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A White Paper

Chapter 10: First Move

Shizuo started to placed his clothes and stuff out from his suit case, preparing everything in his room. He sighed in relieved once he was done and plopped down on the bed.

Uwaah….it's really comfortable….maybe I'll like it here…

When he almost asleep, the door slides open and Akabayashi came in, "Ah, Shizuo-kun are you sleeping?" If he already knew that he shouldn't have asked, but this is Akabayashi what should he do with it.

Shizuo slowly sat on the bed, "Un…no..almost..if you can say…" he said lazily. He was still feeling a little sleepy since he didn't sleep at the car when he was on the way here with Akabayashi.

"Aaah….I'm really sorry…just wanted to ask you if you want to come with me for a while, since maybe you'll get bored if you're alone here…" Akabayashi grinned sheepishly.

Shizuo hummed, "I'd like to go to a friend's house for a while…but where are you going?"

"I'm going to Shinjuku after this…ah, hey!I can get you to your friend's house if you want!" Akabayashi stated.

"Oh, no need to, Akabayashi-san. I can go there myself." Shizuo didn't want to bother Akabayashi since the guy probably have an important thing to do at Shinjuku.

"Hey, I already told you to call me Oi-chan!" Akabayashi pouted, placing his hands on his hips. Shizuo frowned, "I don't want to, it sounds weird." He muttered.

Akabayashi frowned, sighing as he took his cane beside the door. Shizuo didn't notice it was there all this time, "Aah….it's not that hard to say it, Shizuo-kun." He said in a lazy tone. Shizuo suddenly feel this cold aura came from Akabayashi, maybe he really should call the old guy Oi-chan. He should be careful every time he wanted to say something. Even though Akabayashi's personalities were the opposite of usual yakuza that doesn't mean he was any different from them. Since he was one of them anyways.

"Geh…..fine…." Shizuo gritted his teeth as he tried to say the nickname he has to say, "…Oi…chan…"

"Now that wasn't so hard, right?!" Akabayashi laughed a little at the blonde's discomfort when he said the name. "Alright then, I'll go now!If you need anything just call me!" Akabayashi waved his hand at Shizuo before he left the room.

God damn old man…..

He doesn't even give me his number…

-Shinjuku, Orihara Izaya residence-

Izaya groaned when he felt someone shook his arms, telling him to wake up, "Uuugh…five more minutes, Namie-san…" he slapped away the hands from his arms and pulled the bed cover up to his face.

Namie growled, "God damnit, Izaya-san!Wake up!Akabayashi-san is waiting for you already!" she slide down the bed cover from Izaya. She waited for Izaya's reply but he didn't say anything despite the bed cover wasn't there anymore.


"Fiiiine, I'll take a bath first, okay." He whined as he wokeup and sat on the bed lazily. He stayed there for a few minutes and almost asleep again, "Oh, come on….!Izaya-san!" she shouted.

"Tsk….shut up, Namie-san…I already awake…" he rubbed his eyes and yawned before he finally stood up. Just when he pulled up his shirt he glared at his secretary, "Why are you still here?Get out, Namie-san!" he whined, shooing her out from his bedroom.

Izaya sighed after he finally took off his shirt, he went to the bathroom and took a cold bathe. He put on the towel around his waist before he stepped out from the bathroom. He walked towards the bed and taking out his cellphone from the jacket pocket, typing and send it to a certain courier.

He then wear his black shirt and jeans, putting on his usual jacket and walk to the downstairs. He saw Akabayashi was sitting on the couch, looking at the chess board with a confused face. Izaya chuckled at the view, "Namie-san. Tea, please." He smirked at the secretary before he continue to walk to the red head guy and sat on across him.

"Good morning, Akabayashi-san."

"Ah, good morning, Izaya-kun!" he grinned as he lifted his head. "Ne, what's with your chess board…I think you're playing it wrong…" he glared at the chess board as if it had done anything wrong. Izaya chuckled again, "Aah..no I'm playing it with my own rule." He explained as his eyes following the cup of tea Namie just placed on the table.

"Anyways, what's with the sudden visit, Akabayashi-san?" he took the cup of tea from the table and sip it. "Oh, I just wanted that document I gave you last week." He stated before he sipped his tea too.

