Chapter 3

Note: Finally able to write chapter 3 as the OCs were finally submitted.

As the air raid sirens blared across the town, civilians run for their lives in an air raid that was viewed as a massacre against civilian. It turns out that the Osean commanders forgot the fact that this is a military city, not just an airbase which means that there are civilians. The death tolls on the civilians were high with 70% of the population wiped out by bombs from the B-17s. To make matters worse, the Oseans were using a firebomb (predecessor to napalm bombs) which burns easily through the wooded houses. After a long and bloody raid, the bombers returned to their bases leaving behind a trail of destruction in Reisen. The city was littered with debris, wreckage, dead bodies and unexploded bombs. Meanwhile in a school not far from the mess a pair of teenager was seen running towards a small private airfield approximately 1 kilometer from their school. What they saw when they arrived was a total nightmare for them. A moment fo silence suddenly broke out when one of them started calling the other.

"Rain! Come here! Quick!"

"For God's sake, what is it?!"

"It's, it's your uncle..."


This is probably the first time Rain cried since he was a baby and this was indeed horrible. He cried over his uncle's lifeless body when suddenly he found something, a letter for both of them. It says:

Dear Rain and Inochi

The Osean bastards are bombing this place to pieces and by the time you read this message I may not be on your side anymore. But don't give up. Take the key of the Zero and fly to the nearest military airbase and land there. Tell those guys that you two will be joining the Air Force. This is my will and I hope you can get your revenge on those scumbags.

Yours Sincerely

Your Uncle

After reading the letters Rain immediately searched for the keys which is not easy as the place was a total mess. After 5 minutes of searching he found the key and was ready to leave. He buried his uncle in the nearby soils and then sets off to a military airbase which is about 1500 kilometers from the small airfield. The Zero they were flying was one of its kind,a two seater Zero with a turret in the back. The turret was armed with a pair of Type99 20mm cannons ready to shred any incoming aircraft to pieces. The Zero itself was painted with a unique marking, a music note of Midnight Sonata. It turns out that Rain's uncle was an ace of the previous war and continued to serve until the air raid. The 1500km was basically a moment of silent between the two when suddenly Inochi spoke.

"Rain, I'm sorry for your uncle"

"Well, there's nothing we can do about it. People come and go but their legacy still lives in our hearts. We just have to live to fulfill his will, that is all."

"Yeah, you're right"

The rest of the journey was basically nothing but silence. Each of them had their own thought in their mind. Rain was thinking about his bad luck streak and he was thinking about it.

"Damn, my bad luck streak isn't going to be over anytime soon. First, I was forced to marry this red-head here, then the school got bombed to pieces, that same bombing also took my uncle's life. What else? Crash landing in a military base with a custom Zero? Damn"

Meanwhile, Inochi was busy thinking about what will happen when thay enlist in the air force.

"Argh, this is madness! Why in the first place should I be forced to marry this lazy guy? I actually liked somebody else but was forced to marry this hotshot! And since we're in the same plane we're probably gonna be forced to be like this for the rest of the war! What about my hair?! Ah well, no point complaining, let's just focus on what's ahead"

Moments later, they were approaching the airfield and Rain was frantically trying to gain clearance to land. After a pointless debate with the control tower, he was allowed to land. When the Zero came to a stop, everyone seemed surprised. This is due to the fact that the Zero was a custom one and carried the markings otherwise known as Note of Death. They were even more surprised to see the person behind the control, a 17 year old boy with a 16 year old girl as a gunner. Soon afterwards the base commander came to meet them and asked their intention. Both of them requested to be enlisted in the Air Force. The base commander seems reluctant at first but immediately agrees after seeing the music note on the Zero they were flying.

"Just for your information, you two are the youngest enlisters here"

"Errr okay..." Rain said with a straight face

"Youngest? If I am the youngest, then what is the average age of pilots here?" Inochi asked a seemingly dumb question

"Well, most of them are 19 year olds with some even in their 20s"

"I see" both said

"You two, clean yourselves and get a rest, you will start your training tomorrow"

"Okay" Rain said in a care-free tone

"Yes sir!" Inochi said happily.

With that they both went to their own rooms, each with their own thoughts. The journey for a sweet revenge is about to start for the seemingly weird pair who surprisingly doesn't seem to like each other.

End notes: There you go,the 2 new OCs with their strange relationship . I have a hard time writing this due to fact that my internal clock was messed up badly.