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The Transcendent Ashikabi

Chapter 4: Acceptance

Ichigo could only sigh something he'd been doing quite a lot lately. It's been 2 weeks since the incident with Miya, and his threat to MBI and so far everything had been normal for the most part. He hadn't seen or heard so much as a peep from MBI after threatening their Director and Founder, but he couldn't shake the feeling that someone was watching him, and that someone being a certain gray haired Nodaichi wielding battle maniac of a Sekirei.

However there were a few things that has happened over the two weeks. Firstly, Chiho had been recovering quite nicely, and from being kept up to speed on her condition, and recovery rate she would be completely healthy earlier then expected if all things went well. Yet the ever annoying rich kid Higa was there at times to keep proposing ways to hire him into his company or offer a hand in a partnership which he refused at every turn.

Say what you want, but Higa just annoyed him to no end, and reminded him of a mini Aizen minus the god complex, and the desire to become a God over the spiritual realm.

Then there was the events that have took place over the two weeks at the Inn. So far everything had went to normal besides the time he spent with Miya was taken with much more care then before as he used every moment to spend time with her, and so far he could quite literally say as of this moment just by living here for this short amount of time had been the best moments of his life.

Miya made him feel something he hadn't felt for another woman in his life. The woman was beautiful of that there was no doubt, but her personality, and attitude kept him at peace with himself, but at the same time her smile alone caused a surge of a deep sense of wanting to protect her from everything that intended to harm her. It was so strong at times he felt like he'd take on Soul Society's Gotei 13, Aizen, and the Vandenreich just for her alone.

However he was still hesitant to tell her about himself though it was easier since he now knew she wasn't human, and thus she could possibly understand, and come to understand what he was, and what he had done in his life. It was also pretty clear that she herself had a past that she was apprehensive to speak about.

Perhaps time would allow themselves to become more comfortable to tell one another their past, but until then they were just content with being one another.

It was also amusing to him and Miya both to see how utterly terrified Matsu was of him, and muttering how their children would gonna be demonic little monsters. That comment had actually caused Miya to blush before she sent a ladle into Matsu's head knocking her out cold. He himself had actually kept himself composed as much as he could which was really hard considering Miya was physically beating the hell out of a crying Matsu with her deadly ladle.

Then came another issue well he wouldn't call it an issue, but more like an annoying speculation that's been bugging him for awhile now. That speculation revolved around the exuberant if not more then usual brunette he'd come to know as Uzume. For awhile now he'd sensed her eying him when she thought he wasn't looking, and when he caught her she always looked away with blush on her face. Then there was the way she fidgeted or became nervous when he looked her way for more then a second longer.

At first he thought it was because she was a fan of his book Loveless, but then he remembered a key thing about the woman, and that was she like everyone besides him was not mortal, but an alien lifeform that looked completely human, and she as a Sekirei would 'react' as Kagari put it when they were in the presence or close to their destined one. That thought opened this whole case of his speculation on her which only became a lot stronger after he returned to the Inn after work, and seeing a happily smiling Miya, and equally smiling Uzume at her side welcoming him home.

Miya had spoken to her that much was true, but whatever that was discussed had left the two women very content. Uzume now showed less shyness then before, and displayed small signs of affection for him like sitting at his right with Miya on his left or putting her hand in his own at times from under the table.

His speculation on her became fact after she showed her open displays of affection for him, and that was what left him with a conundrum as he was still new to being an Ashikabi. Plus having a second woman to be with him went against the moral laws of human society. Things were different however it seemed when it came to being an Ashikabi as having multiple Sekirei was to be expected.

Still it left him with a whole new territory he had never tread upon, a place that men dreamed of yet dreaded at the same time.

That territory was having more then one woman at your side...

You could see the rain clouds forming above his head...

''Ichigo?'' Miya's voice interrupted him from his thoughts looking up he saw Miya standing at his side carrying a plate of two cups of tea. He gave her a nod as he took the tray from her where she soon sat down at his side where both were soon gazing out at the back deck. Placing the tray down he took both cups and handed Miya her own.

The two sat there just letting the soft breeze pass them by until finally Miya spoke.

