Well this is quite a surprise, I forgot I even had this in my folder until I found it while looking for my older stories. This has been on the back burner for quite a bit now, but I recently decided to give it a try. King of Darkness has been on hold in no small amount because of work, college and my own foolish mistake of purchasing Guild Wars 2

Worst mistake...I made...now I'm stuck with my MMORPG addiction taking most of my time I have left after College or work...

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Warning AU, brutality, mature content, blood and gore will be in this story.

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The Transcendent Ashikabi

Chapter 1: The Goddess meets the Trascendent

The public tram of the Tokyo Capital was in full speed traversing through the many districts of Tokyo, the driver's next stop was clear and set with the many cabs packed full of many people ranging from business men and women to teachers to even young adults heading toward school. Laughing and smiling, the day seemed like any normal morning for the majority of people. Crowded as it was, the tram rushed through whilst the view of all the city in all its splendor showed a good view for anyone to see in the morning which the sun's warm light shined through the windows of each cab of the tram.

However many of the young teenage girls seemed to be blushing as the majority of the cab of the tram glanced all in one direction before looking away just as quickly with a blush painting their cheeks some were talking amongst themselves while giving out the occasional giggle. Where they were looking at was in the direction of a person sitting amongst the seats, it was a person that held much attention of the majority of those within said tram and briefly as they exited another tunnel the glow from the rising sun's rays came upon the persons hair giving off a striking glow of orange.

A few minutes passed by until the drivers voice came up over the intercom as the tram started to slow down.

''Now stopping at Tokyo Capital, Machikawa!''

Just as the tram came to a complete stop and the doors to the tram slid open out allowing all those aboard to come out and either start walking or running toward their destination among them a group of teenage girls came out glancing behind them and giggling all the way. The last person or male to walk out of the tram in question seemed to give a small sigh as he seemed to brush off the attention he seemed to be getting from everyone. Men seemed to shrug him off besides eyeing his hair with a look of shock while women of most ages seemed to gaze at him with awe with mixed looks of blushes and glazed eyes.

Honestly he was used to it and just shrugged it off...

Gripping his bags the man inhaled slightly before he walked from the tram station coming out his appearance could be revealed to be that of a man of a tall muscular stature. Standing at a good 6'2, fiery orange spiky tresses fell past his neckline and past his shoulder blades while his bangs covered parts of his impassive amber eyes that took in most of the town in a disinterested stride, lastly beneath his jaw was an rough orange stubble. The man was dressed in casual clothing befitting the closing chilly season, a long sleeved white shirt while over it was a brown jacket; he also wore casual blue jeans and white sneakers. His right wrist bearing a black wristband while around his neck was a small necklace with a black and white moon.

Overall the man looked like any normal average person sides his orange spiky hair...

But he was by no means normal...

For this man was Kurosaki Ichigo age 21, son of Kurosaki Isshin and Kurosaki Masaki and older brother to Kurosaki Karin and Kurosaki Yuzu. He wasn't normal or your average person by any standard some may say he was strange, an enigma that couldn't be solved, a brutally blunt type of person with a personality to match. In his youth he was ill-tempered and prone to fights when confronted by school bullies that hated the color of his hair yet there was a side of him that none knew even his family knew nothing of.

That side of him was his intelligence, 6 years ago he worked himself to the bone in High School to stay a A-straight student, studying, working in all to achieve a goal of which he gained when he was small. His father worked in their home in his hometowns clinic as a doctor and through such medical way of life rubbed off on him in his younger days though he never told his father that. His teachers all saw him as a genus, a prodigy in school, Elementary, Middle to High School he showed extreme intellectual skills that it was simply incredible.

At the mere age of 18 he graduated from his High School and soon went to college, Keio University wanting him as a student, an honor of which he withheld from his fathers knowledge as he didn't want his father having a heart attack since he could be...eccentric. Nevertheless from their he merely resided in the college for 2 years before he graduated early earning a PhD during the end of his first year in the University and a Doctorate's Degree in his last year.

Back then though 6 years ago something happened that set off a chain of events that changed his life forever...

Sighing the orange haired youth merely sighed as he passed by many of the cities residents all the while thinking on the reason of him being here.

'So my new life starts here in Machikawa, new job, new home...feels like just yesterday I was fighting the Vandenreich. Just two years ago I was fighting an enemy who threatened the balance of all things. And now I am living my life as a mortal.'

