Author's Note: I couldn't leave Veronica hanging -again- so here's Part Three.

Give Them Something to Write About: Part Three

Emilie sighed and rolled off of Maggie. "Don't be upset, VV," she said taking Veronica's hands in her own. "We'll make it up to you."

Veronica humphed and turned her head away, "I'm not in the mood."

Emilie leveled the burlesque dancer with her pale green eyes, "My darling, you are always in the mood."

"Not always..." Veronica muttered, her eyes drifting down to stare at Emilie's naked breasts.

The blond noticed this and moved the raven haired woman's hands to hold her chest. "How about now?"

Veronica thought it over for a moment as her hands fondled Emilie's breasts. "Yeah, okay, let's go."

"Such a sweet talker," Emilie purred sarcastically. She leaned closer to Veronica, almost kissing but not. The moment was interrupted, however, by the sound of snoring. The pair turned their heads to see that Maggie had fallen fast asleep behind them. They sighed. "Why does she always fall asleep right after?"

Veronica shrugged, "You must've really worn her out."

"I'll wear you out," the blond nipped her friend's ear. Veronica giggled as Emilie pulled her down onto the bed and began to unclothe her.

"We can't do it here; Maggie's sleeping right there!"

Emilie hung her head in exasperation, "Fine." She gently rolled Maggie off of the bed and onto the floor where the redhead landed with a heavy thud. Veronica grimaced at the sound. Maggie snorted and mumbled something about Contessa eating her toes before she was asleep once more. "There," Emilie smiled, "problem solved."

Veronica glared at the blond, "You're awful."

"You love it."

"I really do." Veronica captured Emilie's lips with her own.

Emilie finished pulling off Veronica's vintage crème nightgown and grinned at the fact that she wasn't wearing panties. "Naughty, naughty Veronica," Emilie purred. She licked her way from Veronica's bellybutton up to her breasts, then around each nipple before taking the right one in her mouth. Veronica moaned at the sensation of Emilie's hot mouth sucking at her chest. Emilie moved her talented mouth lower, kissing her way down Veronica's stomach, stopping between her legs. Veronica groaned at the feeling of Emilie's breath upon her mound. She squirmed as Emilie continued to only breathe on her. "You are such a fucking tease sometimes."

"Well isn't that the pot calling the kettle black," Emilie smirked before her tongue snaked its way between Veronica's legs. The dark haired woman arched her back and ran her hands through the blond's silky hair.

"Don't stop," she moaned.

Emilie lifted her head, grinning playfully, "What was that?"

Veronica released a noise, almost like a growl, from the back of her throat before pushing Emilie's head back down.

"So forceful!" the blond nipped her friend's thigh. "I love it!"

Emilie replaced her tongue with her fingers and kissed her way back up Veronica's body; reaching her lips, she allowed the other woman to taste herself. Veronica was nearing the edge, and Emilie played her as skillfully as one of her violins. Veronica stared deeply into Emilie's eyes as she came, moaning out her name in a husky voice. Emilie licked her fingers clean for the second time that night; she then laid down next to Veronica, who proceeded to curl into her.

"I love you, Emmie," Veronica whispered as her head lulled against Emilie's chest.

"I love you, too, VV." Emilie wrapped her arms around the other woman, burying her face in Veronica's dark curls.

The pair began to drift off in each other arms when Maggie's voice called out from over the edge of the bed, "How the fuck did I end up on the floor?"

"Earthquake," Emilie muttered into Veronica's hair.

"No shit," Maggie crawled into the bed behind Emilie, wrapping her arms around the petite blond and resting her head on her back.

"True story," Veronica confirmed, pulling the covers up over the three of them.