"Hmm…okay, what for?" He knew that Akabayashi only meant to give him the document for a while since he need a safe place to keep the document, he just wanted to know why the guy asked for it again. Besides, he doesn't give anything that easily even though he knew that person really well.

"Eeh….I can't just tell you that.." Akabayashi frowned, knowing that he have to tell the raven an information since that was how it worked.

"Was it because Shiki-san?He've been busy these days, so I figured he might asked you to get the document." He grinned at the older guy, guessing it right. Akabayashi sighed heavily, "You don't need to ask if you already knew that, right?" he leaned back on the couch and groaned.

"I was just curious what your answer is, Akabayashi-san." He glanced at Namie who's typing on her table work, "Namie-san, could you bring the document Akabayashi-san gave us last week?It was in the last drawer." He pointed the drawer and Namie stood up to get the document.

Akabayashi sipped his tea, "Oh, I heard you're going to write a new story, right?" he suddenly asked. He remember Shiki told him that he asked Izaya to write a new book with a different genre he usually write.

"Ah….yeah, I'm still working on it." Izaya knew Shiki was the one who told Akabayashi. After all they're pretty close, even though Shiki said himself he didn't really like the red head.

"Hooo….what is it about?" Akabayashi asked again. He rarely read books, but he sometimes read when he wanted to, which is very rare.

"…still working on it…you can say I'm a little struggled with this one since it's about romance…" Izaya groaned as he remember he had to continue to write the plot.

"Whoa…interesting…isn't it supposed to be easy for you?The ladies likes you, Izaya-kun, you can just asked them to go on a date, right?" Akabayashi glanced to the left when Namie gave him the document.

"Haah…I tried…but they really are just….boring…" Izaya furrowed his eyebrows, "Ah…but I met this rather unusual boy…." He started to grinned as the picture of the blonde he missed came to his mind.

"Ara~ Well take him on a date then." The other stated. Izaya hummed, smirking as he tought of that idea, "Hmm….it might be different…yes…." He chuckled to himself, "Ah, I'll have to go now, Izaya-kun!I need to pick up someone after this….maybe…Anyways!Thanks for the document~!" Akabayashi grinned as he stand up from the couch and waved at the raven guy, walking towards the door.

"Aah….I gotta pick up Shizuo later…but where is he..?" Akabayashi muttered as he closed the door. He took out his cellphone and just realized he didn't have Shizuo's number.

"….okay, what to do…?"

-Ikebukuro, Russian Sushi-

"Hey, are you serious?You know I can't pay you back for this week or next week, right?" Shizuo frowned at the brunette infront of him who was eating his sushi already.

The guy nodded as he licked his thumb, "Un, don't worry, Shizuo. It's my treat okay, so eat." He moved the other plate to Shizuo's as he took another sushi and eat it.

"Haah…fine…thanks, Kadota. Sorry though…" he smiled a little.

"Don't be, I wanted to." Kadota replied with a smile. Shizuo finally eat his sushi after Kadota told him to for the third time, he really didn't want to trouble the guy but Kadota just shrugged it off and ordered again.

"Ara? Shizu-chan is having a date?"

No way…..

Shizuo quickly turned his head around to see the familiar raven haired guy with crimson eyes standing behind them. He could also see a red haired guy with a cane waving his hand towards him.

"You….!" Shizuo growled, clenching his fist on the table almost making a crack on it. "Izaya….?What are you doing here?" Shizuo's eyes widened when he heard Kadota asked that to the other man.

Eh?Kadota knew this guy?

He knew this damned perverted writer?

"Eh..?Kadota…you knew him?" Shizuo turned back to the brunette. Kadota narrowed his eyes still at the raven guy, "Not that I wanted to…." He sighed heavily.

Shizuo flinched when he felt a pair of arms suddenly wrapped around his shoulder, "Ne, Shizu-chan is jealous?Don't worry, Dotachin is just one of my friends, right?" he grinned at the brunette who looked stressed already, "Don't call me that…" he groaned.

"Get…the hell…away from me….flea…." the blonde growled once again only to receive a small laugh from the guy, "Aaah, can't you get me a better nickname, Shizu-chan?" he crossed his arms, stepping away from the blonde.