Sighing Ichigo scratched his head as he looked up to what would be residence for the time being, a small rental apartment complex nothing to fancy, but it did its job. Of course he had more then enough money to pay for a room in a hotel suite or buy his own house, but he just preferred something simple.

Finding the land lord he filled out the forms and gave the man some money to cover his first 3 months of rental payment, money saved up during the many jobs he'd taken up from simple delivery jobs to even assistant at Karakura Hospital. And with that Ichigo grabbed his bags, swiped his room key and left leaving behind the landlord whom promptly passed out in his office with the giant wad of yen held tightly to his chest.

Getting to his room number 69 he unlocked the door, stepping inside closing it behind him he took one look into his new home and gave a nod. ''This should do fine for the next few months'' he said, walking toward the couch he sat his bags down and upon opening one he pulled out a yellow folder, opening the contents he pulled out a piece of paper.

Kurosaki Ichigo

Karakura Town

Feburary 15, 2019

1653 Sakura Drive

Dear Mr. Kurosaki,

We have received your resume and through extensive consideration, we would be honored to have you working at our location, considering the facts of your Academic status and achievements we would be happy to have you as an employee. We looked up some of your work and we're very impressed with your book on the nature of the Human Anatomy and on the Theories of Advanced Medical Fields, your notes on the fields of medicine and the various diseases are both excellent and superb.

To be blunt we're shocked you would prefer such a simple institution like us with your academic history. A man like yourself who is an early graduate of Keio University could have gained any type of job to even the scientific positions of MBI. Nevertheless we are extremely honored to have you and we know your long ways from Machikawa so we can give you 2 weeks to come and meet with us so we can discuss the terms to your new position.

Till then we hope to see you soon,


Director Mikazaki Ryu

Hiyamakai Hospital

Sighing Ichigo closed his eyes and leaned back letting his head plop against the couch cushion, letting his eyes stare off into the ceiling. One memory started to slowly crawl to the forefront of his mind as sleep started to enter his system.

The images of a himself playing with his sisters, him beating up school bullies side by side with Chad, arguing with Uryu, patting the blushing Orihime on the head while smiling at her. Fighting his dad at home, and being with is friends at school.

'...Rest...let me relive the past for a little bit...'

1 Month Later

''Hm I see, your condition is slowly becoming better then before, but at least you're in a more stabilized state that you can be placed in the save zone. However I insist that you do not do anything too difficult, am I clear Chiho-san?'' said Ichigo as he flipped a paper reading over his patients medical history. Looking up he gave a brief sigh as he looked toward the young girl that was and has become his first patient ever since he became an employee at the hospital.

A total month spent on her, usually new employee's weren't assigned to patients with medical situations like hers, but seeing as he specialized in the field she was in and knwoing most of the staff had simply given up on her he had personally chose to help her. Many said her case was impossible and the medication given to her was merely slowing down her disease, not helping it nor preventing it from affecting her health. It didn't help the fact she had no parents too support her or pay for professional help with her sickness as such she was left alone with only the nurses and doctors to care for her while the medical bills was paid through her parents inheritance.

But in just a week he took in her disease, studying it and surprisingly found it quite simple to remove as it wasn't in his eyes all that difficult. The components of said disease existed within her body's chest area affecting her lung capacity and blood pressure making it nigh impossible for her to do anything that was in the least bit active sides sitting and walking; things like running, playing or anything that built up your blood pressure were out of the question for it would have affected her health and dis-stabilized her condition and put her in a worse condition then before.

Yet here she was getting healthier by the day, it didn't take long to make a cure possibly a another week to create it and test it on a small sample of her disease. Yet it worked and here she was alive and healthy and in doing so Ichigo not only gained the immense respect and admiration of Chiho, but he'd gained a friend in the young girl. The other staff seemed amazed at how he was able to cure her of the disease in such a short amount of time and even still of curing it which was said to be incurable.

However Ichigo didn't find it all that difficult and it was either that he found it to be very simple to cure or the fact most of the staff rather lacks in their work.

Nonetheless he didn't care much, this was all he wanted to do, heal others and keep them living a while longer all to stall them from ever going to that place. Keep people from dieing so they could live life to its fullest for he knew better then many how short life could be especially to average humans.

Something he came to learn a long time ago...

''I see, thank you Kurosaki-san for doing all this and for taking care of me'' her voice soft as that of an angel it was at least to him. Simply offering the girl a nod he pat the young girls head as he read over her papers once more, going over them he looked upon the results of her health status and gave a nod to himself.

