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A White Paper

Chapter 1: A Prey

In Tokyo, mostly in Ikebukuro, Shibuya and Shinjuku, everyone knows the famous Orihara Izaya. He's the famous writer who mostly wrote a book about mystery, thriller and action. His books are popular around teenagers and adults. Whenever his new book released, in one or two days lots of people already standing and make a line infront of the cashier.

Just like today, Izaya just released his new book. Teenagers and adults are making a line to buy his books.

"Hmm, crowded as always~" A raven haired man in his twenties, standing on a roof near a book store, looking at the crowd wanting to buy his newest book that's just released yesterday. He chuckles as he slowly jumps off the roof and landing gracefully on the ground.

Despite he's a writer, he's also a parkour. He got that because in high school people were always picking a fight with him, but Izaya always running away, jumping from a building to another building until they can't follow him.

"Ne, have you read Orihara Izaya's book?" A high-pitched voice with a long brown hair asked to a jet black-haired girl beside her.

"Hmm?The one that's just released?" The raven girl asked. The brown-haired one grins happily, "Yeah, the new one!I can't believe the main character's friend die—"

"Okay, stop!I haven't read it!" The raven haired girl frowned at her friend.

Izaya humming happily hearing the girls talking as he continue to walk on the crowded street. He looks at a group of teenagers sitting on a bench while reading his book together with a serious expression that makes Izaya chuckles.

Izaya loves people watching. It's his way to find an inspiration. He always amused how people reacts, how people do with their lives, everything about it makes him happy. He likes it when people gives him a critique, he likes how his humans thinks, giving an opinion, expressions, everything!

Izaya skipping happily on the side of the street. He's on his way back to his apartment to meet Yagiri Namie, his assistant. They argues almost all the time, but when it's about work, they will do anything to finish everything right before the deadline.

Arrived at his apartment, he opens the door while humming happily and steps in before he close it again.

"I'm back, Namie-san~!"

"Welcome back. So?How's it?" A long-haired woman asked from her desk while typing on the computer.

'"Everything went well~" Izaya chuckles as he took off his fur-trimmed jacket and put it on the couch before he sat on the couch near the jacket. There's no reply from Namie after that, and Izaya's totaly fine with it and waits for his tea.

A few seconds later, Namie brought a cup of tea and place it on the table infront of Izaya.

"Shiki-san said you'll have to write another genre this time." Namie said after she put the cup on the table and stood up. Izaya raised a brow. It's not like Shiki, his editor, asked him to write a different genre than he used to write. But Izaya's fine with it, since he likes trying new things.

"What genre?" Izaya asked before he sipped his tea. Namie walk to her desk, her cheeks puffs out trying to laugh. But she holds it and then clears her throat before she answer.

"Romance." Namie said and then laughs silently. Izaya almost spitted out the tea in his mouth, he cough a few times before he could breath normally again.

"Wait, wait. Romance?Shiki-san told me to write a damn cliche love story?I can't believe this..." Izaya wiped his mouth with the back of his hand, still can't believe that fact that Shiki really asked him to write a romance genre this time. Is he joking?Orihara Izaya, the famous writer who always write mystery genre now have to write a love story. This is out of his comfort zone.

"Hmm, what is it?You can't write a simple love story, Izaya-san?" Namie asked with a mocking tone, smirking at her writer. Izaya 'tch' at his assistant and stood up, walking to her desk.

"I can write a love story. Who said I can't write it?" Izaya asked with a cold eyes looking at Namie in the eyes. Namie raised a brow and sigh deeply.

"Of course you can write it. But you can't just think about a simple plot of a romance genre and write, you'll have to see the real thing and understands it so the reader will completely drowns into the story." Namie said, moving her index finger in the air, explaining the whole thing. Izaya who seems interested, he brought his hand on his chin and ask.

"So, it'll have to be a real thing?" Izaya said with a serious look. Namie smiles and nods at him, feeling relieved that Izaya might write it seriously.