"Hey, hey!Don't ignore me, guys…." Akabayashi whined, walking forward near the table. Shizuo's eye twitched, his fist were shaking already, wanting to punch someone.

"Shizuo…calm down…" Kadota could feel the blonde started to get annoyed….actually he already pissed when Izaya came up. He heard that Shizuo can calm down if he drink milk…but he didn't have any milk at the moment.

….Not that one.

Kadota noticed that the other customers in the room were staring at them. Gaaah….this is so embarrassing….what to do…what to do..?!


…What was that?

"…S-Shizuo?!" he panicked when he saw the blonde's head on the table. Blood started dripping from Shizuo's forehead, falling on the floor.

"Shizuo-kun?!Are you okay?Why would you do that?!What if I suddenly got a heart attack?!"

What is wrong with this old man...

Kadota asked to himself. He glanced at Izaya whose face seems a little pale. "O-Oi…Izaya..don't you just stand ther-"



Izaya shook Shizuo's shoulder from behind, "Shizu-chan!Can you hear me?" he shouted at Shizuo's ear. Kadota's face started to pale, he didn't get what was going on. Shizuo wasn't answering either, "Ugh….." Kadota blinked when he heard the blonde groaned and started to lift his head up.

"Izaya…..you….bastard….." Shizuo growled as he pushed the raven away and stand up, moving away from the table with his fist clenched, glaring at Izaya. He already said to himself if he saw Izaya he's going to punch him.

He remember the text Izaya sent him a few hours ago. He knew Izaya would use him for his book.

"Ah…Shizu-chan…?Why are you-"

"I knew you're going to use me for your damn book…" his mocha eyes glared at the crimson ones as he stepped forward. Izaya didn't move for a while, "Oi, let's not fight here…" Akabayashi moved his cane in between Izaya and Shizuo.

"It's inappropriate…and there are kids here, let's go outside." He pointed his thumb outside of the Russian Sushi, turning around and walked out first.

"Come on, Shizuo…." Kadota grabbed the blonde's arms. Shizuo slowly turned around and followed Kadota outside with Izaya casually following from behind.

"Alright, Shizuo-kun, let's go back. That's better than fighting Izaya-kun here, right?" Akabayashi tapped on the blonde's shoulder, "Ah…and we have to take care of your wound too…" he stared at the blonde's bleeding forehead.

"He's right, Shizuo. We can go again at some other days, okay?" Kadota crouched a little to see the blonde's face. Shizuo didn't say anything as he stared at the ground because he's still pissed but Kadota couldn't helped but saying Shizuo looks cute when he pouted in his head.

"….un…" Shizuo nodded slowly at the brunette. Kadota smiled a little and sighed as he straighten up his back, he then narrowed his eyes at the raven, "Izaya, if you do anything weird to him I'll-"

"Don't worry, Dotachin…I wouldn't do anything suspicious to Shizu-chan." He smirked at the brunette before he glanced at the blonde. Aah…poor, Shizu-chan….he couldn't let his anger out in there….now he's pouting…..that's…actually kind of….cute….?Ah…what am I saying…

"Alright, see you soon, Shizuo." Kadota said before he left them and walk to the crowded street heading somewhere else. "Ah…well…come on, Shizuo-kun." Akabayashi says as he turned around and hummed before he stopped, "Oh, Izaya-kun, you're coming too or-"

"No, he's not coming with us. Let's just go back." Shizuo said as he walk passed Akabayashi. The red head didn't say anything and shrugged his shoulder, glancing at Izaya, "We're off. Thanks, Izaya-kun." He waved at the young raven and followed the blonde infront of him.

"Haaah….and here I was just about to ask him to a date…" he sighed heavily, placing his hands in his jacket pocket as he walked towards the crowded. "But I won't give you up yet, Shizu-chan…" he muttered, smirking as he opened his cellphone to send a new message to the blonde.

[From: Izaya O.

Title: A Date!

Ne~ Ne~ Shizu-chan, let's go on a date tomorrow!

Ah, and you can't say no!Since you don't want to be my boyfriend, then just a date is fine, right?

Of course it's fine, it's just a date ahaha~!

See you soon, Shizu-chan~ xxx ]

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