking like excited children.

"My King," Lylith had appeared, seemingly from nowhere, and was on one knee with her head bowed.

"Yes, Lylith?" Aragorn looked slightly confused.

"I would like to apologise for everything I've done to you. I know my apology may not be much, and that the damage done is irreparable, but I'd like to apologise all the same…" She lifted her head and her eyes flickered between me and Aragorn. "I am truly sorry,"

"You seem sincere in your apology, but we would like you to have a guard supervise you at all times just to make sure. You must understand," Aragorn frowned a little.

Lylith stood. "I understand, and that is fine by me."

"The guard will report back to me everything that you do. You must understand that this is just a precaution, to make sure."

"I understand," Lylith smiled.

"We have yet to find a free guard, so if you could remain in here with us for today," Aragorn looked around.

"Of course, my King," Lylith bowed.

"Aragorn!" I ran to him. "Estel, She's gone,"

"Search the city, we can't have her sneaking around," A look of panic spread about his face.

I ran over to a group of guards that stood at the door.

"Lylith is missing, you must search the city. We need some of you to search the city, and some to search outside. Be wary of bandits," They bowed and ran off.

"Oh how could I let this happen," Aragorn buried his face in his hands.

"It's not your fault, Estel." I looked around.

We'd been searching for Lylith for almost half of the day. We had almost everyone looking for her. Legolas and I were riding around the city asking people if they'd seen her, but none had.

Hours more had passed, and the sun was beginning to set. The doors opened, and Legolas strode in, pulling Lylith by the wrist behind him.

"She was at Eldrim's side," Legolas pulled her further, and she sank to her knees.

"Lylith," I stood and walked over to her. "If you wanted to see him you could have asked, you know," I knelt by her side. Maybe she was genuinely sorry for what she had done.

"But you'd have sent me with a guard, and it's not the same when I'm not alone there…" The trails of numerous tears stained her cheeks.

"How did you find her?" Aragorn asked Legolas.

"The leaves on the plants around Eldrim were turning brown; I was going to replace them…" Legolas frowned.

"Well thank you, mellonamin, we are very grateful," Aragorn smiled, and bowed his head.

"I'm sorry," Lylith sighed. "I just wanted to see him, one last time, alone, before I have this guard following me around,"

"I understand," Aragorn seemed like he was sorry for her.

"Melamin," I beckoned him over.

"What is it?" He whispered.

"Do you pity her?" I looked over to her.

"Somewhat, yes,"

"Do not let it cloud your judgement, Estel. She needs to know that she is not highly thought of, else she might get ideas again."

"I know, Eilor. I know," He walked back over to her.

I hoped he would not do as others before had done, and let pity get in the way of what he knew to be right.

Legolas sidled up to me, followed by Pippin and Frodo.

"Who is the girl?" Pippin asked, staring at her and Aragorn.

"Staring isn't polite, Peregrin," I joked. "She is… Well. This may shock you…"

"Lylith," Legolas surveyed the scene with narrowed eyes, as if reading it like a book.

Pippin's jaw dropped.

"Aragorn just let her back? As if nothing had ever happened?" He tried to walk over to her, but I grabbed his hood and pulled him back.

"Pip, we are testing her. Eldrim's death snapped her out of whatever blood-driven trance she was in. She pleaded for Legolas' help by Eldrim's grave, and she ran away to see him today. We believe she is truly a different person now, though we are keeping watch over her." He looked utterly disgusted. "Please, Pippin. Trust us?"

He sighed before nodding, shaking himself to release his hood from my grip. He walked over to the girl, and began conversing, seemingly politely.

"He has much faith in you," Legolas watched Pippin. "You must tell me more about your past. I would love to know what brought you here," he smiled warmly.

"We could go for a walk later, perhaps replace those flowers like you were meaning to," A walk would be nice. To escape the drama of being in the spotlight all of the time. Escape having to put up with endless nagging.

"Yes, that would be nice," the Elf smiled and walked away.

"Melamin," I kissed Aragorn's hand. "Legolas and I are going to replace the flowers, as he meant to earlier,"

Aragorn smiled and nodded "Do not be gone too long, Eilor,"

I nodded and went to find Legolas.

The grass was a comfort to my bare feet as we walked, talking as we did so. We gathered flowers and leaves as we went.

"Do you ever regret leaving the Shire?" Legolas bent down to pick up another flower. Though he was much taller than I, he seemed to bend down with much more ease. The Elves were a graceful lot.

"I do. Mainly for how I left my brother. It must have been so difficult for him…" I looked down at my feet.

"Then what drove you to upset him so?"

"I couldn't bring myself to leave while he was so happy with me being there. I had to make him hate me somehow, and when that didn't go to plan as such, I fled anyway," We finally reached Eldrim's resting place.

"I understand," A frown did not fit upon such an elegant creature's face.

"Do not be sad because it is over, smile because it once was. That is what I've said to myself since,"

"Wise words, aier. I may have to try that some time," We removed the withered and wilted plants from Eldrim's resting place.

We replaced the flowers in almost silence, the occasional few words about which flower should go where.

"Melamin!" Malethel darted out of the trees.

"Malethel?" I stood and ran over to her. She was a mess; her clothes were torn, her hair tangled, her face dirtied. She grasped her bow close to her chest.

"Come, quickly," Annoyance was apparent in her voice. "You won't believe it when you see it,"

She didn't say another word, and began running back. Legolas pulled me up onto his back and ran.

Elven Translations:

"Mellon," Friend

"Melamin," My love

"Estel," Hope

"Eilor," Blue Flower

"aier," Small/short one

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