''You're my patient, its my job to help those that are sick and in need of help besides your very young and have yet to enjoy your life to the fullest and you deserve as such.'' he said only to hear a giggle making him glance over his shoulder to see Chiho looking at him with a happy expression whilst a blush was evident on her cheeks.

''Hehe~ You talk like your an old man yet you look so young, I'm amazed to be honest, but I wouldn't wanted any other person to be my Doctor. I trust you and even then you act more like a friend to me then the usual fake sympathetic doctors or nurses around here.'' she said with a smile and, there was the other part of the girl he liked despite being very innocent she was able to read people and, knew the doctors and nurses only pitied her and nothing more. Looking at the young girl he only gave a nod as he just placed the clipboard at the foot of her bed before placing his hands into his trench coat.

''Your sentiments are dully noted Chiho-san, as a Doctor I guess one can say I'm their friend as well since being friendly to all my patients is something you should do sincerely and not out of it being part of your job. Anyway, you need to rest, even though I've cured your disease the remnants of it are still in your system. Meaning you need to recover which also means no more of your sneaking out acts, am I clear?'' he said as his eyes shadowed over and the scary aura as Chiho dubbed it came over him.

Almost squeaking in fear and the embarrassment of being caught yet again by her Doctor she gave a sheepish chuckle, ''Y-yes sir...'' cue the sweatdrop when the aura seemed intensify as a dual spark pierced from his shadowed gaze making her flinch.

''What was that Hidaka-san?''

Feeling the hairs on her neck stand up and her skin gain goosebumps she gave a sheepish chuckle as she buried herself a bit deeper into her sheets.

''I-I will Kurosaki-san...'' and just as it came the aura and expression disappeared leaving behind the normal impassive looking Ichigo whom promptly gave her a nod. ''Good...'' was all he said and just as he turned around Chiho gave a sigh of immense relief, that was one of her Doctor's quirks as she called it, when he caught disobeying Hospital rules...he got...scary.

Very scary...

''A-ano Kurosaki-san, how long will it be till I've fully recovered?'' she asked as her state vanished completely in a matter of seconds after things cooled down, looking toward her Doctor she saw him close his eyes in thought for only a matter of seconds before opening them again to glance her way.

''Considering the way you are now, by the end of this year you should be fully recovered, but this all depends if you don't take your time and rest it would only prolong your recovery and possibly lead to you getting sick again. As I told you I did cure your disease, but there is still remnants of it still lingering in your body and doing anything normally active will effect you again and will cause you to get deathly sick. Just follow my instructions and take your medicine and you'll do fine and be out of here by the end of this year.''

Giving a slow nod Chiho smiled as she looked down at her blankets, ''I will...''

''Good see that you do Chiho-san...'' he said patting the young girl on the head whilst gazing down at the medical papers missing the young girls appreciate gaze and small blush.

A few hours went by for Ichigo and soon enough his work hour came to an end and as he clocked out and left the hospital after leaving Chiho with one more check-up and giving her daily medicine and had her nurse get her food for the night. It was here where we find our Kurosaki walking among the streets of Machikawa's business district with a few things to get before heading to his temporary residence.

However as he walked among the many pedestrians he let his eyes wonder seemingly bored but, in reality he was looking at a few girls in the crowd. Not out of hormones but, out of the sense of studying them as these girls were ones he'd come to find were peculiar among the normal populace of Machikawa. So far he had encountered a few of them but, each garnered his attention as their reiryoku levels were higher then that of an average human.

Some were low in levels, but a rare few he sensed to have a high level of spiritual power that it gained his attention and add the fact each one were mostly women with a rare few being men all just blending into society made him a bit curious but, not so much to look into it. It didn't concern him as they had yet to do anything abnormal and just acted like every day humans besides it didn't really concern him with what they did unless it directly affected him.

'Besides...there's no reason for me to do anything...'

However what Kurosaki Ichigo missed was as he walked past many of the citizens his shoulder barely touched the shoulder of a young looking woman walking past him thus he never saw the woman stop in mid-step as he just continued to walk. Never knowing that a pair of brown shocked eyes snapped in his general direction as a tint of pink dusted upon her cheeks, her long purple hair blew in the slight breeze as her eyes trembling in a form of confusion and utter shock were evident. Quickly her hand went up to her chest and acting quickly she turned away and left in her assumed direction hurriedly distancing herself from whoever unintentionally caused her to go into such a state.