''So what troubles you?'' she said before taking a sip of her tea whilst Ichigo merely glanced her way before giving a small sigh. He knew Miya would have asked sooner or later, and seeing as she was starting to grow increasingly more aware and able on how to read him he figured it would come soon. So sensing the inevitable he looked up at the morning where the sun was barely reaching dawn.

''It's Uzume she's reacting to me isn't she?'' he asked causing her to raise an eyebrow before a few seconds of contemplation gave a nod confirming his thoughts.

''Yes, in fact she has been for a while now, but out of respect for me and you she's been keeping it under control. Though it is best not to ignore this matter cause for us Sekirei having a reaction to our destined one is the most important thing to us, and you have seen what happens when a Sekirei ignores her reaction for too long.'' she said with a small forlorn expression causing him to frown as he remembered as well before he placed his hand on her shoulder.

''I know that, but how can I have more then one Sekirei? Kagari told me that it was natural for Ashikabi to have more then one Sekirei, but it feels to me dishonorable.'' he said causing Miya to look at her Ashikabi with a perplexed expression before her eyes softened upon realizing it. Ichigo was still tied down by the laws of human society who frowned upon having more then one wife. Polygamy was something that was almost to completely against the law and moral code of humans of this era.

And from all the time she spent with Ichigo, and although he wasn't a normal human hell he was still an enigma to her he was still raised in human society, and was very uptight when it came to romance. So after having all this thrown on him, thrown into this situation without any kind of preparation beforehand, and now having to deal with being her Ashikabi, but now having a another Sekirei reacting to him? It must be conflicting with his persona which explained why he was so troubled for the past few days.

''I see, but to ignore her reaction will only hurt her in the end. Plus for when it comes to my race we do not mind if our destined one has more then just one Sekirei that is depending on the power of that particular Ashikabi, and while it is an unusual circumstance it is not seen as a bad thing.'' she said although she didn't admit that she felt a bit possessive of him. Still she couldn't let her younger sibling deny herself to be with her Ashikabi which was why she had spoken to her beforehand.

Ichigo merely scratched his head as he gazed out at the sky while his mind ran a mile a second on the implications this could cause him. If anyone from his hometown ever heard him say what he was about to say they would have never let him live it down. Uryu would taunt his him for weeks on end, and Chad may even break a chuckle. Orihime god forbid she may just pass out, and soon come up with all sorts of crazy ideas of him with a horde of women that would soon eat him up due to their sheer overbearing numbers.

Then he felt a rushing sense of dread if Tatsuki, Keigo or Kami help him his father found out!

Finally realizing it he made up his mind.

''Though I don't like the thought of this I won't let her suffer, and hopefully I can get to know her as I am with you, and possibly forge a bond that could perhaps go beyond that of friendship in the future.'' Miya smiled as she looked upon the determined face of her Ashikabi before giving a small giggle causing him to frown in confusion.

''What is it? What's so funny?'' he questioned before Miya merely hidding her giggled behind her hand, but she glanced at him with an adoring gaze.

''You, no matter how many times I see it your determination is simply inspiring.'' she said causing him to blink before he gave a small chuckle. Deciding to tease her a bit he spoke with a small smirk crossing his face.

''Oh? And do you find anything else about me to be funny?'' honestly it was meant to be a joke, but Miya turned to face him only she had a smile that actually struck him speechless. It was full of affection true, but he could feel a deeper meaning of love she was showing to him through this smile of hers.

''Your urge to protect those you care for is one of the many things I find admirable about you. You care for everyone close to you, and help those that are in dire need of help. You hold a very durable code of honor from what I see that you wish to uphold at all costs, but at such lengths I have yet to foresee. True I don't know more about you, but already just these aspects alone only adds more reason as to why I care for you the way I do.''

Ichigo just looked at her before he gave a small chuckle before looked back out to see the sun rising into the morning sky.

''I see, and it would seem I was correct in knowing you were far more studious then I first thought.'' he said before Miya gave him a gaze that spoke volumes.

''And what...do you think about me?'' she spoke ever so quietly, but Ichigo heard her before he just stared directly at causing her to feel a bit fidgety under his intense gaze.

''Given the fact your an extravagant woman with a personality I can't help, but to love, and still act like a mother hen to the other residents of this Inn makes me wonder if you think I'm another one of your children under this roof. You scold those that disobey the rules here at Izumo Inn with that interesting trick you pull off by inducing fear into them. I'll admit I find it a bit enticing to see you use that, but overall you are a woman I want to know more about and willing to know at your own pace.'' he finished before taking a sip of his tea.