"Even better when it happens in the writer's own experiences." Namie continue while she crossed her arms. Izaya let out a huff and smirk.

"Okay, I get it. How long and when is the deadline?"

"Shiki-dono haven't told the exact date of the deadline, but he gives you four weeks to think about the plot and write it." Izaya replied with a hum and then smirk.

"Great, I have lots of times then. I'll go to 'Bukuro to find some inspiration, you can go home earlier. See you~!" Izaya waves his hand as he took his fur-trimmed jacket and his apartment key before leaving his apartment and heading to Ikebukuro.

-At A Certain Place In Ikebukuro-

Despite it's till 02:18 at noon, the sky is dark, making the shadow on the ground becomes more paler than it's already are. People are wondering wether it will be raining or not. They started to go to a store to buy an umbrella, incase it will be raining. People seem to think about it, but not one person.

He looks like he's in his early twenties or maybe a little more younger. His bleached blonde hair are sticking to his forehead, sweating and panting. Running from something. Trying to find a place to hide. Pretending to be one of the crowds won't works anymore. Those gangster already know how he looks like.

The young blonde's mocha eyes widen when he sees an alley. He quickly running from where he's standing and runs to the alley. This is dangerous, those people saw him. What to do?!what to do?! The blonde thinks. He keeps running into the alley, trying to run as far as possible. When he's about to stop, a guy who's one of the gangster appears at the end of the left alley. The blonde turns around to his right just to find those gangsters are running towards him. He took a deep breath and then runs to another alley infront of him.

Izaya is walking on a road he usually walk through. He looks around to see some couples holding hands, eating together and stuff. But Izaya doesn't feel any inspiration coming to him by just watching that. He knows how it works. Those couples will go to a date, eating, watching a movie, walking at the park, etc. He knows all of that. But he needs something more specific.

What is love?

Namie was right. He really needs to get into the real thing. Feeling what love is. And how does it affects him. It will have to happen to himself. But how?Being in love with someone seems impossible for Izaya. He loves his humans equally. And he can't write a love story just because what he felt towards his humans. Tsk, now what?I know there's some people who likes me. But I won't and can't feel anything towards them...Aaah, maybe I just have to try?But with who..?

When he's thinking hardly about it, he suddenly heard a hard thumping sound from the alley. He turns his face to look at the alley and see a blonde guy, he can't really guess because he's far away from the end of the alley, but he seems younger than Izaya. He's running from a group of people behind him. Ara?What is going on?

The young blonde keeps running until he saw Izaya who's standing at the end of the alley that will go to the usual street. He keeps running despite he's troubled with breathing.

"MOVE AWAY!" The blonde shouted at the raven haired guy who's still standing while watching the scene in amuse. Izaya who sees the blonde running closer, smirk at the blonde. He could feel something different about this young blonde.

Ha!Found it!Just at the right time~

The blonde seems not amused by Izaya's behavior. Smirking evily like that, didn't he heard what the blonde just said?

And when the blonde is now infront of Izaya, he moves his hand to Izaya's shoulder and shout.

"I SAID MOVE!" But there's when the blonde shocked. The raven infront of him suddenly dissappear. He turns around to search for the raven who's now behind the blonde, standing infront of the gangsters. The young blonde furrowed his brows and gritted his teeth in annoyance.

"Oi, who are you?"

"Are you his friend?"

Questions are out from their mouth. Izaya groaned when they still asking questions. The blonde who's now behind Izaya completely clueless. Izaya looks at the blonde on the corner of his eyes and smirk at him. The blonde seems pissed off, but Izaya doesn't care about it. He grabs the blonde's wrist and pulls him, running away from those gangsters.

"Ah?Oi!What are you-"

"Just follow me." Izaya said with a grin. It's been a long time he's feeling this kind of excitements. Maybe his thought about using the blonde to give him an inspiration to write was a good idea after all!

That's what he thinks.

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