Unknowing of this Ichigo merely raised an eyebrow when he sensed an unusually low level of reiryoku causing him to look behind him only to see no one, shrugging he kept walking forward not knowing of what lay ahead of him. For what lay ahead of him was gonna be one very eventful night, a night where his life in Machikawa would be flipped upside down and spiral into a chaotic event that would change his life once again.

Apartment Complex

Arriving at his apartment complex, Ichigo raised an eyebrow when he found a number of black parked vehicles in the area while a few of them were parked in front of the entrance as to block off anyone from entering said area. Nonetheless he merely walked around the vans only to see something that made his eyes narrow slightly, why that was is simply because black dressed men bulky and burly all stood in the area seemingly looking for something or someone he knew not nor did he care.

He glanced up toward his room number only for him to truly narrow his eyes till a spark of blue fazed in his brown orbs before it disappeared, for his door looked to have been busted open with the lights as the sounds of voice could be heard from within. Looking back his expression turned into that one of a cold annoyance which only intensified when one of the guards spotted him.

''Oi! Halt right there, we have some questions for you!'' he yelled garnering the attention of the others, all looking in the mans direction did they look to see Ichigo looking back at them with a clear look of disinterest. Soon enough they started to walk up to them and among them he noticed a few things.

'Ear transmitters, bulletproof vests underneath their suits, too burly to be ordinary Yakuza and more professional...who are these people...' idly he noticed the ones in his room coming out and coming toward his direction as well.

''Are you Kurosaki Ichigo?'' the presumed leader asked to the stoic orange haired 21 year old, un-answered the man asked again only to get the same result over and over. Annoyed with this the man grew red in the face before he yelled.

''Oi! Are you eve li-''

''What of it?'' a cold snap reply was what the man got causing to flinch as Ichigo glanced back at him, cold brown orbs bored into his black sunglasses with the hint of annoyance clear as day. He wasn't the only one affected any everyone of his fellow comrades seemed a tad unnerved by the Kurosaki's response.

''W-what?'' one actually stuttered out

Staring at the men he spoke, ''I said what of it, my name is of no concern, what I want to know is why I find you mysterious people in my home after a day at work. Rummaging through my house and doing kami knows what, having the audacity to go into my apartment which is both a breaking and entering and above all else I have you fools asking for my name. So here I am...so start talking...and give me a good reason not to have you thrown in prison.'' he said with a tone that brook no room for argument, clearly he was not in the mood for this and for any other ridiculous reason.

'I swear to kami if they say for collection money...'

''Uh, our apologizes but, our employers have become interested in your academic field Kurosaki-san and have sent us to contact you for a possible business proposition. If possible we are to take you to them as soon as possible.'' the leader of them spoke once again only now his expression was stoic which soon all of them gained.

It didn't take Ichigo long to think about his answer, ''Not interested now be off with you...'' he said before he started to walk past them, however just as he walked away from most of them he felt someone grab his shoulder causing him to stop in mid-step. Faintly his hand twitched upon contact as he resisted the urge to cut the hand right off his shoulder. Instead he looked towards the man and, gave him a calm icy stare that shook the muscled bound man on the spot.

''I suggest you let go of me unless of course you want to be the reason your company is sued due to multiple crimes against my person. Don't think I won't cause I will be reimbursed for having to deal with people like you. So unless of course you want to be socially destroyed I'd suggest you let go and be on your way.'' speaking in a lazy tone the words seemed to make the man flinch and his hand snapped back as if he'd been burned. So stricken by his words the man took a step back and, lost his composure for a second before he soon got control of himself before he looked back at Ichigo.

''V-very well my apologies but, in case change your mind please take this card'' the man stated before he pulled out out a business card to which the orange haired doctor after a second took the card before promptly closing the door in the man's face. Without another word Ichigo walked toward his kitchen to start cooking supper while he glanced down at the card idly thumbing it he saw it's imprint.

''MBI huh?'' he uttered before pocketing the card as he placed his bags on the counter and started to sort his ingredients for tonight's supper.

A Week Later

A week has passed since the incident with MBI's men and so far not much has changed for Ichigo sides the usual incident but, Ichigo had come to see more accident's kept appearing and a higher rate then the last. The media was always their to get the news but, Ichigo had long ago never trusted the media and only dealt with the facts. And he'd decided that something strange was happening if so many high number of property damage reports and vehicular damage was being done.

It was even more suspicious when MBI was there stating it was of no concern so Ichigo concluded it all had something to do with them in some form.