Thus he missed Miya's cheeks burn bright red at his words before she decided to be the one to finish this bout of teasing.

''Oh, but I don't find you as a child of mine no you're much more then that...'' here she leaned closer to him before she boldly pecked his cheek causing his eyes to widen slightly before he looked her way where he saw her pink dusted cheeks and adoring smile even wider then before.

''I see you as my loving fiance'' she said before she stood up, and taking the tray, her cup and his cup from his limp fingers she strolled away without a word while a feeling of victory rushed through her body.

If Ichigo could do a spit take he would have done so on the spot so left with only himself he could only sit there alone with Miya's last words ringing in his ears. Eyes wide in shock before he finally placed his hand over his face.

'Fiance?...now that I think about that does't sound so bad...'

Briefly a small smile formed on his face at the thought...

3 Hours Later

Ichigo stared, stared and stared some more at the scene before him with dull empty eyes he always knew the other residents at Izumo Inn had their querks and kinks. Kagari was a Host at a Midnight Club. Matsu being who she was with all things pervy made it very easy to see that she liked to spy on the other residents much more so on him after meeting him. He didn't know why, but after Miya told him about her hidden camera's he always kept an eye out for them.

But then came...Uzume...

The woman to be his second Sekirei if all things went well that is, but as he sat there in the living room with Miya on his left, Kagari siting in the arm chair to his right with both holding varying expression. Kagari looked as if he had swallowed a lemon as he stared at the sight with a look of shock while Miya just looked on with an amused expression with her ever lovely smile in place.

Ichigo just...didn't know what to say honestly...I mean could you blame the guy?

After all he was seeing the ever exuberant Uzume dressed in a strawberry costume which didn't stop from showing her perfectly shaped legs and fair skin, and she was asking how she looked.

The irony of this hurt so bad...was his eyes bleeding?

Inwardly Ichigo could have sworn he heard his inner tenants laughing/chuckling at this scene...

''Sooo~ What do you think?'' she said before doing a twirl though she said it to all of them it was deliberately aimed towards Ichigo with how she was giving him a stare that just asked him for his opinion. For the past few days since her talk with Miya, Uzume had been doing a lot of things to gain Ichigo's eye from holding his hand from under the table to even 'accidentally' falling asleep on his shoulder while watching T.V. Which ended up with him blushing at how close she usually got to him that is before Miya got to her with the ladle.

Still she was very stubborn, and not a few times Ichigo had responded in kind to her actions that always at every given turn left in her a cherry red blushing mess from compliments to rubbing her head in a affectionate manner.

Kagari just slapped his face with his hand inducing the full fledged facepalm as he beheld the ridiculous sight of his fellow Sekirei. He didn't know whether to laugh or call out Uzume to her obvious reactions to Ichigo just so she would stupid with this over the top foolishness! Miya on the other hand merely giggled into her hand as she eyed her young sibling with a look of amusement. Uzume always had been an excitable girl, but she guessed since meeting Ichigo she was becoming even more excited at finally having the prospect of being with her Ashikabi.

She glanced at Ichigo only to raise an eyebrow when she saw how his face was turning pale by the second...

For Ichigo as he looked upon Uzume's costume he couldn't speak a word, and then just as he looked at Uzume's face her twinkling honey brown orbs starring back at him with a hopeful expression. He was faced with opposition because for one Uzume truly did look...cute in this costume if anything, but still...

A giant...Strawberry costume?

Was the gods mocking him?

He wouldn't be surprised if they were...

''I-ichigo-san...what do you think?'' Uzume said in a small stutter causing him to look her way causing her tense up before her cheeks started to heat up when she saw him stand up from his position, and walk her way. Stepping into her personal space she was left speechless under his smoldering gaze before he leaned down till he was eye level with her. His warm breath sent goosebumps down her body, and her heart beat so fast it could have exploded.

''Uzume...strawberry...costume...cute...'' was all he had said causing her to blush to a degree that could have been unhealthy to the average human.

Then...Ichigo blacked out due to the sheer sight...