But all this didn't stop Ichigo from encountering more and more of MBI's personnel as since then he came in contact with the same number of guys over and over again, to the point he would learned they were stubborn and were quickly becoming a nuisance to him. Time and time again he would find them at either his door, when he was leaving the hospital and even following him back home for kami's sake.

Did they not learn the first, second and third time he was not interested sure he kept their number but, as of yet he didn't find a reason to even call them. Now he knew as much as the next guy did when knowing of MBI they were a successful pharmaceutical company that rose up in influence over the years. It made some sense as to why they were wanting to offer him a job at the company since they only hired the best and, not speaking out of arrogance or such but, Ichigo was well versed in the way of the medical field. But it didn't explain why they were so damned adamant that they were have their goons stalk him.

To be brutally honest it was getting a bit annoying but, he had better things to do then associating himself with MBI

Like taking care of his patient Chiho after all...

It was to this end we find our favorite Kurosaki leaving the hospital once more heading toward the market district for some groceries, his white doctors trench coat folded over his arm whilst his name tag was placed in his pocket. Walking among the streets he let out a small sigh before Ichigo closed his eyes as he thought about what he should get for today.

'Hm...I'm in the mood for curry tonight...but I'm running low on milk and eggs and I do need to resupply on camellia leafs for some Tea tonight and there's also the fact I'm running a bit thin on rice...'

Thinking on this as he walked on by he past a woman with brunette long hair and brown eyes with a very well endowed body, wearing only pink and violet tank top with a golden star etched on the front with the number 10 on the back while below she wore simple capri jeans and yellow sandals.

The young woman stopped for only a second before she looked behind her to stare at his back with shock filled eyes, her cheeks quickly becoming red. Her free hand touched her face and feeling it become hot she turned back around to hide her crimson face and labored breathing as her other hand holding a bag of groceries. The woman unable to find him amongst the crowd hurriedly dispersed with her thoughts raging.

'W-where...I felt him...my reaction...my Ashikabi-sama...'

Unbeknownst to this however Ichigo was still buying his groceries for the night...

Next Morning

''Okay jii-san, care to tell me why I'm being evicted?'' Ichigo said staring at his nervous land lord with a curious eye, he was still a bit tired after being woken up so early in the morning but, his land lord insisted for him to wake up and boy the old man could be stubborn what with banging on his door and yelling for an hour straight. Sure he was used to worse what with his eccentric father and all yet it was still a bad way to wake up.

But waking up to hear he was being evicted was something that got his attention for what reason he wasn't told but, he knew it shook his land lord due to how nervous the man was. He paid a total of 3 months of rent to the man to cover up his stay here and it's only been a month and a few weeks since he started living here. He kept his place clean and didn't make an ounce of disturbance for the man, plus it was odd seeing he was only paying occupant of the apartment complex and the man was trying to evict him from the place.

''I-its nothing! J-just get out here in an hour before I call the police!'' clearly the distraught man was nervous perhaps even a bit scared but, for what reason Ichigo didn't know thus he just shrugged before he let lout a small sigh whilst he just scratched his head. Watching the man go he closed his door before deciding to start packing his stuff up after a shower of course.

'Seems I'll have to find another place to stay...'

A few minutes later Ichigo came back out of his room lock the door behind him holding his bags of all his essential belongings then afterwards he came down the stairs and walked towards his former land lords office and just after he dropped his keys on the desk he also to the silent mans shock threw down a wad of yen for the old man. The land lord looked up at him with shocked eyes only to see the Kurosaki walking away.

''See ya later Jii-san and keep the money, you'll need it more then I will...'' he said knowing how hard it was for the man to keep up with the bills he had with running the complex and that of paying his own bills and daily essentials. Besides he had more then enough money due to his other ways of gaining currency, though the man was evicting him he didn't really see a reason to blame him what with all the accident's happening around the city.

''….Thank you youngster...'' he heard the man mumble to which he merely waved over his shoulder. Call it whatever you want but, Ichigo knew that the man with his rundown rental establishments needed the money to repair the place to even make it even remotely successful for the average person. He was used to those type of conditions so it didn't bother him all that much.

Walking out the area he hefted his belongings and gave a small sigh, today he wore simple clothing which consisted of a long sleeved white shirt with the number '15' etched in bold red lettering on the back of his shirt. Blue jeans with a brown belt wrapped around his waist whilst he wore his white sneakers. Looking down at his wrist to gaze at his wrist watch, ''Hm 8:30 still early in the morning maybe I can find another place to stay since its my day off.''

With that Ichigo nodded slightly to himself before he turned and strolled down the sidewalk hoping he could find a suitable place to stay.

A few minutes turned into an hour as our wayward Kurosaki walked the street's of Machikawa intent on finding himself a home and, though he'd found a few noteworthy places they just didn't feel like a good place to stay. Not that they were bad places mind you but, all he was looking for was a place that he could relax after work since the apartment he lived in prior to his stay in the city didn't give off that feeling. Yet now with MBI breathing down his neck with their annoying frustrating behavior and, the increased rate of accidents around the city made him want a place that felt 'homey' to him.

Then again nothing could really replace his old home...

However during the time he walked Ichigo noticed the lack of MBI that seemed to always follow him yes there were some still but, not so many in number. It was as if the farther north he went into the city the influence of MBI became less with each step. However this did not mean they didn't stop following his every move for as he walked he could feel the heartbeat of someone watching him, his ears perked and twitched as the sound of his follower's footstep's quickened.

Having enough of it Ichigo took a sharp left turn cutting through an alleyway and, just he reached the near end he stopped.

''How long do you intend to follow me?'' Ichigo inquired and silence followed for but, a few seconds before an amusing chuckle sounded from behind him. Glancing over his shoulder Ichigo quirked an eyebrow when he saw a woman step out from the opposite end of the alley and, idly he took in her appearance for only a second.

She was tall that much was certain added with what she was wearing made her look all the more strange to the every day citizen of the city. A tight leather black top a miniskirt and stockings while over her shoulder was a grey haori. The woman in question also had light long grey hair that fell past her neck where it was tied into a pony tail. Her light grey eyes were staring at him taking in his form with an analyzing gaze.

However it was the sheathed nodaichi she held within her left hand that garnered most of his attention he couldn't have stared for only a second from the weapon then back to the woman. Turning toward the woman he cast his bored gaze back at her meeting her gaze long and hard head on which was something she didn't expect due to her eyebrows raising slightly. However her mouth formed into an amused smirk when she found the Kurosaki didn't flinch from the predatory look.

''My my it seems I was found out looks like I'll have to be more careful from now on.'' the strange woman responded however if anything her tone didn't even match her words. Ichigo just stared at her for a few seconds taking in her form and posture before he closed his eyes and let out a sigh.

''I'm going to go out on a limb and say you're with MBI?'' he asked which the woman only chuckled as she walked forward. As she got within 10 feet of Ichigo the grey haired woman spoke with an amused almost teasing tone.

''Perceptive are you? Yes I am with MBI though this makes me wonder how you knew that?'' she said only for Ichigo to finally shown another sign of emotion besides his bored expression. His trademark scowl known in his youth formed upon his face which was only enhanced by his sharp features and cold brown eyes.

''I only knew because MBI is quite stubborn with trying to hire me and, quite frankly I'm starting to find the whole affair annoying. I've known they have kept following for awhile now but, today I am not in the mood to deal with them today so please go back to your employer and tell them I'm not interested.'' and with that Ichigo turned around and started to walk away missing the woman's eyes widening before she grasped the hilt of her nodaichi.


Ichigo's scowl only deepened when he felt the woman's nodaichi press onto his shoulder the sound of the woman's chuckle only grated on his nerves and, when she spoke it only enhanced his annoyance.

''My you are a cheeky one aren't you; not even afraid of Big Bad MBI that's rare due to what they can do to one person. I hear you even threatened to sue to the entire Corporation and socially destroy a man's life just for hounding you. If I didn't know any better I'd say you weren't afraid of what they could do to you...'' she trailed on as she pressed her blade a bit closer to Ichigo's neck. It was very obvious she was threatening him for his actions and against MBI and, yet she was threatening to kill him if he didn't give in to MBI's demands.

It was also obvious that this woman didn't know who she was dealing with...

For in that instant Ichigo slowly turned his head and glanced at her from over his shoulder eyes gleaming in a frosty edge...

Karasuba's eyes once gleaming in amusement widened in alert when an oppressive aura pressed on her body, the hairs on the back of her neck stood straight up and, dare she say that her body started to tremble. Her eyes snapped up towards the man infront of her only for her eyes to dilate when she found an apparition of two malicious glowing crimson orbs glaring down on her as if she were nothing more then a meager insect. The sheer force of the apparitions glare froze Karasuba on the spot the unseeable yet incredible pressure weighed her down and every fiber of her being was screaming at her to get away from what was causing the unholy act.