''Ah! Ichigo-san!'' expectingly Uzume panicked when Ichigo's eyes rolled back before foam started to leave his mouth. Catching him she tried to shake him awake while kagari just facepalmed harder while Miya...

Miya just giggled harder before she decided to help her fellow sibling and Ashikabi.

Later-Ichigo's Room

The first thing Ichigo woke up to was the ceiling to his room in the Inn, but he felt a few things were different for one it was turning dusk outside meaning he'd been asleep for awhile now. Second he was not only asleep on his futon which wouldn't account to being different, but thing was it felt a bit softer then usual.

Then he smelled something of a natural scent, and to his nose it smelt of honey which was strange in itself, chocolate and a pinch of something else.

Pulling himself up Ichigo felt something drop to his lap causing him to look down to see a damp rag. Frowning he perked up when he heard a small snooze to his right so looking that way his eyes softened slightly. For it was Uzume asleep against the wall with a bucket of water and towels a few feet from her.

Then the incident from before came rushing back causing him to curse himself for blacking out from something like that, but the sheer sight truly was...mind blowing for him...

'Still it seems she's been taking care of me meaning Miya must be making dinner for the other residents.'

His movements however caused Uzume's ears to twitch before she opened her eyes only to see ichigo looking her way with a small smile.

Eyes snapped wide open before she was at his side.

''Oh my god are you okay? Your not hurt are you? Do you still have a fever?'' she said as she checked his body for any abnormalities, but Ichigo just chuckled at her behavior before waving his hand.

''I'm fine really...'' he said waving off her worries, but as soon as she saw he wasn't hurt she quickly pulled herself away from him, and bowed her head.

''I'm so sorry!''

Blinking at this ichigo couldn't help, but voice his confusion, ''For what exactly?''

She kept her head to the floor as she answered him ''For making you black out like that I didn't take into consideration that it would have caused you to do that. I'm sorry!'' she repeated once again.

And once more Ichigo was left with a feeling he had when Miya had bowed to him out of making him her Ashikabi, and seeing the normally excitable brunette bowing her head like his was wrong especially over something as simple as this. Having enough of it he put his hand on her head before rubbing her hair affectionately.

''Raise your head Uzume it was just a simple accident, and one I find to be embarrassing for myself. Still its fine really.'' he said, and after a few moments he felt Uzume's body start to tremble before sniffing could be heard. He watched perplexed as she did indeed raise her head, but strangely she was crying for what reason he couldn't fathom.

That is until she tackled him with him landing on his futon as her arms wrapped around his chest. Frowning at her current state ichigo did his best to console her by running his hand through hr hair while the other rubbed her back.

''I'm sorry...I'm sorry...I'm sorry...'' she repeated, and yet the ministrations from the orange haired Kurosaki were at least calming her nerves. Still Ichigo felt the need to do something anything really to ease the girls worries. Again he felt his chest tighten up at Uzume's cries, and he sighed sensing his body was reacting to her worry.

''Uzume...look at me...'' seeng as she hadn't he brought his hand to her face, and tilted her chin up that he could see her face. Watering red puffy brown eyes were the first thing he saw, and although this was really a strange thing to get so upset over he wasn't about to ignore her sadness.

''Uzume let me make it clear what happened was just a silly mistake...besides I'm fine now so dry those tears.'' he said, but as he watched Uzume give a slow nod she did indeed wipe her tears away, but then he saw it.

It was her eyes how they seemed to sparkle as she looked at him, how her body was pressed against his own while her long brown tresses fell over her body like a curtain that hid her beautiful features truly did bring out her appearance to an even more gorgeous level then before. Before he knew it his hand was caressing her face causing her to blush a bright red, but she seemed to lean into his touch. Looking into her eyes he felt that same alien yet familiar feeling he felt with Miya take hold of him.

For Uzume this had to be the last threshold of hers to be torn down she had truly thought she had hurt Ichigo even when Miya and Kagari had told her that he was fine that he had only passed out. She had felt it was her responsibility for doing it to him, and thus took it upon herself to take care of him. So being left with his feverish passed out body of her destined one to take care of, and seeing him that way had been hard for her.

But it was when he spoke to her, telling it was okay all the while trying to ease her nerves with his sweet ministrations. It all had sent a shock to her very core, and any willpower she had left was gone. Only now what was left was a burning desire to be winged by him, and him alone!