'W-what is this?!...It feel's so...d-dark' she would have cursed herself for stuttering for she did not stutter but, this was a first for her as Karasuba in her entire life never felt such an ominous feeling of dread to crawl up her spine, to feel her nerves screaming at her to run and hide from whoever was giving off this feeling. Her once challenging attitude was halted as this oppressive force weighed her entire body down.

Forced to look down she felt her leg's go numb as she felt her nodaichi grasped and pulled from her hands before it was stabbed into the ground. Normally such an act was a death wish to anyone that so much as dared to lay a hand on her weapon but, as it was she was in a state of shock to even move. The next thing that happened she would remember forever she felt the strange man her target appear beside her coming out of nowhere his presence once casual and lax was gone and replaced with one that held the posture of something she'd only seen in her old squad.

The form of a soldier, the air of a fighter and, daring to even look up Karasuba felt for the first time in her life...

The man's brown eyes were now the eyes of a true cold blooded killer...

Only one other person had those eyes and it truly shook her to her very core...

She felt him place his hand on her shoulder as he stepped past her; he spoke with his words reaching her ears and causing her to be unable to even move her body.

''I am in no mood to deal with MBI so why don't you return back to your employer's and tell them I am not interested, won't you?'' his words were calm and smooth but, they held the underlying threat. They pierced through her such was the coldness of his words, his warm breath caused her to gain goosebumps from either excitement or fear one could not tell.

Seemingly done Ichigo let go of Karasuba's shoulder and walked away and as soon as he turned the corner Karasuba' fell to a knee breathing extremely hard. She looked at her arms to her hands and saw to her surprise that they were indeed shaking and trembling and idly she looked toward her nodaichi stabbed inches away from her. The woman narrowed her eyes as she tried to get control over her body, standing up on her shaky legs she grabbed her nodaichi and pulled it from the ground doing so she put it back into its sheath before she turned around and started to walk away all the while she fought for control over her body trying to overcome the lingering sense of shock that was seconds ago flooding her entire system.

'That man, he's so similar to that woman it's scary...maybe I should keep what happened here my little secret...' she thought with a small frown before a small excited smirk crossed her face. Looking up at the sky she let out a small chuckle as she headed back toward MBI headquarters.

''Such an interesting man my target is...he sure has some scary eyes...''

Northern District

Ichigo sighed for what seemed like the hundredth time today as he thought back to the event that happened just a few minutes prior. He ran a hand through his shaggy orange hair as he let his eyes look through his bangs at the giant tower in the center of the city. His amber eyes narrowed with annoyance along with a bit of irritation.

He knew it would have happened eventually; he knew MBI would have sent someone that wasnt another lackey that followed their order to the letter, Yet they sent one of those women with abnormally strong reiryoku above that of average humans just to get his attention. However that woman's reiryoku was much higher then the other reiryoku levels he has sensed from other women and the rare few men he has seen.

And he could tell straight away that she was not like the others he'd seen, she was a true fighter as her stance and balanced posture was one he'd seen a many times during his time in the war and in his life. He saw through her lazy, and exhausted looking eyes and saw what lay beneath it all.

That woman was a true blooded killer...

His amber eyes narrowed further before he closed them as he let his thoughts wonder off...

'Then again I am no different, but besides that if MBI is so bold to send someone like that to me. Then they must either be very desperate or trying to flaunt their power against me.' opening his eyes he turned his head away from the MBI building and kept his stroll. He cast his thoughts on the matter away fro now as he had more important things to deal with.

Like find a place to stay...

And if luck should have it his eyes caught onto a poster on a wall to his left, and gazing at it he couldn't keep the smile to cross his face.

Izumo Inn

We currently have room and board for anyone that is in desperate need of a place to stay.


Interested Ichigo tore off the poster and walked a few steps and looked at the place, and if possible his smile got bigger. It was a traditional japanese home that held a second floor from what he could tell with it being completely fenced in from all sides with the possibility of it having a backyard. Growing more interested by the second he gave a nod to himself.

''Nicely built home, but let's see what the rent is.'' looking back at the paper his smile became a smirk when he only saw the monthly rent.

''Only 50,000 yen? I got to speak with the land owner...'' looking toward the door he walked up to it and gave a knock and waited patiently. After a few seconds he heard footsteps heading toward the door, and when it opened Ichigo's eyes had widened greatly.


Even after all this time she couldn't figure it out, not just two days ago the impossible had actually happened. She stood their washing the dishes from breakfast as she tried so desperately to figure out what had made her react that way. Who or what with only a touch caused her to enter that state of which she deemed impossible for her to ever go into.

Miya, owner of Izumo Inn sighed silently as she contemplated on the phenomenon that happened only a few days ago. Who in that crowd had unintentionally bumped into her, and yet caused her to enter that state. It was something she had deemed long ago impossible for her, and yet fate itself seemed to have other plans.

'The only thing I remember was seeing out of the ordinary was that orange hair before whoever it was vanished into the crowd.' idly she dried her hands with a hand towel before she parted one of her long bags behind her ear to show her heart shaped face. Only it was in an expression of deep contemplation over the event few days prior to now.

She hadn't spoke a soul of it to anyone and planned to keep it that way. It wouldn't be good if it got out that she had entered that state cause she knew things would only get a whole lot more troubling. Not only for her, but for those live in the inn, but the thought of who made her react that way lingered inside her head. Pestering her about who it was and making her want to go out and find him or her.

It was quite annoying if she was honest with herself...

However as she was getting ready to go out to clean the back deck she heard a knock at her door, and normally she would have went to answer it right then. Only this time she was hesitant as her eyes went to the door and narrowed when strangely she felt something abnormal outside that door.

What that was was simply put...she couldn't feel anything...

She didn't sense a presence nor a energy signature it was as if nothing was there yet the knock was loud and clear that someone was at the door. She hesitated before she put up her award winning smile and went to the door grabbing handle she slid the door open.

''Hello and welcome to Izumo Inn, how may I hel-'' she stopped when she opened her eyes to see something that made her heart stop, and her eyes to widen.


Long ago Ichigo thought he had seen all the world had to offer when it came to the beauty of the opposite sex. Hell through his years from 15 to now he'd been surrounded by a lot of women who defined the term sexy, beautiful, cute. However he was proven wrong oh so very wrong when that door slid open to reveal a woman with long silky purple hair that fell to her lower back. Her eyes were a shade of brown not unlike his until later in his years when they changed over time. A milky white skin tone that only pronounced her extravagant features.

His eyes took her in her full appearance in a second, and what he saw truly impressed him for the woman held the posture of an average lady, but he could see it no matter hard she tried to keep it hidden to the tensing of her muscles and honed reflexes held back only by her will. Her clothing was similar to what a miko would wear with her hakama being purple while wearing a white haori with a purple sash tied around her waist. This type of clothing however only brought out her curvaceous form and made Ichigo truly see the woman took care of her body.

There was only one word that describe what he thought of the divine creature before him...


He wasn't the only left in a state of surprise however as Miya herself was left stunned at the sight of the man before her. Standing a head taller then her she had to look from bottom on up at the man standing before her. From her trained eyes alone she could see the well built physique hidden almost expertly underneath his clothing. The man's angular jaw and face that other women would have commented to have been carved from marble and fit for a greek god.

Yeah that fit the description to a capital "D"...

However what caught her attention the most was two things; First, was the man's amber eys that stared into her brown ones with such intensity that if she had been any less of a creature she would have shied away. Amber orbs stared deep into her eyes analyzing her for only a second before they became friendly, warm to her. Then their was the man's hair which was the clincher that made her remember from a few days ago causing her to inwardly panic something she had never felt before. The man's hair was long and shaggy with spikes jutting out from random places, but it was mostly tame. The fringes of his hair hung over his eyes letting only his eyes come through the split ends, it covered his ears and went past his neckline.

Overall Miya could only think one thing as her heart quickly went into overdrive speeding up to the point an average mortal's heart would have exploded, her cheeks lit up as he gave a small smile that dare she admit it to herself was quite handsome.

'Oh my...its him...he's the one!'

''Konichiwa, my name is Kurosaki Ichigo, and I couldn't help, but notice the poster on the fence outside, and I was looking for more detail about room and board.'' he said holding out the poster to the woman who after a few seconds pushed down her shock and did her very best to suppress the unintended blush from coming to her face.

''O-of course, please come on in, and I'll make some tea while we discuss the details Kurosaki-san.'' inwardly she cursed the stutter as she led the man inside sliding the door behind her. She just knew this was gonna be the start of something as she tried to very best to hold back that alien feeling deep inside her as she eyed the mans back. Her hand went to her chest to try in vain to steady her heart beat as she followed him deeper into the house.

She was really glad Matsu was asleep right now as were the others...


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