Looking into his eyes she leaned ever so closer pushing her body against his until her arms were securely around his neck. She watched with a watery smile as he blinked at her before she leaned in even more.

''Hehe even now your charms are too powerful to resist, but for making me feel this way, and breaking down the last of my will you will need to take responsibility for stealing a young maidens heart...My Ashikabi-sama'' she said in a whisper with her breath tickling his nose. His eyes widened as her lips came within inches of his own, but it was her words and they way her eyes looked at him with the same amount of affection Miya held for him.

''Uzume...'' acting on impulse he wrapped his free arm around Uzume's waist causing her to gasp while the other caressed her face before taking the initiative. Leaning in he captured Uzume's lips with his own. Once again he felt a pull on his reiryoku, and it showed as Uzume gave a small moan into the kiss he watched as his room lit up with white light as Uzume's own wings started to sprout from out of her back.

Perhaps it was the lighting or maybe the trick of the eye, but Ichigo swore he saw something akin to an angel before him. If Miya was the Goddess then Uzume most definitely had to be an Angel as he looked upon a sight that entranced him. Pure white cloth seemed to stream out of the womans back befor ethey took the shape of a birds wings, and add to it when uzume pulled away only to look up at him with even more adoration and affection with her eyes sparkling in the light of her winging.

Truly she looked liked an angel sent down from the heavens...

'Heh...funny...an angel for someone like me...now I know the gods are toying with me...' was his sardonic thought however he was shaken from his stupor when Uzume leaned against his body as she ave a dreamy sigh of contentment.

''Finally I'm with you, my Ashikabi-sama...'' she mumbled into his clothed chest, and Ichigo could only look down at the woman his second Sekirei with a face that slowly morphed from one of contemplation to determination. Though the idea of having more then one Sekirei was basically the same as having a second lover which went against his nature he couldn't, but feel for the girl on some level.

As he watched Uzume slowly fall asleep against him his eyes turned toward the sky, and they narrowed upon seeing the pitch black midnight sky.

'It seems my reasons for taking up my sword again are growing in number with Uzume being my second sekirei, and my oath to Miya to protect her, and all those at Izumo Inn. I guess it is time to take my sword again...' briefly he brought up his free hand to his necklace. Looking down at it he remained impassive as the pendant glowed a dual shade of white and black.

Clenching the pendant Ichigo nodded to himself...

Same Time-Machikawa Airport

Walking out of the airport from Machikawa a man could be seen amongst the group of men and women, and although he seemed to blend in well with the rest there was no mistaking that when you laid eyes on him he looked to be extremely unusual.

He was tall that much was certain possibly around 5'9 with fair skin, he was dressed in a dark blue business suit with a matching deep blue undershirt with a white tie along with black dress shoes. His glasses glinted in the lights of he airport before they revealed his impassively sharp black eyes while his long dirty blond hair was swept back in a combed style.

He walked out after receiving his luggage consisting of just a small black suitcase he ignored any looks he seemed to get as he met up with a black limousine with a man already standing ready at the door.

''I trust your flight here was well, sir?'' he questioned only to receive a nod from the man who wordlessly passed him by which he opened the door in stride.

''It was adequate if unneeded, but this is a delicate situation so I guess there was no room for alternative.'' he spoke in a monotonous drawl. He sat on the black leather interior while placing his suitcase over his lap.

''Where to sir?'' the driver spoke as the other man soon got in the passenger side, and the man merely waved his hand in dismissal.

''To MBI Headquarters...''

Tipping his hat the man started the vehicle before driving off, and doing so the man in the back soon looked down at his suitcase. Opening the locks he pulled it open to reveal not one would expect. Usually you would expect clothing of sorts, but no what this man held something different.

It was pictures of one Kurosaki Ichigo entering and leaving Hiyamaki Hospital, being tailed by MBI, and even entering Izumo Inn. Along with I was documents of his whereabouts, his actions of late all in fine print. However the man seemed to just grab a picture of an impassive Ichigo as he walked away from the Hospital, and the mans eyes narrowed.

''Finally we've found you, Kurosaki-sama.'' he said before gazing out at the midnight sky.

His mission starts now...


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